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My main hobby is playing video games so most of my blogs will be about them.

My consoles are: Game Boy, Game Boy Advance(and gba sp), Nintendo 64, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Xbox 1 NES, SNES, and Gamecube.

Here is my video game collection:

Here is a list of just my online video games:

I also am active in playing PS2 and Xbox 1 games through LAN tunneling. I play games that have had their online servers taken down. A program called xlink kai
( allows ps2 and xbox games with a LAN option to be played online still. Timesplitters Future Perfect on PS2 is the game I play the most through this method.

If you want to plan game with other Playstation 2 online players and Playstation 2 LAN tunnelers (using Xlink Kai) check out this site:

my youtube channel:

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So Destructoid is now allowing us to pay 3 bucks a month or 30 bucks a year to support the site, and get awesome ad-free browsing. There are a bunch of other perks listed on the page announcing the new HUGE memberships, but I find what I mentioned to be the most important part.

Awhile back Niero talked with the community about how so many of us who were using ad blockers were hurting the site's reveneue. I know that the site gets tons of traffic so the ads were a neccesary evil for dtoid to pay server costs and pay its writers. It made me feel bad and I turned off my adblocker for my beloved Destructoid. After about a week though I couldn't take it any more and had to block the ads once again. I just cannot stand how ads have to load into the webpage, slowing things down to a ridiculous degree. I really hate pop up ads and other types of ads that block my screen when I am trying to look at something, which happened occasionally here. I understood that Dtoid doesn't have complete control over what type of ads are shown, but I just couldn't stand dealing with all the trouble ads cause when viewing a website. I block ads on every site for these reasons.

Since I turned my adblocker back on for Dtoid I have felt guilty. I absolutely love this site. I love its sense of humor and how the writers here are not afraid to say whatever they want since it's an independent site. I love the community too. Just reading through all the shenanigans in the comments is extremely entertaining. I used to not comment that frequently, but I am trying to abandon my lurky ways and engage the community more. I've been reading articles on dtoid pretty much every day since 2007 and I wanted to support the site. After I turned my ad-blocker back on, I commented on that article saying that If Dtoid ever did allow us to pay a reasonable amount to browse ad free, and they allowed us to pay with Paypal, I would sign up.

Today I feel just great. When I login to the site and look at my profile it now says "lazyhoboguy is HUGE on Destructoid". It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As I browse the site I cannot help but stare at the little avatar of Mr. Destructoid at the top of the site. His red robotic eyes peer right into my soul and I feel that all my video game news needs are being ridiculously satisfied by Dtoid who has shoved its HUGE green robotic throbbing bloggyness into my guilthole, and I no longer feel shame about my ad blocking of the past. I don't even care if that sounded faintly gay! My point is that Dtoid met my demands and when I discovered that I could pay 30 bucks for a year of browsing Dtoid ad-free I immediately signed up. Also, I fucking love that you allow Paypal. I hate giving out my credit card online. I am just one happy dtoider right now. All the other perks included with the HUGE memberships are just icing on the fucking cake. Thank you Niero and Thank you Dtoid for being awesome.

†Also, I am sorry for these images.

Photo Photo Photo

Hmm what is it like to game with me? I've never really taken the time to analyze what the experience must be like for others. Well, I'd like to think I can be pretty funny and entertaining to talk to while gaming with someone. I've been playing games since I was wee lad in the second grade when I got a Gameboy with several games like†Tetris. YEAAA†TETRIS, and no I'm not Scottish I just like saying wee lad. WEE LAD!! I have many many consoles and handhelds from that console/handheld generation to the present, so I feel that I have a good bit of knowledge and a lot to talk about with others gamers while we are playing an online game or split screen game in person.†

However, I will admit that like many gamers in the heat of the moment in multiplayer games I can do my fair share of bitching and moaning about who just killed me with their bullshit tactic, that is only bullshit when they do it of course. Because you know if I do the same tactic I am being a gaming genius and my cleverness in choosing to use such a grand and noble tactic should be greatly rewarded by the people in the streets, who will appreciate my gaming godliness by throwing various tasty treats and wads of currency in my saintly and superbly smelling direction. As the showers of jellybeans, moneys, and jars of Nutella (my brown gooey cocaine) rain down upon me I shall be pleased greatly and so will the people for the people's pleasure shall come from the act of pleasing me....

Mmmmmm. Jelly Beans.

