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11:50 AM on 02.01.2009

10 things you or may not know Liam, but probably won't.

!0. I love these things. I could eat a whole box in under 3 minutes. Have you ever had one? They're fucking delicious.

9.Like Jimbo, I play video games every day, or at least I try to. I get a little sad if I don't, cause playing games is a part of my life, that is very very important to me. Were my house to ever be on fire, my PS3 and a handful of games would be the furst things I try to save. And then my unnamed bird, cause I love him.

8. We have an unnamed bird, and I love him. I don't have a picture of him right now and this is written in a rush (superbowl party), but he's a green parrot, and he's fucking awesome.

7. Next to the usual Shadow of the Colossus and Half-Life 2, my favoritest game is Ace Combat 5. I don't think I've ever met another person who feels about it like I do. The story is fantastic, as well as the music and gameplay, and it's also the first game that made me cry at the death of a character.

6. I love to swim. I'm not very good at it, but for as long as I can rememer I've been on swim teams, gone to swim camps, and raced frineds in the ocean, and had a lot of fun doing it. Some FNFs had to be sasrificed in order for me to attend meets.

5. I really want to work in Psychology when I'm older. I'm absolutely fascinated by the subject, and I plan on that being my major in college.

4. I really want to live in San Francisco when I'm older. I've been to that city twice now, and I have to say it's one of the most incredible places I've been to.

3. I'm going to be attending the New York Comic-Con for free this year. Me, two friends and my girlfriend will be working with a T-shirt company, then we get to walk around do wahtever we want.

2. Two summers ago, (around the time I found Dtoid) I had to attend summer school for the first time ever. It's obviously not something I'm proud of, and only my close friends and family know about it. It was for english, but it all leveled out because that summer was undoubtedly the greatest ever for me. I'm doing better now.

1. You all already know this, but I love you guys. This site is absolutely-fucking-incredible, and I am damn PROUD to be a part of it. So everyone, keep on being amazing.   read

5:24 AM on 01.14.2009

Happy Birthday Jonah Hill!

Happy Birthday sir! I hope it's awesome. It's always exciting to know there's a famous celebrity on the site, it really shows our development as a blog and a community. Anyway, I was gonna try to send you a present, but the UPS guy said he wouldn't ship ero hentai, and that I was totally wearing a fake moustache. Hope you can find something else to masturbate to.

From, Your bestest buddy,
Liam   read

9:04 PM on 07.14.2008

11 Things Liam2015 wants From E3

It's that time of the year again, and here are my hopes and dreams for this time around. As you all know, I own only a PS3, thus this post is a bit Sony-oriented.

New Mirror's Edge trailer/info on the game


As I write this post, this wish has already come true. I'm excited for this game because of it's 'true' first person perspective, and it's artisitic theme of bright, vibrant colors, with no hints of any gray or dark tones anywhere, and it's promise of a parkour style of gameplay. In addition, the daughter of a favorite writer of mine, Terry Pratchett, is the writer of the story. I hope his explosive imagination carries on a generation.

Info on Home

This one is a shoe-in. Sony is really riding on this to be succesful, even though most, including myself, know it won't be a system-seller. Nontheless, I'm pretty excited for it, and the last load of info we got on it, with the game-rooms and what not, reminded me it might not suck.

Uncharted 2 trailer/info

Clearly fake, but wouldn't this be cool? Bigger version included

The first Uncharted was a fantatsic game, with a great story, great actors, and top-notch graphics, and played out just like a movie. I want the second one to improve on all of these. Original, creative story, more characters, and higher resolution support. It also needs to be longer. There is a possibility this will happen.

New Jak and Daxter game announced. From Naughty Dog. That doesn't suck.

I wish

The Jak and Daxter franchise is one of my favorite franchises of all time. On the extremely slight chance this happens, I hope ND decides to return to the original platforming gameplay, and extend on the story from the first three (four, if you count Daxter). I hated Jak X, simply because of it's deviation from the story and gameplay of the last.

New Infamous trailer, release date, hands-on demo

This will most likely happen, considering the last time we heard about this game was from E3 '07. I'm very excited for this, and I can't wait to see where Sucker Punch goes with this.

New Sly Cooper game announced

Why does Neyla look like a prostitute in this picture?

