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lennasuzaka1988 avatar 11:51 AM on 12.29.2013  (server time)
New Year's and Progression

Afternoon, everyone! I apologize for the few day hiatus, everyone. Holidays and all, so what's a girl to do when she is stuffed full with... stuffing?

Not only is stuffing part of the Christmas Spirit, but also committing arson to Christmas Trees. According to Bowser, anyway.

Terrible crap aside, I would like to provide an update on my escapades and experiments before delving into the meaty bits in a future blog.

- I love Sorcery Saga thus far! It has a cute charm to it alongside the assumed humor, though I am a little miffed with the lip syncing. I know it's intentional, but the lip syncing is so off that it turns me away at some points. Hopefully, with time, I'll adapt.

- I received Sonic Lost World and so many gaming related gift-cards! One for Steam, one for the Nintendo eShop, and one for Gamestop! What did I get with them? Lots of stuff. So far bought Snow (that wintry MMO that is to be released eventually), Sonic 3D, Altered Beast 3D, Ecco the Dolphin 3D, and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Still deciding on more Steam games, as I'd like to be careful with my choices...
The best part is this, however: When will I end up playing these games?
The only answer I can tell you is: I don't know.

- My current Fallout Progress: Four hours.

    - I made quite a few self-discoveries while playing this. Talk about in-depth psychology. More into that when analysis arrives.

    - I want to like it badly, I really, really do. Of course this will be explained upon the closure of the study. So please, definitely look out for it! Just ten more hours to go!

Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying the Holidays, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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