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5:50 PM on 03.20.2009

EDGE celebrates its 200th Issue & 16 years of Publication.

This month, UK magazine EDGE celebrates its 200th issue & 16 years of gaming journalism with an amazing 199 individually selected cover designs for the April issue, with each cover limited to only 200 prints. The 200th cover, that of LittleBigPlanet, has been custom designed by Medial Molecule, exclusively for those of you who already subscribe to EDGE.

16 years as a gaming Magazine is nothing to be snuffed at, & while a congratulatory congratulate, congratulation is in order; EDGE is thanking you readers first & foremost for helping it become the well respected & widely honoured Magazine it has become over the years. . – I’m sure the entire staff are thanking you right now via their attempts at telepathy & radio signals to the brain.

This gives me a good opportunity to talk about my first encounter with EDGE. I just happened to be an an EB games store in my home town Toowoomba. - Well, I'd skipped TAFE that day & push-biked over to EB too check out the games. & while generally not the magazine type; that day noticed printed on the cover of a magazine the words. - MIYAMOTO, HARRISON, MORE. I decided to buy it because it had the Miyamoto written on the front, & that was my very first copy of Edge. - Issue 162, May 2006.

Subsequently I bought all following issues when I could & a few months later started my subscription.

I’m not American, so I didn’t get the full effect of when EGM printed its final issue. Heck I’m no even British, Edge isn’t even form my country. However I’m sure, for those who made it, it had a much deeper impact on you when EGM closed then It could ever for me if EDGE ever collapsed & fell the way-side of cancellation. Yet, maybe Edge might reignite the harboured soul of those who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing it yet.

Of cause, if that little number didn’t catch a tear in your eye & convince you to convert. ,Maybe….. something else will.

As a gesture of good will & admiration towards you fine Yankee folk. Edge is offering you guys & gals, & people of the world. A collection of 200 specially made EDGE covers. Crafted meticulously on a printing press made of gold: the complete set seen on the back of Issue 200 itself, personally man-touched by Jim Sterling himself. As an exclusive pack of cover postcards, to you, from Santa Clause himself if you jump on the bandwagon & subscribe now to Edge. Do it! People recommend it.

Thats all the covers available & also what the Postcards look like. - Hit the link to see the bigger versions.

- 200 Postcards for a one year subscription. You’d be losing money of you didn’t do it! – Hurry though guys. Once April 9th hits the deals over.

Head over to. if you’re in the States. Or you can also call 1-800-428-3003 if you so please.

- If you don’t want the Postcards, & just want the subscription please send the Postcards to me! : ) Please, I’m begging you…… : (

Also, I headed over to the Newsagent yesterday to see if I could get my hands on on of these limited cover designs, apart from the Subscription copy I received. However the fools said they didn't order-in Edge anymore, so that's a bummer where it hurts.

If you happen to subscribe to edge, or did yourself, pick up a copy from the newsstand. Leave a comment about your first encounter, What issue it was or maybe what cover Issue you got from from the stand for the 200th issue commemoration. ,also. If EGM & EDGE had a fight, who would win?!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai
Australia.   read

12:48 AM on 03.14.2009

Arts & Crafts - Cardboard. Framing on the Cheap.

First off, since I can't think of a single legitimate thing to talk about gaming wise. I've decided to put this up instead. Call it a Bonus round if you like, in regards to my last posting.

Secondly. This also goes out to Funktastic! for the awesome Postcards he sent me for Christmas & who made me think of putting this post up. Your getting a puppy in the mail.

A lot of you like me, love to put up posters & cards & various other things up on our walls for, satisfaction sake. You might get get a cool Persona Poster at PAX or an Anime Convention. So, so far from paying lots of money to get these things framed. I like to think that the same lvl of achievement can be done, with little or no money at all.

I was looking at my three big posters on my wall the other day, & I noticed how sagged & "crapply" cheap they looked, hanging there with a couple of bits of blue-tack stuck to the back of them. Also, the Postcards I received in the mail from Funk urged me to take drastic action. I'll Frame them!

It's as simple as this... Cardboard is a simple & effective way at backing posters & related crap that you might otherwise throw away or keep stashed in your draw. For instance. there be some Full Metal Alchemist art i've got included with the DVD manual that I'm going to scan & put up on my wall, that I would otherwise never look at. So below is the proof on how easy & effective it is, if you are living on the cheap.