Since I already mentioned Sucker Punch, I might as well go onto this. Sly Cooper is another one of my favorite franchises, and the studio has already said a return to the series is very likely. While I doubt this is going to happen, it'd be nice for at least a mention of new game to happen.

Brutal Legend?!?!?!?

It was meant for a GOD, not for YOU! Not for...a blogger!

Yes,I KNOW it's not coming to E3 but I can dream can't I? This is one of my most anticipated titles this year. I didn't love Psychonauts as much as most people do, but Tim Schafer certainly has an original mind, and I'm VERY excited for this. Besides, he might be at PAX, which isn't too far away.

ANYTHING regarding the new game from Team Ico

I am not even going to go into this. If you aren't excited for whatever the hell they are working on, kill yourself now.


I want something new, something fresh. An original IP that's gonna steal the show. This could be anything, and I'm hoping someone can make this happen.

God of War 3 details, trailer

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, the mythology filled gory badass deliciousness. I expect to see at least SOMETHING on this tomorrow, or I'm gonna be a very sad panda. I haven't even played the second one yet, but I already know this is gonna be mine. No waiting a year for its price to drop this time. God, I can't wait.

Anything that involves LittleBigPlanet


I shit myself anytime I watch anything about this game. I'm so incredibly excited for this, I can't stand it. Antyhing, a trailer, a release date, new info, I'll take it.   read

2:47 PM on 06.09.2008

Metal Gear Solid 4: Insert Disc 2


I don't think I'll be picking up MGS4 this week, but I still found this to be kind of funny.   read

2:59 PM on 05.08.2008

Something here doesn't belong...aka liam is a whiny bee itch.[NVGR]

No, this is not a post about the horrid new beach-color theme Destructoid has decided to wear, Necros has got that handled, and I understand that there are bills to pay, and methods other than the usual grandma-beatings and lap dances must be utilized. Besides, changing 'sweet' to 'sweat' was pretty clever.

This is actually about an inappropriate (in terms of the context of the site) ad that I saw, and it's placement here.

Of course, I never had, and never will, have a problem with any side, or banner ads here, (I seldom look at them anyway) but an ad, smack in the middle of two posts, I'm not sure I like. Clicking it took me to some horrid actor/skank talking about pheromones.

I don't usually complain, but a sexually themed ad right in between posts, isn't really cool. If there's some reason behind this, I'll understand, but otherwise...

P.S. To all those sending me invitations in GTA4, I'm not accepting them because I'm rude, the story just has an iron grip over me. Once I finish that, I'll probably be online more.   read

1:41 PM on 04.06.2008

NOT not my turning point post...Rather, my gaming setup, and how bland it is.

No. I already did one of those Turning Point gaming rig blogs, but that one showed my PC, this shows my room, where I play violent video games, to corrupt my feeble young mind, and increase my tolerance for taking a real human life. Virtually. That being said, let's get on to the potential fail.

Heres what I beleive to be my 13" SD televison, that I won a couple years back. It has served me well, but I wouldn't mind having 1080p flat-screen on my wall. Next to it is my lovely 60GB shiny peice of wonder, that I got in August of last year, a month after I joined Destructoid. The USB ports have a keyboard, my old eyetoy camera, and the charger cable for the SIXAXIS in them. All this rests upon my very old dresser, filled with clothes, illegal substances, and the Tenacious D movie. I don't know why it's in there.

My collection of games and movies. As you can see, I don't have many of both, because when I was younger I pretty much broke and lost many of them, also, because I do not have a job, and my parents seldom give me moeny. Even if I worked for that money. Cheap bastards. Missing from here is Burnout Paradise, and San Andreas, both of which lent to friends. In the corner is an empty sprite can.

What? It's a fucking chair. Other than it sits directly across from my TV, what else is there to say? In the picture you can see the box for warhawk (not the plastic, the cardboard one it came in) and I gumball machine that I never use.

To the left of my chair is my GH3 controller, and a dirty sign I found in the street. And an old radiator. And scissors on a windowsill.

Here is my desk, which sits under my loft bed. On it, you can see some broken up lego bits, World War Z (that I read twice), a lava lamp, Hardware Wars, two clocks, a swimming trophy, and some big books. In the bottom lefthand corner you can see God of War sitting on another little chair I have. I also have a pillow under my desk.

Yes, I hung a USB cable from my ceiling fan. Which is missing a lightbulb.