Oh yea, I also have a tendency to get a little distracted and start ranting with silly jokes. I don't know if you noticed that. I do that while gaming with people too heh. Anyways to get back on track, I've had a group of 2 or 3 gamer buddies that I've been playing online games with for the pass 4 or 5 years. We met up through various gaming forums and started talking through instant messengers because of our shared passion for videogames and online gaming. Eventually we moved on to whipping out our sexy voices for each other and started talking with each other over voice chat programs like Skype and Teamspeak while gaming. At first, I found chatting while online gaming a bit distracting and I would take off my headset while the online game was happening so I could fully focus on and enjoy the game. I'd wait until we were in a game lobby, or in a loading screen to pop my headset back on and get back in the conversation. The other guys bitched about it and thought I was being a bit silly. To me though I wasn't being silly. I used to like to have my entire attention focused on a game. Videogames were serious business. I wanted to hear the music and all the sound effects and auditory cues which can help you react faster in online games. Having people's HUMAN voices in my ears distracting me with their HUMAN statements, HUMAN questions, and HUMAN jokes was an obnoxious annoyance to me back then. For example, when I was back in HUMAN high school and was playing some Nintendo 64 multiplayer games with people, one of my friends commented on how my face was hilarious while I was gaming since I was concentrating so much. He said it looked like I was constipated.†

Eventually though, I grew to enjoy talking while in the midst of an online game. We ask each other questions about what is going on, yell at each other when we kill each other, bitch and moan about lag and other supposedly bullshit things that caused our online demise. We crack jokes, often extremely immature, but still hilarious ones. We discuss gaming news and our opinions on the state of the videogame industry.†

I should clarify though. I enjoy talking with people I know, or people who aren't humongous Asshats while I game. I don't enjoy hearing the loud squeals of infants, stupid staticy music being blasted into the microphone, or other creative forms of ear molestation that take place when you listen to random people in online games. I ritually immediately mute everyone †when I don't know them at all or they reveal themselves as an Asshat.

I gave the jerkface a mustache because mustaches are only grown by the evil and the insane. It's a fact.

Chatting with my online gaming buddies has done another nice thing though. It's opened up an entirely different genre of games for me to play. I now sometimes actually can get some sick enjoyment from playing extremely terrible piece of shit games. Like Haze for example. Games I'd given up on and would never touch again if I were playing by myself or with random online people now became entertaining to play since I could joke about them and voice my hate for them with other people, right at the same moment as the game's poop-like quality was unfolding in front of me.

I even think our discussions while gaming can be quite funny for others, so I eventually started uploading a few videos to Youtube of us playing online games while we talk over them. If you feel like hearing lots of dumb jokes and us insulting the game's we are playing you can watch them here:††.

Gaming with lazyhoboguy can be pretty competitive or pretty laid-back depending on what game we are playing together. I get kind of competitive in some first person shooters for example. For games like Call of Duty 4 it is just fun to win at those type of games and extremely aggravating when you don't. I spent a lot of time in that game online and loved being a bastard sniper expertly headshotting fools from a mile away and hearing that lovely "TING" noise as the bullet hits their helmet or being a sneaky shotgun man with that silent footstep perk so I could tip toe around and blast people in the backs. For games like Timesplitters Future Perfect though I don't care how I am doing, it's just fun to play regardless.

I also just like to have fun and dick around in games sometimes. I always enjoy exploring the levels and seeing what shenanigans I can get up to. For example when my group of online gaming buddies and I were playing Haze, we spent a good 20 minutes just walking through the environment and†pushing furniture around. I find it kind of fascinating to mess with stuff in games when objects can be manipulated and have physics. I just like seeing what weird stuff I can get away with in a game, whether the developers intended for me to do it or not.

Yea that is right I am a great scythe†user. Also, I made this a gif, but it doesn't show up on Dtoid blogs so click it to see it.

Another way I like to mess around is by finding funny character animations or actions and doing them so other people in online games see them and get a chuckle or two. Like in Dark Souls you can raise and lower your weapons or shield really fast and look like and idiot, which I have done many a time. I also made my character look as ridiculous as possible, so that I can take off my mask randomly and whip out my sexiness and imagine the utter horror of the other player. Another example of some silliness I liked to do was in an old online PS2 game called Cold Winter which is now offline.You could crouch down in a squat, but you could full on sprint at the same time. The character animation was hilarious and you looked like a crab running around. We deemed it the "crab walk" and we'd all run around the levels spraying bullets at each other looking like idiots. It was actually a pretty good tactic too ha.

