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lazyhoboguy avatar 7:31 PM on 09.03.2013  (server time)
Well I just went HUGE on Dtoid.

So Destructoid is now allowing us to pay 3 bucks a month or 30 bucks a year to support the site, and get awesome ad-free browsing. There are a bunch of other perks listed on the page announcing the new HUGE memberships, but I find what I mentioned to be the most important part.

Awhile back Niero talked with the community about how so many of us who were using ad blockers were hurting the site's reveneue. I know that the site gets tons of traffic so the ads were a neccesary evil for dtoid to pay server costs and pay its writers. It made me feel bad and I turned off my adblocker for my beloved Destructoid. After about a week though I couldn't take it any more and had to block the ads once again. I just cannot stand how ads have to load into the webpage, slowing things down to a ridiculous degree. I really hate pop up ads and other types of ads that block my screen when I am trying to look at something, which happened occasionally here. I understood that Dtoid doesn't have complete control over what type of ads are shown, but I just couldn't stand dealing with all the trouble ads cause when viewing a website. I block ads on every site for these reasons.

Since I turned my adblocker back on for Dtoid I have felt guilty. I absolutely love this site. I love its sense of humor and how the writers here are not afraid to say whatever they want since it's an independent site. I love the community too. Just reading through all the shenanigans in the comments is extremely entertaining. I used to not comment that frequently, but I am trying to abandon my lurky ways and engage the community more. I've been reading articles on dtoid pretty much every day since 2007 and I wanted to support the site. After I turned my ad-blocker back on, I commented on that article saying that If Dtoid ever did allow us to pay a reasonable amount to browse ad free, and they allowed us to pay with Paypal, I would sign up.

Today I feel just great. When I login to the site and look at my profile it now says "lazyhoboguy is HUGE on Destructoid". It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As I browse the site I cannot help but stare at the little avatar of Mr. Destructoid at the top of the site. His red robotic eyes peer right into my soul and I feel that all my video game news needs are being ridiculously satisfied by Dtoid who has shoved its HUGE green robotic throbbing bloggyness into my guilthole, and I no longer feel shame about my ad blocking of the past. I don't even care if that sounded faintly gay! My point is that Dtoid met my demands and when I discovered that I could pay 30 bucks for a year of browsing Dtoid ad-free I immediately signed up. Also, I fucking love that you allow Paypal. I hate giving out my credit card online. I am just one happy dtoider right now. All the other perks included with the HUGE memberships are just icing on the fucking cake. Thank you Niero and Thank you Dtoid for being awesome.

 Also, I am sorry for these images.

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