Finally, because my walls are so bare, between the door to my room, and the ladder leading to my bed is the Destructoid Mosaic that I was not a part of.

Well that's pretty much it. I would have shown you my floor but it's littered with random crap, and I would have shown you baby penis If Vexed Alex hadn't already done that. In closing, women should not be allowed to vote.   read

2:43 PM on 03.07.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Thats my computer. To be more specific, my family computer, which is why I can't have a bunch of games or movies on it one time, or it slows down alot. It's a slow peice of crap anyway. So I need a gaming computer so I could finally get Steam, and maybe even WoW. All those games up there are from when Atari left my Dad's office building, and he raided one of their closets. They are all crap, and I have yet to use any of them.

I was eating Pops right then, which is why that cereal bowl is there. And the expansion bay cover got broken off when my sister put a statuette of the virgin mary in there, and I had to fish it out. My sister is a year older than me btw.

And this, while purely for the lulz, is almost entirely true.

7:24 PM on 03.04.2008

Commentationaterize: New Blog Banner, icon.

As you guyses can see, I just updated my blog banner and icon. They've been the same since I joined Dtoid in June, and I felt they needed a change. The blog banner will most likely stay until I get something cooler to fill it with, my icon, might change more in the future.

My old banner was made by my friend Xavier, because he's the only person I know that had photoshop at the time, which was before I've heard of Dtoid. Or even before it was created. He was supposed to make me a new one, but he's a lazy afro-hippie and hasn't made it yet. So I had to stick the four horsemen in mspaint and screw around. Concerning my icon, it is a mii, but I made it at another friends house a few months ago. He said it looked like a serial killer.

Also, some have you may have noticed I've been on IRC as of late. Unlike Vexed Alex, I first hopped in a few weeks ago but haven't been on since. But now I hope to be a regular on there, I heard the lulz are epic.   read

5:04 AM on 02.26.2008

Warhawk Patch 1.3 details, kicks major ass

Dylan Jobe has updated his blog, and it reveals A TON of new information about the upcoming patch. While the last two patches were mainly to fix server problems and other glitches, this patch actually includes TWO new ground pick-ups, along with some other really cool features. ALOT of Copypasta to follow.

#1 Mechanic’s Field Wrench:
As you might expect, this piece of equipment is used to repair vehicles. Once you get the pickup, you swing it just like the combat blade. Then, just walk up to, or onto an allied vehicle and “whack” it with the wrench. It repairs wicked fast so it’s very effectively during combat. On the offensive side, not only is it still a one-hit-kill against troops, but it can be used to damage enemy vehicles as well!

#2 Bio-Field Generator:
To use a Bio-Field, grab the pick up and throw it down like a proximity mine. It sticks to walls, ceilings, anything…including vehicles. Then, if any ally stands within its bio-reactive field, his health will quickly regen. Alternatively, and this is where some neat tactics emerge, if an enemy walks into the bio-field (yes, bio-fields are color coded), they’ll take damage – their lungs sizzling like bacon….mmmmm bacon.

This new equipment makes life as a ground troop more balanced, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how the battlefield changes once the patch is released!

#3 HOME Game Launching:
Yeah Baby…So our HOME integration is coming along nicely and this update includes a great, and much needed feature for Warhawk. With the release of v1.3 patch, players will be able to form groups, meet in their apartments, discuss tactics, and then launch a game of Warhawk…all together!

When you’re in your apartment, all you do is whip-out your virtual PSP, select ‘create game’ and pick Warhawk. From there, you get to start your own player server, pick a game rotation, set server options and then…BAM !! Launch Warhawk with all of your friends!! You can also pick to not make your game viewable to the other Warhawk players around the world, or you can make it a ‘public’ game that puts all of your friends into the server together, and leaves open slots for other global Warhawk players join.

Games launched from HOME show up in the global games list in an attactive gold color.

Now this is just the beginning of what we’re gonna to be doing with HOME and there’s some really neat stuff on the horizon. I’d love to show you more of the cool HOME stuff that we’re working on but I suspect I’d get a PR-shank to the spine…or possibly a lung.

So I gotta say that I’m actually super relieved that we’re putting in *REAL* legit value for players and *NOT* making HOME a portal for SONY to jam branding and marketing schwag down player’s throats!

