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Thank you Nintendo for making us all regret innovation. All you wanna do is sell me new consoles no new games. I was on the forefront telling everyone that they should buy Game Cube. Well I am sorry no one listened, but you can go fuck yourself on this wii bull shit. I swear I can't find one god damned game to buy for this fuckin thing. Yeah wii sports gets some time from company who say. "Oh shit you got a wii", "dude let's bowl","this shit rocks","man I wanna get one of these"," these graphics aren't bad". Yeah that is the way is t is. This is the way I see it. I like to refer to these ppl as the wii-tarded. Those folks my friends are fuckin up the system. These ppl buy the wii on ebay for too fuckin much and hook the thing up to there 50" 1080p LCD. This makes me wanna blare GG Allin and fuck my self. Why the hell would you ppl buy the wii, that has no games when you overlooked the 'Cube that did have games... especially in the beginning. Don't make me list them, you know what they are, and no Luigi's Mansion is not fucking on it. I guess this is the part where I come clean and tell you that yes I have a wii, but to be frank I can't think of one Nintendo product that they have not suckered me in to buying at one point or another. I must stop this trend...they must be at the end of there rope. I am sorry Miyamoto or Reggie can't have any more gimmics to go on. They just may have blown there creative wad...... Well that is until they release it in Platinum than I will def have to get a new one.