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I am just a typical, spazzy woman hellbent on changing the written world with blogs of insanity, video games, art, and other potpourri infested topics!
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I don't know much about superheroes. I do know they have cover identities. Hamburger Man dresses up as a turkey burger in the daytime. Batman disguises himself as some rich con artist or something like that. The Pretzel has a day job of being a pretzel vender to fool the masses. So what of myself?

Well, I was a closet gamer. 

Am I really proud of this? Probably not.

I harbored the secret of being a gamer for a long time. There were many reasons as to this. In the 90s, girl gamers were, at times, ridiculed for enjoying a "boy's" activity. The fact that I picked up video gaming from my father and my cousin wasn't supposed to happen.

So anyway, I made a serious effort to hide the fact that I was a gamer when I was around eight. I had moved to Maine, and did not know what to expect from the local children. Mind, it was such a small town that you could easily be shunned, and I didn't want that. So, I tried to pick up "girly" activities, all while carrying on the secret of my gaming habits. By day, I would be jump-roping with the other girls, singing songs and pretending to have an interest in Titanic's history. By afternoon, I would meet with my beloved SNES/Playstation to put in so many more hours of some game (more than likely anything from the Final Fantasy series). By night... well I'd just do my homework then fall asleep. Anyway, I could never associate the hobby with something girls could do in that time frame. I felt that it was shameful, but hell, I loved doing it!

The one time I expressed my love for the hobby to my group of girl friends, they actually laughed at me, said I was silly for even playing video games, and that I should stop. I was devastated by their responses, but I assumed them to be correct (thanks peer pressure). So, I kept my lively trap shut about video gaming, and continued to stay in my little closet.

I only finally came out of my closet when I was twenty years old. People found out I gamed, and at that age no one really cared anymore. I was free to game as I pleased, so I did. Except now my obsession has died.

And now I must play the world's smallest violin. 

I will forever have sads for my hobby...

But whenever I am in the mood, I definitely will hit the console, or the PC. Lately, I have delved into PC gaming, which is pretty damn cool. I have no idea why I chose to miss out on PC gaming, but that's another story for another day.

Point I have made throughout this blog:

For those who are afraid of coming out of the gaming closet, don't be! Storm outta that closet, sing a musical relating to how you love video games, and jump into that chair with your sexy controller in hand!

I can safely assume this to be a sexy controller.
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