So to sum up what it's like to game with me. I can be pretty laid-back, funny, or a whiny little bitch depending on the game or situation. I greatly enjoy co-operative online or local multiplayer games because it takes out the stress of competitive multiplayer games. You and your fellow gamer have a mutual foe and I find that a lot of fun and less stressful then fighting against other people. Plus, it can be even more fun dicking around in the game if your Co-op buddy shares in the stupidity. Then again, competitive multiplayer games are very satisfying when you end up winning.

Eh. This blog is ok. I feel like it went in too many different directions. Maybe could have made a couple blogs and expanded on things more. CUT ME SOME SLACK FOLKS I AM RUSTY. Haven't blogged in a long while since I am indeed often a Lazyhoboguy, but I want to start doing it again. Still if you feel like giving me a "Fap".... oh no I forgot for a second it's called voting now! I used to love fapping I really miss fapping!. Hmm that came out wrong.

So very recently I heard that EA bought out Popcap, the maker of bejeweled, peggle, plants vs. zombies, etc. That scares me since EA likes to destroy good developers. EA also recently announced that they are shutting down tons of online servers. EA's pattern of shutting down online servers very quickly, so that gamers are forced to buy yearly sequels to continue gaming online has annoyed me for years.

Activision also annoys me. They have been just as evil or even more evil than EA the past few years. They have milked several once fun game properties until they have become shriveled up worthless lumps of despair. Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, probably Call of Duty soon, etc.

I could go into far more detail about my dislike for these 2 publishers, but I don't feel that is needed. I recently made an image that sums up my feelings about them. This blog was mainly written so I could share this image lol. I havent had much sleep and was bored and made this image in MS paint. Here it is.

Click if you dare.
Lol sorry for making this. Since you are already scarred for life. You might as well click to zoom in to appreciate all the MS Paint detail lol.

Hmm. When I first heard the Monthly Musing topic a few games I routinely play over and over again flashed through my gamer mind. Civilization 3 (PC), Worms Armageddon (PC), Rez (PS2), Sniper Elite (PS2), Demonís Souls (PS3), and many other games I replay a ton were considered for this blog by the lazyhoboguy who is currently writing it. I realized though that one game I own is the king, the queen, and the undisputed top monkey of replayability. The game of which I speak is:

HaloÖ No, jk it's Timesplitters: Future Perfect.

Why do I love this game so much? Why have I played this game for: 4 days 14 hours 8 mins 27 secs? Well, actually I have played it for about 3 days longer that. My first profile got corrupted when I stupidly shut down my game on a saving screen. I was actually sort of happy I had to start over since I liked the game so much lol. But I am getting distracted. I need to get my ass and its short attention span back on track. Why the hell do I have such a boner for this game you want to know?

Some Funny Fucks Made This Game

Well, unlike Halo, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, and all the other serious shooters out there Timesplitters: Future Perfect has a great sense of humor and never takes itself serious. It still has great First Person Shooter gameplay with all the violence, beheadings, and blood spraying everywhere you could want, but It manages to make you crack up while doing so.

For example: The game has monkeys! Lots of them. You can shoot monkeys in the game a lot. There is a ninja monkey. There is a robot monkey. There is a zombie monkey. You get to shoot them, in the face even, if you are feeling particularly cruel. If you still are not interested in this game then you have no soul. That halo monkey image above was made by the developers themselves to tease Timesplitters 4. But oh man donít get me started on that since it looks like it will never be coming out now *Weeps in Corner*.

The game also has like 100 characters to choose from for multiplayer. They each have a unique phrase they will say when you pick them. They each have a little backstory you can read in the main menu too. There are zombies, a snowman, a duck, a dinosaur, a grizzly bear, a giant sock puppet, a handful of demented clowns, a gingerbread man, various robots, and tons of other crazy characters to choose from.

Another reason I have a hard on for this game is that the gameís color palette isnít completely brown and grey. The developers of Timesplitters: Future Perfect had this nutty idea to actually make their levels and characters colorful. So many shooters like to make all their levels look like someone just smeared shit all over everything and blocked out all color. Not Timesplitters. Although a shit joke wouldnít be out of place in the Timesplitters series lol.

One more reason I am stimulated by Timesplitters : Future Perfect. The game runs really smoothly. As in, the frame rate is constantly steady and animations look awesome for this reason. The game doesnít turn into a slideshow when the action on screen picks up like so many other shooters.