Funktastic's Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Postcards he sent me. The usual corse of action when given a postcard it to look at it, smile & then just hide away in the draw, never to be seen again. Not me, This is my third set of postcards I've now obtained & I like to take advantage of that.

This is also an extra special occasion because, now every time I look at them, I can cry heartbroken inside knowing that I will never get to play the GBA remake back here in Australia.....

Moving on...

My three boring looking posters.....

"Leo Banjo" shamelessly taken for VG Cats.

The end result.

And then the rest..........

That's the wide angle lens making it look warped.

Kingdom Heart Graphics I copied & grouped off a fan site ages ago. Printed off a full size poster too. This time though, just used some black glossy paper off an old marketing booklet selling some sort of juice.

Some 5 Cent Per Second Postcards I got from the limited edition Chinese Release of the Film.

& lastly, even using thick art paper I've managed well with some Motivational posters I printed off the net.

& there we have it. A simple, fast & affective alternative to expensive framing & unnecessary holes in the wall. : ) Give it a try D'toiders. It's the Shizzle!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.
Australia.   read

12:40 AM on 03.01.2009

Arts & Crafts - Sudo' Mr. Destructoid!

Howdy D'toiders! I decided on doing today’s blog after promising to find a girl a robot head at work for her Birthday. When I got home I made a Mr. Destructoid head instead & gave it to her the next day.

Turns out it was quite good so yesterday I went about making another, even better one. - The good thing about this project is that I already had all the materials at home, minus the skittles & Pepsi.

- You can find the rest of the photos on my Flickr, Here:

- Just an extra note. This isn't a head-size wearable Mr. D head. So I apologize about that. But if you’re keen, you could just double the measurements, plus a bit more; & get the human head fit. : )

Now. Below is a helpful guide on creating your own Mr. Destructoid Head. So if you want to go about making your own Mr. Destructoid head, please feel free to not follow this awesome guide on making him. It's entirely up to you. - Having choices is fun!

Now, Stuff you will need.

Work Bench!
Art Glue/Super Glue!
Art Knife!
Ruler/Set Square.
Pencil. Paper. Tacks.
McKENZIE'S Spice container.
Spray Paint.
Pliers! Book Ends!

1. First off are boxes. Go find some boxes. 2. A good work area. Try not to shred up your mums office desk ok.

3. As the picture shows, find a nice piece of cardboard & cut to the required measurements. The Blue line in figure 4 shows where to use the art knife. - Remember not to cut all the way through, & use the dodgy side of the cardboard to cut-into.

5. Cut an indent across all the sections you measured, & then bend as shown in 6.

7. Using the end of the cardboard that you will use as your face (8.8-cm end) cut some basic grills out as shown. - Another option is to create a separate grill plate & glue it onto the front from a separate piece of cardboard.

9. Following the measurements in diagram 9, Cut out the sides for the head as shown. - I found that I needed a slight angle on the top of the side panels, going up slightly, to get a snug fit when applied to the head. You might have to play around a bit.

10. Next we need the underneath of the head. So cut out a separate square at 12.9-cm by 12-cm as shown in figure 10. Then glue it onto the back of your first piece of cardboard you made at the start. Glue on some tabs on the back also. (Required if you want to open Mr. D's head from underneath later on.)

12 Here just follow the picture. Remembering to glue it on the inside as shown. Once you have both side panels glued & aliened, use two book ends, or something you can find to prop it up against & let dry.

14 Next you will want some feet for Mr. D'toid to stand on. So again just follow the diagram provided. - Just glue a set of 2.5-cm squares into four feet for Mr. D'toid to stand on. You can see what it looks like on the bottom section of the picture.

15 For the eyes, if you have one of those McKENZIE'S Brand spice containers, that's perfect. If not, any lid or circular item lying around the house is fine. My recommended measurements for the eyes are at 5-cm in Diameter with the Circumference being 15.7-cm.

16 Again, just follow the picture. That's Mr. D's brow at the top in 16. & his ear rods below in 17. For the ear rods just copy the eyes. You will need eight of them, 4 glued together make one ear.

18 Once that is done we are ready to spray paint. I chose to go with the red head & green ears because that's what I like. - Remember kids, outside, on a flat piece of cardboard over the grass or tool shed. Keep it vented! Once it's all dry, we can GLUE the EYES & EARS on ONLY! - Remember that!