As a gamer, I’m excited *and* relieved to see the direction HOME is taking.

#4 New VOIP Options:
We have also received a lot of feedback about VOIP stuff. There were a couple of features that players really wanted, and hopefully this gives them a big chunk of their crazy, crazy VOIP desires.

We now allow players to select between PTT and Open-Mic. Players can also tune the voice-activation level so they don’t accidentally broadcast their girlfriend or boyfriend blabbering-on in the background. Players also now get to more clearly see who’s talking. It’s displayed on the right side of the screen. And yes, the picture below is correct. We also now support an “all-talk” server option so that you can enable cross-team trash talk.

What else…oh yeah, we now display which player is speaking at the score screen too. And…we let you pick players from the score screen to mute/un-mute their VOIP

#5 New Paint Schemes & Insignias:
If you’re an avid Warhawk player and/or read this blog with any regularity, then you know that we are sponsoring a contest that allows players to submit their own, custom, paint schemes for the Nemesis and Warhawk. We’re also allowing players to submit custom insignias too. We’ll be picking the winners and including these new customizations with the v1.3 patch.

Now I’m not posting these because they have already won…but these are some neat designs and I wanted the blog readers to see some of the great paint schemes that have been coming in.

And one last thing…we want insignias too. Send us your insignias…and please DO NOT just scan something out of a magazine. Seriously!

Well that’s it for now, there are some other features in the new patch too, like some new server options, but we’re not sure if we’re going to ship them or not. They need more play testing.

So this patch is a big update for Warhawk: New troop equipment, HOME Game Launching, VOIP updates and player-created customizations!

~guy in back of room yells “yeah, yeah….but when’s it coming out”~

We’re testing the Warhawk v1.3 patch right now and we’ll update you on timing in another post. Sorry I can’t be more specific…you know how it goes. As soon as I have the “official” release date, I’ll let everyone know.

So, what do you guys think? Pretty cool huh?

Via PlayStation Blog   read

12:51 PM on 02.24.2008

And the winner of the GT5: Prologue coupon code is....

No...not Billy you google image search...

No, in fact it waaaaaaaaaas....NihonTiger90

Yep, Nihon won with his guess of 33. I ran up stairs to my pantry, looked at the nutrional facts of a box of hot chocolate, and the first number I saw was 28. Nihon, I will be sending you a PM of the code, redeemable for $5 off a preorder of the game at Amazon.

To the rest of you who entered, you're all pathetic losers, you were adopted and your parents don't love you.   read

9:52 PM on 02.23.2008

Click Here is you're going to buy GT 5:Prolouge *CONTEST*

You all remember how our good buddy Samit, formerly known as BronxBombr21 had that contest, where he gave away a $5 coupon code of a preorder on Amazon? Well I have another code similar to his (but not the same) and because I could care less about this peice of shiny wonder, I'm going to do the same, and give away my coupon in a contest exactly like Samit's.

Pick ONE number from 1 to 100, and put it in the comments below. At 5 AM EST, which is in six hours, the contest will end, and the person who has posted the number that is closest to (or exactly) the one I have in my head will win. Guess more than once, or guess more than one number, and you will be disqualified. Sadly, the contest is only open to U.S. residents — Amazon says that the game “can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses.”

I will reveal the winner tomorrow, after I wake up from my beauty sleep. But because I know I'm posting this rather late, If I don't get enough entries, I will decide the winner at a delayed time.   read

7:59 PM on 02.22.2008

Lego UT3 mod: Too late for FNF edition/Misleading Title is misleading *update* Title no longer misleading

Scouring digg for the first time since I joined Dtoid, I found this awesome UT3 Lego Mod. The mod features an all-lego enviroment, and everything is destructible. It's a damn shame I just found this, it's another place for my father/Mr Sadistic to kick my ass in.

Although, there is a catch. You can't exactly download the mod. Yup, the account on which the file is hosted has been suspended. So this video showcasing the mod will have to suffice. So just take a few hits off the meth pipe I know you all own, and pretend you're in a lag-filled blood orgy of violence, blowing my head off with a flak cannon.


And, in a probably futile atempt to make this blog less suck, I give you the musical stylings of Tiny Tim put to videos of random crap.


Super crazy update- As my abusive father pointed out, there is another place to download the map. Here be it.   read

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