Another thing about this game that makes my body all excite (<--Regie + Borat) is the fact that this game has creative and fun to use weapons. There are machines guns, pistols, and shotguns of course, but there are also tons of less generic weapons. There is a flare gun which shoots a flare. Shocking right, but it spirals out of the gun unpredictably and is hard to hit people with, but if you do itís a one hit kill. You can also duel yield these. They are sort of like the games rocket launcher and are incredibly fun to use. Another neat weapon in the game is called the injector. If you shoot someone enough with it your opponent will start swelling up and their body will expand before your eyes until their gooey innards explode out through them and blood splatters all over the walls and ceiling. The nasty gory explosion can kill you if you stand in it too lol. Oh yea you can also just grab a brick and throw it at someoneís face, or you can pick up a baseball bat and just start wailing on people. It is soooo satisfying.

I havenít even really talked about the singleplayer or multiplayer yet. There is just too much to fap over when it comes to Timesplitters: Future Perfect ! Well the single player is humorous and fun and it has you jumping through tons of different time periods, hence the name of the game. This is great for the gameplay because it means you are constantly tossed into radically different environments, using completely different weapons, and fighting totally different enemies. The single player campaign can also be played with split screen co-op. The single player is quite fun, but it is not the highlight of the game.

Sexy Multiplayer Is Sexy

Now for the multiplayer. Oh how I love this gameís multiplayer. It is like Goldeneye 007/Perfect Dark and modern shooters had a super awesome cool baby that likes beating the crap out of monkeys.

Deal with it monkeys.

The Timesplitters series is known for its great multiplayer and itís worth buying Timesplitters: Future Perfect for it alone. The multiplayer is super fast paced. Your character moves fast, you instantly respawn and are back in the action. There is no silly irritating 15 second respawn timer to punish you for dying. You immediately are returned into the game and are free to seek out revenge on the jerk who previously terminated your video game life.

The multiplayer is great too because it is insanely customizable. You can make your own weapon sets. You can put in powerups. You can turn on character abilities if you like so each character has special qualities. The multiplayer has tons of game modes as well. Deathmatch is the most fun in my opinon, but they have many more to choose from. Some of the more creative ones are Shrink, Virus, and Monkey Assistant. In shrink your actual character size is determined by how well you are currently doing. If you are in first place your character is full size. If you are in last place you are a teeny tiny midget that is very hard to hit. It is pretty funny. In Virus one person starts off infected and tries to just touch other people to infect them too. The last person in the game who isnít infected wins. It is pretty terrifying when a horde of infected foes is running at you. Monkey Assistant is sort of like Shrink in that it aids struggling players. In this mode though it lets the person in last place gain an entourage of violent homicidal monkeys who lash out any one who dares to come near their new buddy.

The game also had an online mode. Which I heard was amazing. Unfortunately this game was published by the evil company Electronic Arts who like to pull down online servers for games after 2 days.

The servers were shutdown in 2007, just 2 years after the game came out. Luckily, the game also has bots for offline and split screen multiplayer and they are very customizable as well. I have spent many hours just playing against the bots. All hope for playing the game online was not lost once Electronic Asshats (EA) shut down the gameís online servers though, since Free Radical included a LAN mode. Through free LAN tunneling programs like Xlink Kai which you run on your PC, you can still play this game online. I do so about once a week with other people from:

Other Awesomeness Found In The Game

Errrmm, so what I am forgetting. Oh yea, is multiplayer not your thing? Well included in the game are tons of challenges and an arcade league mode. If you are into game types where you try to best your high score, you will love this. You get rewarded with trophies which unlock new characters, cheats, and other goodies for you by doing this. That is just icing on the fucking awesome cake since these modes are ridiculously fun by themselves. You can race cats for example. You can fight a never ending horde of undead monkeys. You can break all the plates and windows in a Chinese restaurant. They pretty much came up with everything.

ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG. This blog is getting soo long. I canít help it though. There is too much about this game thatís awesome and the gospel of Timesplitting must be preached to you gamers! Here is a nice relaxing picture of a to give you a break from my blog.

Donít Give Me That Look! I Didnít Make That Image!

Alright Bert, calm the fuck down. No need to slaughter me and feast on my brain like you did to Ernie last night. I will get back to Timesplitters talk.