21 You can see I used Velcro on the head, so I can swap out the two types of brow I made. Apologies for not giving you the specs for the arched brow. -Oh well. If you want to do this, it'll be wise to place the Velcro inside cut-out sections on the head as shown. Else, the big chunky brow sticks out too much. I also used super glue so they won't come out. - Ever.


-Added some tacks as you can see. Use cutting pliers to shorten the length of the track. & that's that! I hope you all liked it. Enjoyed doing it!

- As a side note. Just to get this blog up has taken me around five hours. That’s importing photos, marking in Photoshop, resizing, uploading, then adding notes, & putting it all into a Blog. , see I wasn't lying when I said it takes me hours to write C-Blogs. : )
But I'm happy it's done. & although I planed to do another piece for today’s blog, that will have to wait now.

I also would like to do my follow-up on my days on DOS, but that too will have to wait till I can get a hold of an XP computer to play the game again I would like to feature.

Nevertheless, have a good one D'toiders! Because I'm off to see Coldplay in Melbourne on Tuesday night! Whoot! - Piece out!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.
Australia.   read

5:43 AM on 02.01.2009

Ten things you don’t know about Lone Samurai & Archer.

SilverDragon I take my hat off to you good sir!

Let us begin……..

I’m a Kind Gamer.

10. I lend my 360 to the local Youth Center for the night every couple of weeks, because I like knowing that when one day they grow older, that they too might lend some kid their gaming console & let those who don’t have a console at home enjoy playing games like all the other kids at school. – On that note. So sick did I get of unplugging all the cords from behind my desk that I bought extra ones so I can now just unplug the Xbox itself & take the extra cords with me.

I once started my own Anime club.

9. It was here on the Island. I called it Anime +PLUS. I contacted Madman (Australia’s main Anime distributer) & asked them about it. Then set up shop every fortnight down at the local downstairs coffee shop. It ran for a total 5 showings before everyone & I mean “EVERYONE” who attended, all left the Island within two weeks of each other. I had a small 6 to 8 people every showing. The last showing I did, I got no new attendees, & a few days after that, I went to Japan for two weeks. – When I got back, it had long since been forgotten.

I went to Japan!

8. For two weeks, in the second half of May 2008 with my brother Mick. Mike who lives up in QLD had an old friend, who started his own church in Osaka a couple years back. When he was asked to go up to attend a Church Conference in Tokyo, He told me about it, & we saved up all we could for the next few months before heading over. Japan was the best!
While I did do a lot of sight seeing more then anything, I none the less had a ball while I was there! & am currently saving to go back over with Mike & join the church for a Year & also teach English.

I love to Grind.

7. I’m a lvl Grinder. & while time consuming, is something I can play for hours & only get tired physically from the 8 or so hours of work I had that day. Yet I won’t lie. While I’ll grind me some level’s whenever, whatever. I haven’t played an excessive amount of RPG’s over the years to call it a hobby. Nonetheless, series include. FF, SO, EO, VP:2, KH/II. & ES.

C Blogs take me hours to write.

6. It’s a fact. & it’s not only when I accidently “right click + ENTER” on the mouse*keyboard & see an hours work disappear in front of me. – Believe me; it’s happened more then once. It’s more due to the fact that most of the time; I’ll sit on something, like, phrasing a sentence or find a particular word from a game. & then spend 20 or so minutes looking up some picture off the net. - Trying to get things perfect is my downfall. I also pre write everything in Word beforehand to get all the grammar right. That & I can’t 100% touch type yet.

I was once known as many names.

5. While I use the username lastSKYsamurai now, up until I screwed up my original Xbox LIVE account. I was once known across the nets in some instances as Belgarion, Cuga, or Coldplayer. Give or take an 88, 07 or __, as required per site registration. While some I still hang onto, lastSKYsamurai while having no real origin to the name itself, I think fits well on me.

I work at a cheese factory.

4. Yup! If you haven’t found out already, well you just have now. While fun in concept, a factory is a factory. So don’t go freaking out just yet. Where I live we have three things. Beef, Kelp, & Cheese. I chose the later. While ashamedly working there for far too long, the work is easy & the pay is good. – Want to know where?... That I’ll cost ya…… ……..F*&k it. King Island Dairy.

