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Yes, that’s right. It’s been a while since we’ve held a contest at Gameslaves, but we’re back in action and ready to give away some stuff.

This time it’s 1600 Microsoft Points. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s fair to say that there are some pretty good games on Xbox Live Arcade, and here’s your chance to get 2 for free, assuming you win the contest!

On the latest episode of Gameslaves Radio (Episode 45) we announced our contest for N+, the latest puzzle/maze game available on Xbox Live Arcade. To win the contest, and the 1600 MS points, you need to create a level using the game’s level editor. Fairly simple, fun, and it gets some user created content up and going for the game.

You can enter up to one full episode (5 levels) into the contest, and it will count as 5 chances to win. Or if you’re lazy, you can just create one awesome level and hope that it wins.

In order to enter, you must create your level, and then email it to Pete, ryvvn (AT) gameslaves (DOT) net, stating that you have an entry for the contest (subject the email something along the lines of – N+ Contest). Once that’s taken care of, you and Pete will have to add one another on XBL and he will have to play your episode (or level) in order to download it and save it to his HDD.

Friday March 28th is the last day to submit your entries. We will be judging and choosing a winner on the 29th, and anything submitted after the deadline will not qualify.

On the following episode of GSR (which will be episode 48) we will announce the winner of the contest. The winner will be announced on the episode, so you must actually listen to the show to find out if you won. Don’t worry. Just in case you hate us, we’ll announce it early in the show.

So to summarize -

Create a level or episode in N+
Email Pete, ryvvn (AT) gameslaves (DOT) net, and tell him you have an entry.
Set up a time to play with Pete so he can download your entry.
We’ll judge it March 29th.
We’ll announce the winner on Episode 48.
Listen to see if you’ve won 1600 Microsoft points.

You can also listen to episode 45 to hear us talk about the contest and stuff like that.

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