Ok, So before Bert unleashes his puppet rage at me I will talk about the Mapmaker in Timesplitters: Future Perfect. It is a little awesome thing in the game that lets you design your own multiplayer maps. You can also create your own story levels. Like, you can create your own freaking game basically. The tools allowed in this Mapmaker are somewhat basic, but you can create really crazy cool stuff with it. People like this level creator so much that they are still messing around with it and coming up with new cool junk with it. A forum is setup for advocates of this feature of the game. Go here if you are interested in learning how to get the most out of the Mapmaker feature of the game and want to try out other peopleís creations:

I have made a few multiplayer maps and story levels myself. If my whoring out of them didnít make you disgusted you can check them out here:

I am sure I am still leaving out some stuff about how ridiculously amazing and replayable this game is, but this blog has to come to end sometime and that time is now. I may have posted this in an old blog before but I cannot remember. Anyways, I shall leave you with this video of me turning a monkey into a terrorist in Timesplitters: Future Perfect. Enjoy.

TL:DR Version

Buy Timesplitters: Future Perfect and play it or Bert is going to find you, kill you, and feast on the tasty brains inside your skull. Then he is going to have a blood orgy with his sick Sesame Street pals. You donít want that to happen do you? Well, play the game then god dammit.

Unreal Tournament 3

I am a console gamer primarily. I do not enjoy PC controls for first person shooters as they cramp up my boney long fingers. So no matter how superior PC mouse and keyboard controls may be for shooters, if they cramp my hands up I dont give a rat's possibly plague-ridden behind about them.

So as a consequence, I had never really played an unreal game. It is a series that is for PC gamers primarily and I had heard there were some decent console ports of some of the games in the series, but I never got around to trying them. My friend kept urging me to pick up this game and I finally did. I am quite happy I purchased it. The multiplayer in this game is so refreshing to me. Like the weapons are creative. There are so many nutty weapons that just make me happy when using them. It is nice to play with unrealistic weapons after playing so many realistic games with generic military guns. This game, on the other hand, has tons of awesome digital death hastening aids. There is a biorifle which shoots balls of toxic sludge. There is a rocket launcher that can shoot 3 rockets at once or shoot 3 grenades. There is a combo rocket launcher/shotgun gun. There is that cool gun that shoots a ball of energy and if you hit it with another shot it makes a huge explosion. Even the default pistol (enforcer) is freaking fun to use.

Also, this game actually has bots! The bots in the game's multiplayer arent actually brain damaged like in a lot of FPSes! I can play hours just fighting swarms of these surprisingly challenging bots! Also, the online mode of this game is just as fun. The one con for controller users like myself is that a lot of online players use keyboard and mouse setups and woop your ass because of it. You can try to find controller only matches, but there arent many. Oh well, the bot multiplayer alone in this game is worth the purchase price.

The single player is pretth meh. It is basically just a bunch of bot batches loosely strung together by some cheesy story.

This game's multiplayer just has a really fun addicting quality to it that I have not experienced in a shooter in a long time. Compared to all the realistic shooters that basically are centered around camping this game is just extremely refeshing.

There is one thing that drives me absolutely to the point of gaming nerd rage in the online mode though. You can have bots in the online mode of the game (a great feature), but the developers made no visual distinction between the names of bots and real players. So most times I have no idea if I am facing bots or real people. Like some of the bot names sound like typical psn usernames. This starts to get really annoying because if they had just put a little bot symbol or highlighted each bot name this annoyance could have been solved in like 5 minutes of development time probably.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response (PS2)

I used to play this a ton 2 or 3 years ago, but hadn't touched it since. Recently I started replaying it, and to my surprise this game still holds up and is very fun.

This was developed by Rocksteady. They developed that new batman game that everybody seems to be in love with, although I have not played it myself.

This game features a unique gameplay twist to the first person shooter genre. The game is based around your use of a riot shield. Basically, if you dont want to die very quickly, you need to hold up your shield. It can block bullets, knives, fire, etc. But you cannot shoot while you have it up and bullets knock you backwards when it hits your shield. Also, if you bash in peoples faces with it blood will get all over it and obstruct your view. The more it gets shot up too, the harder it is to see through it. You can toss some weapons over the shield like grenades and knives however.

This game is also a blast to play because its just so over the top. The enemy in the game is a bunch of crazed lunatic gang members who all wear hockey masks. They regularly shout hilarious insults and obscenities at you throughout the game. This game also has some cheesy real life newscast type of intros for the levels which is kind of cool.

One negative I must mention though, is that this game's frame rate is not the best. It is not an unplayable game because of its frame rate problems, but it is pretty noticeable that the frame rate is frequently not too smooth.

