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7:22 PM on 03.04.2008

Epic Ebay Auction 08 : Entire US 32X Library.

Sure the economy may be in the shitter, but there has got to be some poor bastard out there that is losing sleep at night, knowing that his Sega collection will never really come full circle without the entire library of the ill-fated Sega 32X.

For those of you who don't know, the 32X was an ill fated add on to the Sega Genesis. But by the time it came out, the Saturn was right around the corner, and well...the 32X sucked. But while time heals all wounds, it also brings about the nostalgia factor. And if you're a collector, sometimes buying something that you know full well will never get used, just comes with the territory.

You can find the auction listing here , and no, it isn't mine.

Included in the auction is the following:

Sega 32X, Boxed with all wires and those little clips included
Sega Genesis, boxed with all wires
36 Great Holes->Game,box,manual
After Burner->Game, box, manual
BC Racers->Game, box,manual
Blackthorne->Game, box, manual
Brutal Unleashed->Game, box, manual
Corpse Killer->Game, Box, manual, packaged promotional material,
Cosmic Carnage-> Game,box, manual
Doom->game,Boxed, Manual
Fahrenheit->Game,box, Manual
Knuckles' Chaotix->Cartridge only
Kolbri->Game,box, Manual
Metal Head-> Game, Box
Mortal Kombat II-> Game,box, Manual
Motocross Championship->Game, Box, Manual
NBA Jam-Game, box, manual
Night Trap->Game, Box, Manual, packaged promotional material
NFL Quarterback Club-> Game, box, manual
Pitfall->Cartridge only
Primal Rage->Cartridge Only
RBI Baseball 95->Game, box, manual
Shadow Squadron-> Game, Boxed, Manual
Slam City-> new in box, sealed
Space Harrier->Game, manual, box
Spider Man-> Cartridge only
Star Trek: Star Fleet Academy->Cartridge only
Star Wars Arcade: game, Box, manual
Shadow Squadron->Game, box, manual
Supreme Warrior->New in box, sealed
T-mek->Game, box, Manual
Tempo->Game, box, manual
Toughman Contest->Game,box,manual
Virtua Fighter->Game
Virtua Racing Deluxe->Game, manual, box
Word Series Baseball '95->Cartridge Only
WWF Raw->Game, box, promotional poster
WWF Wrestlemania->game, box, manual
Zaxxon's MotherBase 2000.Game, box, manual

Now that's a shit load of obscurity right there folks. And for 900 dollars, it can be yours. What say you Dtoid, anyone out there think this would be worth it? On one hand, it's an ENTIRE LIBRARY of a console, on the other hand, it's the 32X library.

Discuss.   read

12:03 AM on 03.01.2008

Ragga Rum + Thank you R*

So I am blessed enough to receive gifts from various game publishers, devs etc. But none of them rank up there with the care packages courtesy of Rockstar (buy GTA IV). From the epic shirt I got for the Warriors. (buy GTA IV) To the N1KO Liberty City License Plate (buy GTA IV), and even the oversized; "IV" laminate earlier this year, they just seem to have the best swag. (buy GTA IV).

I have also come across a Burger Shot shirt, and another shirt for the in game pizza company. Needless to say I have pokefever, and I have to catch ALL THESE BITCHES.

Again, thank you Rockstar. And of course, buy GTA IV, April 29, at retailers worldwide.   read

11:46 PM on 02.25.2008

Stop what you're doing.

And go download the XNA Creators Club demo if you haven't already.

But if you're reading a c-blog on Dtoid at ten at night on a Monday, logic would point to the conclusion that you have already done so.

Next, if you haven't already, download the demo for the Dishwasher.

This is by far the most enjoyable title featured in this tantalizing hourdourve portioned version of XNA Creators Club. If you're not compelled to try this out on my word alone, then just envision Ninja Gaiden NES with the fluidity of New Super Mario Bros. for DS, with the visual grace of Okami...and the balls of Christian Bale.

That's right, I'm going there. I dub the Dishwasher with the completely inaugural, and totally erroneous award of: 2008 Christian Bales' Balls Award. summation: Stop. Download. XNA. Christian Bales' Balls.

