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loempiavreter avatar 10:55 AM on 03.18.2013  (server time)
Boss character design case #2: Virtua Cop 1-3

I have not posted my second part, for the boss character design feature as fast as I wanted, so here's a quick entry about a game that doesn't need a lot of backstory. In fact Virtua Cop 3 is one of my favorite Lightgun games. We have a copy of that game running at the Nozomi Game Centre (that's a private arcade owned by a videogame forum, here in the Netherlands), and it's an absolute blast to play. I have had the first 2 Virtua Cop games on the Sega Saturn (and I played Virtua Cop a couple of times in Spanish arcade centre's when I was a wee lil' bastard), they have not aged as well and have been caught up by the lightgun competition and peers, the first game in particular.
Still it's an iconic series for SEGA and the Bosses, while not the greatest boss character designs ever, start up taking some interesting forms with the start of the second Virtua Cop game and imo Virtua Cop 3 has one of the coolest looking pair of Cyber Ninja baddies in videogame history.

Again like in my Maken X/Maken Shao, article, right click on the image and view image to see the complete thing :)

Virtua Cop
Character Designs by Akihito Kiroyoshi

EVL Corporation

Name: Kong
Organisation: EVL Corporation

The rocket launcher henchmen of EVL Corp, watch out for his dirty tricks! SPOILERS: highlight to empty lines to reveal text
While pretending to surrender King will suprise his opponents by pulling a handgun out of nowhere...

Name: King
Organisation: EVL Corporation

The flame thrower wielding henchmen of EVL Corp, actually his flamethrower is more of a fireball launcher. SPOILERS: highlight to empty lines to reveal text
Like Kong he will pull a handgun while pretending to be defeated.

Name: President of EVL.
Organisation: EVL Corporation

The president of that evil EVL Corporation... SPOILERS: highlight to empty lines to reveal text
He hides a tank-like vehicle under his desk, that shoots missiles at you.

Joe Fang
Organisation: EVL Corporation

A mercenary for the EVL Corp. SPOILERS: highlight to empty lines to reveal text
He flies an assault helicopter (look like it's based on an Apache), which also fires missles at you.

Virtua Cop 2
Character Designs by Akihito Kiroyoshi

EVL Corporation
Name: Bobby Louise
Organisation: EVL Corporation

An henchmen for the recently resurrected EVL Corp. The rocket launcher is his weapon of choise like Kong in the first Virtua Cop. In between firing missiles, he will throw barrels and crates at the virtua cops. SPOILERS: highlight to empty lines to reveal text
As final act, Bobby throws a delivery van of Virtua Coffee at the 2 cops

Name: Aero-Divers
Organisation: EVL Corporation

This special squad employed by the newly resurrected EVL Corp. consist of 5 jet pack wielding troopers and like most villains in Virtua Cop enjoy, hurling missiles at the 2 cops.

Name: Garse Bradley
Organisation: EVL Corporation

This mercenary of the newly resurrected EVL Corp. drives a tank-like vehicle with 2 extra grappler arms.SPOILERS: highlight to empty lines to reveal text
When his tank is destroyed, Garse will do a last frontal charge at you on foot trying to hit you with his wrench.

Name: Joe Fang
Organisation: EVL Corporation

After surviving the helicopter crash, Joe Fang returns and resurrects the EVL Corp. This time he is using a jet pack similar to the Aero-Divers.

Virtua Cop 3
Character Designs by Akihito Kiroyoshi & Atsuo Takayasu


Name: Gale
Organisation: ECM

Gale on of the two Cyber Ninja's in this game, and part of a new terrorist cel, called ECM. Gale has an invisibility cloak, combined with his ultra fast dodgge and razor sharp japanese-style sword, will prove to be a stumbeling block on the cops troubled road.

Name: Glitter
Organisation: ECM

Glitter is the second Cyber Ninja in this game, and also woking for the newly created terrorist cel called ECM. Unlike Gale, Glitter prefers to use smoke bombs to hide his presence. He first uses his gigantic sword on his back before switching to the claw attached to his left arm.. He also throws the occasional dagger at the 2 cops.

Name: Brand
Organisation: ECM

Is a gun toting, mine and boomerang throwing member of the terrorist organisation known as ECM.

Name: Joe Fang
Organisation: ECM

Joe Fang once again managed to survive his encounter with the Virtua Cops. This time he brought with him a walking tank and cloned himself several times. He is pretty much the same as in his Virtua Cop 2 days. SPOILERS: highlight to empty lines to reveal text
It's revealed that Joe Fang was kept alive in a cryo tank, ECM stole Dinoaur DNA to fuse Joe Fang with it and turn him into a giant Dinsoaur mutant who wields a mini gun... I'm not making this up!

That's it for today folks,,, next up... something Cyberpunk, since there's a shitload of new Cyberpunk titles coming out these days, and Virtua Cop 3 also tingled a slight Cyberpunk theme that I quite like while covering it today. So maybe i'll do a couple of Cyberpunk themed titles in a row :)

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