I uploaded some gameplay footage of this game:

Also I uploaded some footage of me just being a huge asshat towards the friendly A.I. characters in the game:

I shall end this blog in a disgraceful spammy nature

Another long time Playstation 2 online and PS2 LAN tunneling (with Xlink Kai) user and I recently created a website called:

The purpose of this site is to make it easy for Playstation 2 online gamers to meet up and schedule some online video games. Also, we use the website to plan LAN tunneling matches using a program called XLink Kai (their website: ). Xlink Kai is a program that runs on your PC that allows you to play Playstation 2 games online basically forever since it tricks the games LAN mode into thinking other players across the internet are playing with you. So if any of you are interested in PS2 online gaming or in trying to LAN tunnel Playstation 2 games, check out this site!

Otherwise I am afraid to inform you that this cute little man eating freak of nature will have to take a bite out of your ass.

Damn you google image search. Why must you show me disturbing images every time I use you. I was just searching for an innocent picture of a kitten. Instead I get this thing. Well I was searching for that innocent kitten picture so that I could threaten to fart on it if you did not visit the above website, but still.


Was looking for a picture from that episode where Homer's ass leaves an indentation in the couch cushion. Couldn't find it, so look at this instead. Also, the new google image layout is freaking horrible. It looks like a crappy photobucket album.

My ass has been cramping up the last few days. I had not been doing anything different really. These uncomfortable nagging aches located in my buttocks were starting to greatly annoy me. After some stellar detective work, I discovered the culprit for my butt pain. The ass cushion on my computer chair is finally starting to get worn enough that when I sit on it my ass sinks through the aging cushion and hits the hard bottom of the chair. This displeases me greatly. This computer chair is only 2 years old. I guess now I must go buy a pillow specifically for placing under my ass when sitting on this chair. A lifetime of lying beneath my ass surely will be a horrible and smelly existence for that poor unfortunate pillow. I often am quite gassyÖ

If you are ready for some news not related to my ass, please continue on with the blog. If for some strange reason you want to gain a deeper understanding about my ass's daily exploits, please reread the preceding paragraph.


I have finally reached the point where I have too many consoles in my room to have them all hooked up at once. My composite switches are full, so when I got the dreamcast it had just been sitting all lonely in a corner of my room unhooked from the tv. I really wanted to play it, so I had to decide on which one of my currently hooked up consoles to disconnect for now. It was a tough decision to make, but my SNES was chosen to be unhooked. I have not been playing it really at all since I am still far from done exploring the NES's gaming library. Plus, I need a controller extension wire for the SNES before I can really play it. Well I could play it without it, but I would have to sit like 2 feet from the tv.

Well I haven't blogged in forever really about what I have been playing. I have been jumping around from a lot of different games this summer. I got readdicted to Demon's Souls for 2 weeks and went from like level 5-60 in that period. I started a new character for my third playthrough of the game. I wanted to focus on magic more this time, so I picked a magician. It sure was nice starting off with a ranged attack. For my first character I started off as a barbarian who was only armed with a club.

Mirror's Edge

I also finally starting playing Mirror's Edge on PS3. I had remembered enjoying the demo a lot for this game so I purchased this game for 12 dollars new off amazon a few months back. I have played this game for several hours so far and I can kind of see why this game is so cheap now. The game is very unique, has a colorful environment, and in certain situations can be very fun to play. However, a lot of the time the problems in this game overtake the positive aspects of it and the game eft me extremely frustrated and disappointed with it.

The gameplay in this game has you basically running fast, jumping across rooftops, sliding down stuff, and combining these types of moves to quickly get to some intended area in the game.

In levels that are designed good the game is a lot of fun, but far too often you are repetively slowly climbing over fences or pipes, or you have really no idea where you are supposed to go. Like, the game highlights small areas red to show you where you need to go. This works well since the environment is mostly white. The problem is that most of the time the object you need to jump on or grab doesn't turn red until you are like 6 inches in front of itÖ

Another problem I have with this game. The combat is just plain awful. For some reason DICE, the developers, felt that horrible gunplay and melee fighting was needed in this game. Way too often you are having lots of fun jumping and sliding over stuff, but then you run into a pack of 5 guys with machine guns who mow you down in seconds since the fighting controls are so crappy.

Due to all these annoyances, I have taken a break from the game. I knew this game had a lot of problems before I played, so I think I can deal with them and finish the game. I just hope in the sequel that they iron out the numerous annoying problems in the game. I am still shocked that EA published a new creative type of game, so I can understand how things turned out not completely perfect in it.

Errr well, the blog is already starting to get a bit long, so I will end it here. I have been playing too many games lately so this blog could go on forever if I don't stop it now.