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I started playing Minecraft back when it was still in Beta, so i have seen alot of the changes this game has gone through. A lot of the changes i wasn't to happy with at first but now i couldn't play it any other way. So after the game got its full release on PC and it was announced that it was coming to XBLA, I got very excited.

Now it has been just over 6 months and Minecraft on the XBLA has finally been released on the marketplace. So when i woke up this morning, I turned on my 360 and purchased it, no questions asked. After it downloaded i booted it up, and to my surprise it looked almost identical to the PC release. But then I realized that it was all a lie. For starters it doesn't have massive generated worlds, nor any of the great features i have grown to love from the PC version. I just found my first dungeon, which got me pretty excited. Until i got inside it to find there are no chests to loot, and the monster spawner doesn't match the monsters that spawn from it.

I am almost thinking " What is the point". And i know that Minecraft as a game doesn't really have a point, but at least on the PC version i can go underground though endless cave systems, and search for loot. In this i feel like if I do go underground i will just hit the invisible wall which marks the end of your world. I guess I'm thinking about it too much, and i know it is only Day 1 of launch, so hopefully it will get updated soon.

My final though is : They Dumbed Down This Game TOO Much...

(what is a blog any way, and who the fuck is gonna read this?)

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