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lazyhoboguy's blog

7:31 PM on 09.03.2013

Well I just went HUGE on Dtoid.

So Destructoid is now allowing us to pay 3 bucks a month or 30 bucks a year to support the site, and get awesome ad-free browsing. There are a bunch of other perks listed on the page announcing the new HUGE memberships, but...   read

2:24 AM on 08.16.2013

Gaming with Lazyhoboguy: Poop Jokes, Immature Shenanigans, and Some Whining

Hmm what is it like to game with me? I've never really taken the time to analyze what the experience must be like for others. Well, I'd like to think I can be pretty funny and entertaining to talk to while gaming with someo...   read

8:44 PM on 07.13.2011

My opinion of EA and Activision lately. Summed up in a very graphic image.

So very recently I heard that EA bought out Popcap, the maker of bejeweled, peggle, plants vs. zombies, etc. That scares me since EA likes to destroy good developers. EA also recently announced that they are shutting down ton...   read

5:22 PM on 02.03.2011

Groundhog Day: Timesplitters Future Perfect is Perfect

Hmm. When I first heard the Monthly Musing topic a few games I routinely play over and over again flashed through my gamer mind. Civilization 3 (PC), Worms Armageddon (PC), Rez (PS2), Sniper Elite (PS2), Demonís Souls (PS3...   read

9:40 PM on 10.03.2010

Some games I have been playing.

Unreal Tournament 3 I am a console gamer primarily. I do not enjoy PC controls for first person shooters as they cramp up my boney long fingers. So no matter how superior PC mouse and keyboard controls may be for shooters,...   read

5:22 PM on 08.28.2010

Asscramps and Mirror's Edge impressions.

Asscramps Was looking for a picture from that episode where Homer's ass leaves an indentation in the couch cushion. Couldn't find it, so look at this instead. Also, the new google image layout is freaking horrible. It look...   read

11:32 PM on 07.14.2010

2 weeks of potential boredom looms. I shall stop it with cheap vodka and stuff.

It has been over a month since my last blog. Deal with it. I am normally not one to partake in the mood altering mind boggling effects of alcoholic beverages, but since I am house sitting for my parents for over a week I nee...   read

9:49 PM on 06.10.2010

Got a Xbox 1. Got other gaming stuff.

I have been feeling lazy, so consequently, I have not felt like writing many blogs lately as you may have noticed. I have been getting in a lot of gaming lately though and that is probably why I have not felt like blogging. S...   read

6:47 PM on 05.09.2010

Umm yeah. So this a blog. Various stuff and things happened.

I have not felt like blogging in the last 2 weeks even though I have ample amounts of topics to talk about. I did not feel like writing anything though. Deal with it. I cannot help but channel my lazyhoboguy qualities sometim...   read

6:36 PM on 04.17.2010

My Last 2 Weeks= Puking, Pooping, Pure Hatred for GAMESTOP, and some new games.

Warning: This blog contains graphic talk about turd. Skip over this first section if you are afraid of natural bodily functions. START OF TURD TALK So, a lot of interesting stuff has happened since my last blog a couple wee...   read

3:08 PM on 04.08.2010

A long tale about how I saved a gamer's life with my amateur surgery skills.

I love my Dualshock one controller. Even though it came out for the Playstation 1 it still works with about half of all the Playstation 2 games that were released. The analog sticks on it are much more fluid in their movement...   read

5:42 AM on 03.31.2010

Poetry and Ramblings: Created with the Aid of Sleep Deprivation

I wrote this when I had been awake for about 30 hours straight. I am not this crazy normally.Well... I have had no sleep for a day. YAY!!!!! you may say! Because despite my suffering this day, you know that a blog is coming ...   read

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