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I may not know you yet but here's some things about me to get this new friendship started.

I wrote stuff, made friends, started a series, joined a team, started whoring out my name, and had my love compared to the smiles of prostitutes.

I think if we could meet and sit down and chat we'd realize that we're not so different, you and I.

Let's be friends yeah?

Here's my interview with community manager Andrew Kauz

Been a while. Now I write about games and anime over at Twinfinite I swear we're good people.


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WingedKraby made this in an Hour!

Oddly, Beyamor never shows up no matter how many times I friend that magnificent lumber jack.

I haven't forgotten you Beyamor

Well...He's there now...never used to be. Also, I tried re-formatting that picture. It just disappeared altogether....
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And it took me another 10 to figure how to put an image into this blog.

I've been gone too long.

In case you're wondering I've decided to make Grampa Simpson the theme of this post. Because it's been a long time. The only problem is I can't use the "haha he's so old-school" joke next time.


I've been good. Y'know, same old and all that. I booked my flight to PAX and will be graciously hosted at Knutaf's for a bit so there's always that excitement.

I dunno, the fact that the blogs don't auto double-space is sorta bugging me out...Or has it always been like that? Oh god I don't even remember.


What I am doing is putting in a lot of pictures so as to distract from the fact that I'm not writing a whole lot in this blog. If I had it my way (which I never have), I'd just make the whole damn post pictures of Abe Simpson.

Additionally, I recently saw two movies: The Wolverine and Only God Forgives. The first was not super great, or really great, but it was better than the previous Wolverine movie so I guess there's that. I dunno, it just seemed extremely un-creative. There wasn't anything there that got my blood pumping like that time Wolverine escaped with that one orphan girl while singing in 1700s Paris. Or that one time Hugh Jackman gutted those soldiers in the second X-Men movie.

I am also currently laughing at my own Les Mis reference. Hahaha I'm clever.

Secondly, the new Ryan Gosling movie was...Well I wouldn't say it was unexpected because pacing wise it's similar to Refns' Valhalla Rising and before you expect me to be a cine-phile, it's simply that movie was always recommended to me on Netflix and I was bored one weekend.

So yeah, that new movie by "Drive-by" Gosling was either a movie or a collection of stock footage. Also, everyone was a winner in the "Act more than Ryan" competition the set must have been holding because he said like 5 words that entire film.

Thirdly, I'm considering getting the phrase "I'm clever" tattoo'd across my chest so that people will know that I am. Not like I'm insecure or anything like that, it's just that I don't have any self-esteem.

Also give me your lunch money, I'm gonna start bullying you from now on.


Well as I mentioned previously, I will be going to PAX again this year so expect my scrawny Asian body lying around.

Hmm, well I'm planning on listening to other albums by this Scottish band called Frightened Rabbits. They're pretty cool.

Incidentally, switching over to Spotify Premium was one of the best decisions of my life.

I thought I could handle ads but one minute you're crying to Billy Joel and the next minute Target is asking if you're ready to listen to thei SUMMER JAMZ playlist. Or one moment you're crying to Neil Young and Lowe's is asking if your patio is ready to be built for the summer. OR, one second you're crying to Fallout Boy and Fallout Boy asks if you've listened to their latest album only on Spotify.

Yeah so totally worth the money.

Oh also, also! C-Blog Interviews disappeared after I gave em to Apathy. Go publicly shame him or something but don't really, he's got a lot going on.

Oh I guess I'll die one day in the distant future, but that's neither [here] nor [there].

Well that's it for me. If you excuse me I'm off to haul ass to Lollapalooza.

Straight outta Compton!



So hello people. Doing good? So am I. Did you know I was late for an exam this morning? Terrifying stuff. Almost failed a class! Gee willikers mister, it sure nearly blew my gasket.


Blap blap mo'fuckas! How y'all been. I strode in tore up that weak-ass exam the butt. Why? Cuz it was a good day, didn't even have to use mah AK.

Iron Thrones

You guys remember Xander Markham right? Used to be here like me then went off to Flixist? He and I are going to take the Iron Throne so all of you other loser houses might as well just put down your arms and, I dunno, do what those that don't win the game of thrones do.

Union of House Markham and House Law: Official Document

How do you screw that up?

So my friends and I got together recently to watch the 2000 version of Godzilla.

It was so much shittier than I remembered. I mean, how do you screw it up? Wait, actually I can tell you.

There were these jokes where characters would say things and one of the other, more sarcastic, characters would give a witty retort. Only the retorts weren't funny and there was like a good 20 second break after each of them so you just know that whoever wrote the script was sitting in their chair, wrote that shitty joke and just chuckled smuggly to themselves thinking they were the most clever person on the face of this stupid Earth (Happy Earth Day).

One was especially confusing as Matthew Broderick's character said one of those stupid cheesy replies and the soldier next to him just stood there looking at him confused. You know he heard Broderick's stupid line because we all heard it but naturally you would also expect the soldier to say something because he had the look that he wanted to. Didn't happen. Just a weird awkward soldier staring at Broderick...or maybe the soldier was instead looking at the empty, vacuous space of stupid that Matthew Broderick's reply created.

And another thing. Jean Reno's character was so stereotypically French it didn't even seem real. Like the same smug writer was writing a stereotype of a French character played by Jean Reno of all people and was like "They don't like our coffee, eat nothing but cheese and croissants right? Yeah that's totally right, man I'm amazing."

Fucking asshole.