(If they don't hand out Pulitzer's for c blog's, they sure as hell ought to start after this gem.)   read

9:18 PM on 02.24.2008

NOTE TO EA: Acquire me!

As I'm sure you have read, EA is in the midst of trying, and failing, and trying yet again to acquire Take Two studios, to the tune of 2 billion motherfucking dollars.

God damn, it's obvious they are willing to throw around a fuck ton of cold hard cash to acquire studios...but god damn, I have student loan dollars to pay off, and hell, I wouldn't mind getting acquired by EA.

So, EA...if you're reading, I officially accept any offer you make to acquire my exclusive rights long as your offer is at least one million dollars. I will officially change my name to to EA long as the cash is there. I will even move out to whatever studio you want me to and work on whatever bullshit Need For Speed game or project you want me long as you're willing to pay out that: "Scrilla".

That's right, you can officially brand that EA logo right into my ass for one million dollars American.

I'll be waiting by the phone EA.   read

11:51 PM on 01.31.2008


Sore from the delay of Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Well, in some sort of bastardesque consolidation prize, Nintendo will be launching the Black and Blue DS on February 10th, just one day removed from the former launch date of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Expect official word on this in the coming days.

Now where's that guy who says I don't know what I'm talking about constantly?   read

12:28 AM on 01.26.2008

UPDATE: The XBOX brand just got VD. Kudo Tsunoda to join XBOX division. Will Ruin Gears of War.

Edited: 01/26/08

Excuse me while I get on my soap box.

That site that reports week old news on a daily basis actually came through today with some fresh news, reporting that Kudo Tsunoda...the guy that EA fired after EA Chicago (The boxing one), was put out to pasture. Well apparently Microsoft lowered their hiring standards and didn't let me know, because somehow Kudo Tsunoda is working with the XBOX division now. So unless Microsoft's future is in mediocre licensed fighting games, or mediocre boxing games, I am left having no fucking clue as to what brought this about.

I met Kudo back at E3 in 2005 through a friend. The guy came off as a total douchefuck, making inflammatory remarks about Knockout Kings, Ubisoft, and gay people. He managed to offend me about five times in a span of fifteen minutes, as he went through about four cigarette's.

Which brings me to my next point: What the fuck Microsoft?

Do you think bringing Don Mattrick and Kudo Tsunoda will revitalize the brand? We (gamers) HATE EA for the most part, and you're bringing on the people that have made EA the nihilistic bastards they are today. And throughout the process you have let go one of the better faces of the brand in Peter Moore, and have shooed J. Allard to a dark corner to attempt and shove the Zune down all of our throats.

Now, I'm all about the Zune, but c'mon, we all want our Allard back (at least they do over at TeamXBOX), and you're giving us a terrible public speaker in Mattrick, who has created a brand that prides themselves on yearly mediocrity. And now you bring on boxing game guy.

I don't see how letting Bizarre Creations, Bungie and Peter Moore out the door, while bringing in Don Mattrick and Tsunoda, is a good scenario in any way, shape or form.

EDIT: Oh my christ. Apparently, (According to Kotaku)Kudo is heading up the new Gears of War project...that's it...I'm done.

/soapbox   read

12:10 AM on 01.26.2008

UPDATE: The extinct 80gb PS3, Sony's stance made clearer.

Note: Please understand that I cannot reveal my sources.

So, don't ask me how, but I have the real reason the 80gb PS3 is 0going away. And oddly enough, it's because of retailers. It's refreshing to see Sony humble themselves to listen to what retailers are asking for, and actually delivering.

On the phasing out of the 80gb model:

The 80gb is being phased out, but not for reasons that have been speculated online. Over the past couple of years since the PS3's launch, retailers have been upset at the several different iterations of the PS3 that have come out. Example: When Sony released the 80GB with a game for the same price as the 60gb...some retailers were left with a huge stock of unsold 60gb units, made even more difficult to sell due to the lack of a game.

