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locketheleisz's blog

5:42 PM on 10.10.2012

Dishonored, Retro City Rampage, and the Death of the Sixty Dollar Purchase

Last night I played through the first hour-ish of both Dishonored and Retro City Rampage. Fun was had all around. Still, this lethal cocktail of digitally-delivered-nostalgia and surprise-AAA-hit-of-the-holidays has unexpec...   read

3:14 PM on 08.28.2012

Why I Hate to Love Open World Games

“Open world” games are my guilty pleasure. Let me back it up a bit. To me, the most boring tendency of commercial games is the blanket use of violent conflict as a primary means of “problem solving.” “Hey, protagonist. ...   read

1:39 PM on 03.20.2012

Disappointment: Red Dead Identity Crisis

With a grand total of about 6 years of development, 800 team members involved, nearly 100 million dollars spent, and over 12 million copies sold, the numbers speak for themselves. I cannot emphasize enough that Red Dead Red...   read

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