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I'm Amanda and I LOVE wow and rock band SOOO MUCH!!!!1
We should totally be frnds!

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2:42 PM on 01.11.2009

Hi I'm Amanda! I love singing on rock band, WoW and playing DDR with my friends! There are so many cool people on dstructid so I thought Id join and write blog about all my hardcore gaming. I love music, nintendo and movies! I have a less than 3 tatoo on my neck because people in my WoW clan did it and it's so awesome. Craziest thing Ive evr done!! I am here to meet more gurls and guyz to game with¬! My bf is letting me use it Xbox more cuz Im such a gd singing on rock band! ANYWAY! I am chatting in the live chat so come taaalkkk <3 comment please~~