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lennasuzaka1988 avatar 12:42 PM on 12.19.2013  (server time)
...And a Happy New Game!

Ah, Christmas. It's that wonderful time of year. Filled with cheer, festivities, and so much food you're guaranteed to develop diabetes and strokes over the next six months.

Well, it used to be that time of year. Now I only see the constant demand of screaming children, given expensive gifts that would place their parents so far in debt that the parents would end up selling the children later in life just to repay back that same debt. People worry too much that their Christmas is ruined because they can't afford anything for their families and friends. I never thought Christmas would have a price on it, but in this day and age, it does. Granted, I do enjoy gifts when people know me down to a T, but even then sometimes I'm happy with a homemade card or something (I was spoiled with a couple brand new games this year, and it feels weird, but I am highly appreciative of it). Even a letter, hell if I know!

And I want to smack your face with an iPad, but we can't get everything we want, now can we!?

Anyway, without becoming too much of a downer, I want to admit that in my earlier Holidays, I enjoyed receiving video games. I would be over-hyped, and though many of the gifts related to gaming were handed down to me (i.e. systems), I didn't mind it. I was an impoverished kid, so I didn't even have the option to be greedy! Instead, I accepted what I was given, and I played the games until the systems emitted smoke.

Now if you see your children begging for this, you did well.

Not only was receiving games the best gift ever when being a child, but I also made it traditional to play certain games once a year. There were actually two games I would play around Christmas time:

- The Legend of Dragoon
- Final Fantasy VII

Because I originally received those two for Christmas, the two games became my yearly Christmas games to marathon. Well, FFVII was played for far more many years than LoD. Erm, anyway, I really enjoyed the memories of being wrapped up in the environments and stories, oohing and awing at the art direction and music. I was an imaginative, enthusiastic child, always wanting to explore the outdoors, so I even often pretended that I was in a Final Fantasy game back when I was ten, exploring the snowy wilderness and defeating illusory monsters (I lived in the middle of nowhere with woods surrounding my house).

It was just an incredible experience each and every year. When I aged into my teens, however, I began to pick up some noticeable issues that still render me baffled. Mind, it didn't ruin my gameplay experience, but  I will always have these questions when pertaining to JRPGs (or really, RPGs in general):

So how do the characters keep clean? Not only that, but do they just use the bathroom outside in the field somewhere? Is it classic woodsman style? Wouldn't they stink at a certain point? Not only that, but how do they NEVER get tired? You could literally avoid inns throughout the entire game, so how would one avoid exhaustion?

And now, puddles and other easy to overcome obstacles. You can surely jump off cliffs, jump over fences, or just manage to overcome typical obstacles, but what about a puddle? Or two rocks that you could normally climb over? Is it that the puddle will melt someone?

I'd really hope that to be the reason.

And finally, weapons. Some weapons simply do not make sense in terms of damage. I am basically pinpointing this in FFVII, where guns are extremely prominent. Fists can do higher damage than bullets to the face...

I wonder how....

Anyway, well that's enough of my rant for today. Lessons for everyone to keep in mind:

- Sorcery Saga will be so damn awesome to play.
- Parents, stop giving into children. If you must, get them Wii Chores.
- Gamers should make it a holiday tradition to play a childhood game.
- Cats are adorable when sneezing

B'awww! Sneeze, fight, win kitty!

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