No one man should have all that power

Oh man look at the time. Sorry I took that much space ranting about Godzilla. I hear the reboot hired like a Japanese, indie, cult director who specializes in those old monster movies. I look forward to it definitely.

Until next time, smell y'all lates mah boats 'n hoes.

Look at how angry that guy is. Like just look how angry he is.

Let it sink in.

Hey people~ How have you been? I've been good y'know.


It's really great having cable again. I've lived without it for so long but now I'm coming to remember the fun with regularly scheduled programming. Netflix has further lowered my tolerance for commercials, but following my favorite shows on a weekly basis is as fun as I remembered it.

On that note, how great is Archer, Adventure Time, Happy Endings, and Archer? A show so great I said it twice.


Regardless of whether or not their last few albums did indeed sound like two computers engaging in love making, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke's side project Atoms for Peace released a kickass new album. you should listen to it.


So over the weekend I accidentally a text adventure and I'm not entirely sure what to do. Here it is.

Yeah I'm a little scared as how that happened.

General Generalness

So I was called a bigfoot in that seeing me around is a rarity. I don't know how to feel about that. I mean we're still friends right?...Right?

Well anyways, aside from PAX and the few of you still talking to me on Twitter I definitely am not a presence here which is saddening.

Moving on, I've been having a weird issue where my typos are caused by my hitting the space bar a little too early.

i.e. Hell oeverybody! Ho ware you doing?

It's a little weird.

Kay bai~

So guess what. Guess what, guess what, guess what.

....Chicken butt. Hahahaha, never gets old.

How are you guys? Doing good yes? I hope so because it's been awhile. Don't tell me you forgot me? Remember that time we stole that car and then did all the drugs? Remember? The drugs?


Anyways, I've been well thanks for asking, you look good, and I have big news!

Now I know I've been gone and I know it hurt. It hurt me too y'know? I mean, obviously my ego is in tact, but it hurt. In here *points at heart*

(I can't find a picture to accurately describe what I mean, so here's my face when I can't find the bathroom. Sort of like the same thing.)

So yeah! Big news! It's in bold. Bold

C-Blog Interviews

They're coming back!

Well I mean I can't say when or how....No wait, I can say how. Still can't say when though.

The how is that I handed over the keys to the only thing my name has around here anymore to my trusted friend and brofriend.



So yeah, go bug him about that. I don't know when he'll get started but I trust him to do a good job.

Oh also Mr. Dixon? You wanna...y'know, take care of the whole changing accounts thing we talked about at PAX?

Yeah...So...uh...I'm gonna...I guess leave again?


9:26 PM on 10.31.2012


Hey everybody been well? That's good/sad to hear :)/:(.

Well the community is doing fun things again so I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring and reveal to you 10 of my many secrets.

1.) I'm a trained figure skater

This one is my go to secret for conversations and the like but it's still not something I go announcing to everyone I meet. As a kid my mom gave the option of taking speed skating like all the cool Korean kids or take figure skating. I chose speed skating. Sadly it was full so she put me in figure skating instead. I can't do the things I used to but I'm pretty sure I can spin on ice if needed...Maybe.

2.) I can't drive

Never bothered to learn because in high school I was like "Everybody is learning how to drive so I'm going to be an individual and not learn that!" But yeah I can't be a productive member in a carpool so there's that. I should really be thinking about a license though seeing as I'm living on my own now.

3.) I can't swim in the ocean.

I was on the swim and water polo team in high school so it's safe to say I'm comfortable around water and staying afloat for long periods of time. Still, I get about waist deep in the ocean, begin the process of swimming and just end up floundering a bit before I get washed up on shore by the waves like the pathetic seal that I am. Once that seaweed touches my ankles I just lose my abilities for competent water survival. My swimming Kryptonite if you will.

4.) I'm probably scared of strawberries.

They freak me out. I don't like eating them or smelling them but for some reason I also don't like being in the same room as them. Weird.

5.) I never leave voice mails.

It's a weird ass system and I will not be apart of it. These days cell phones tell you that you missed a call so hopefully you have enough courtesy to call back. Sadly it's also because of this rule that I ended up paying 100 dollars for a cancellation fee at the doctors because I demanded a person hear my request for a cancellation. Not worth a hundred dollars but still. I don't leave voice mails...Ever.

6.) I occasionally have a cigarette

Because that's what badass people do. Not a habit, not even an addiction really. Still I will play smoking buddy for some people and maybe one at a party where I'll be deathly scared of everyone. Incidentally I seem to be able to quit fairly easily. Can go months without one and not face any major consequence or erratic behavior until I decide it's boring again.

7.) I never finished Firefly

I liked what I saw but it wasn't enough to keep me invested so I just never finished it.

8.) I rocked a fohawk in high school.

Because I was an ass.

9.) I can't spell.

If it weren't for spell check I would be seriously screwed. Spelling and I have never gotten along and I always either add or forget a crucial letter. Example? I misspelled "crucial" from the previous sentence.

10.) Sometimes I make friends with people then never want to be with them again.

That's my own personal demon and what I consider one of the worst aspects about myself. I'm a pretty friendly guy and easily approachable but once the other person begins being friendly I become really scared of them and immediately try to distance myself again and they're left confused. I've been working on it the past few years and the internet has really helped in fixing that problem. Still have feelings of dropping everything and running away but I'm improving.

So yeah...10 things about me. Nothing really big or revolutionary but there you have it Dtoid community. I guess I'm willing to share this because I do really love you guys even if I'm not here as often.