Hmm, retailers pissed at Sony, and Sony caring? What a turn around from five years ago.
We continue:

So anyway, Sony has promised to sell through all stock before shipping new skus to retail to prevent the 3sku+ headache that happened with the 20, 60 and 80GB units being out simultaneously. We're doing the same thing with the PSP entertainment pack, but no one is really talking about that in the media because doom and gloom stories (even when they aren't really bad things) surrounding the PS3 is all they want to report. Most retailers will have a message of discontinued for both of the PSP units that come with games.

So not only will retailers be seeing the 80gb disappearing, but also the entertainment pack of PSP units. This will make things much simpler for the consumer, leaving with one option at retail for both the PS3 and the PSP. I have also been informed that the white PS3 is not coming stateside, and isn't planned to come to the U.S at all at this point stating that:

The white PS3, its a possibility for the future, but nothing immediately forthcoming. There are way too many 40gbs in stores and releasing a new color wouldn't do anything but hurt sales of that sku.

So, this does leave a few unanswered questions. Price drop and backwards compatibility. Both...are coming. Sooner rather than later from what I've been told. No specifics have been detailed, but it is coming.

This poses a serious threat to the XBOX brand at this point. Giving the consumer one streamlined SKU for both the console and handheld divisions should increase overall sales, as anyone in retail can tell you, when you run out of one of three sku's, it will typically be the model that most people are wanting, leaving unsold systems, or unsatisfied customers who feel forced into buying something they don't want. This will also streamline the production line, allowing for more product flow.

If you try to find an Elite Model 360 at this point, or even a Pro Pack for that matter, you'll find yourself sorely disappointed as Microsoft has been letting retailers hang high and dry for the past month, making most wonder what is really going on at Redmond right now.

I personally love all the moves Sony has made in the past two quarters. They have stopped being total bastards since Ken Kutaragi left, and we have seen the PS3 price drop to an affordable level. The only caveat I can find in all of this is that it still leaves the BC in limbo. It's a major sticking point for a lot of people, especially since Sony has been championing how their platform is essentially a 3 in 1 console since day one.

I am going to side with Pachter on this one, and say that I see the PS3 outselling the 360 this year, with the console ultimately "winning" the holiday season.

So, what does Dtoid land make of all this SKU Tomfoolery?

EDIT: One SKU apparently isn't in the future. It's been made clear that a second SKU isn't completely out of the question, but rather, Sony will be clearing out all stock of a particular SKU before introducing a new one.

It's understandable when you look back at the situation where the 80 gb w/Motorstorm and the 60 gb with no Motorstorm were the same price at one point.

Sorry for the error.   read

12:38 AM on 01.22.2008

2K blows it's ADAM, Big Daddies have landed.

So I received my Big Daddy and art book today. It was a day that started with a care package from Ubisoft, which included random Haze, Naruto, and Rayman goodies (thank you SF office!), but was quickly overshadowed by the box 2K finally deemed me worthy enough to receive.

I must say, I was rather impressed with the improved craftsmanship on display in the new run of Big Daddies. It's a little difficult to tell from the low quality shots, but there is a stark contrast in the amount of detail on the replacement. The copper hue's are a lot deeper, and the backside of Rosie is textured a whole hell of a lot better. The entire mold just looks and feels like it was created with more care than the initial release.

On the art book, if you have seen the .PDF version of this, you're really not missing out on anything, unless physical art books are your thing. It was a nice gesture.   read

3:36 AM on 08.21.2007

Goodbye XB360 Core, Hello XB360 Arcade?

Engadget is reporting that on August 24th, Microsoft will roll out yet another SKU to confuse your, add to the wide breadth and depth of XBOX 360 options in the lineup.

Doing away with what is commonly knownread:I just made this up as the Epic Fail package, the XBOX 360 Core model will be resurrected with an HDMI port, a wireless controller, and five free arcade games, all retailing for 279 (or about $376).

What remains a mystery is how Microsoft plans on getting said Arcade games onto the console (more than likely via disc format, a la the Arcade Unplugged package), and exactly what territories this will end up in.(As of right now, the rumorang only leads to the European market.

So what does D'toid make of all this? A package worthy of trojan horsing its way into your moms life, or a slick way of keeping the all but meaningless Core system alive and kicking.

My opinion, for 30 dollars more than the Wii, this is mighty impressive, even if it is a gimped version of the other SKU's.   read

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