I Love my Room by a degree of10!

3. While not to go as far as to obsess about it on a daily basis. The last 3 years of gaming, Anime watching, & figure collecting has pooled everything, into my little Otaku dream. Best served with Smash Bros & a Eva session.

I’m a big supporter of the Anime/Games Industry.

2. While I may not be completely innocent in that remark. I do think that the best way to support something is to buy it. & while I cant justify paying AU $29.95 for a single Anime DVD. Box sets are where I thrive.
While not everyone is still carefree in life to just buy whatever, whenever. I still think downloading Anime illegally & modding Consoles is the very most wrong thing to do. The VERRY MOST WRONG! – Given of cause I myself have bought ARIA – The Animation of EBay, & some studio Ghibli stuff of the net as well, I just say this.
Help the industry whenever you can, no matter how F*&ked up it is. Let’s do the right thing! ………….. – I think that got a little of track…..

My guilty little Pleasure.

1. I love to play Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox while listening to nothing but The Smashing Pumpkins. …..Just cruise around & enjoy the epic vibes.   read

1:17 AM on 01.28.2009

Its hot………

Just a quick one.

Today is hot! It’s only 5.30 now but it’s still hot as chop down here. Getting a lift home from work I couldn’t even stick my head out the window it was that boiling.

My best odds were to stock up when I got into town so, really this is just a short one to let you all see into the secret world of what I eat & drink on really hot days. – To be fair, it only reached a top of 30.1C but that still didn’t stop me sweating like a dog.

But now I’m cooling down slowly, I also chucked on the Final Fantasy X soundtrack to mellow out to for the rest of the afternoon.

I also have, as if by coincidence, FF Tactics Advance next to me too which I might play later.

That’s it. Have a good one all. Hope your day wasn’t as sweltering as mine.   read

8:43 AM on 01.26.2009

Happy Late Australia Day!: Now the Hottest 150 Annoying Gaming Annoyances!

Welcome all!

Yes today was Australia day for us Australians, & that means one thing to us Aussies. The Triple J Hottest 100! Counting down the Hottest 100 songs of the year voted by the people.

A massive eight hundred thousand people voted for their favourite song this year. So to coincide with Australia day, & in proud self association with Triple J’s Hottest 100. I bring you, The Hottest 150 Annoying Gaming Annoyances to do with Gamers!

So gather round, stock the fire & relax…..

Because, In no particular order, at No. 1 we have......

1. The Lack of a quick save option in most RPG’s. - By cricky that's annoying!
2. 4 by 3 presentation on widescreen TV’s. - That's almost as annoying as the first one!
3. Game delays.
4. Black & white manuals.
5. Games that are rushed, regardless of the reason.
6. Cancelled games.
7. Japan only games.
8. DLC you have to pay for.
9. Game peripherals.
10. Syncing Controllers.
11. Guitar Hero IV base peddle.
12. How they redesigned Midori in GH World Tour. – She is a man…
13. Brocken tradition. - Example Final Fantasy 10-X2, among other things.
14. SKU’s. Do we really need 4 versions of the Xbox….
15. Region locking.
16. Game franchises that wont die. - If you can’t release a good game then why bother! I’m looking at you Sonic!
17. Snow levels.
18. Annoying constant dialog.
19. Failed De-pads.
20. Sport games. - What haven’t they added that they couldn’t add to the last ten iterations of madden.
21. Broken Consoles. – The RROD sucked.
22. When good games don’t sell. – Come-on! Zack & Wiki, Beyond Good & Evil.
23. Cheating AI. - No mater how far in front you get in Super Mario Cart bloody Peach always seem to be right on your tail.
24. Dodgy game covers. – Prime example is the Deal or no deal DS box art. Er, UK version.
25. DRM.
26. Game breaking situations.
27. Game loading.
28. Unskippable cut scenes.
29. D*%k heads on Xbox LIVE. – Funny though, how we all talk about these scum of the earth, but neither one of us is one of them.
30. Confusing Stats/menus.
31. The last ten years of Sonic games.
32. Scratched discs. – Yet thumbs-up to the PSP.
33. Xbox LIVE customer support. – Or any customer support for that mater.
34. Waiting for games. - If your going to announce FF XIII don’t then make us wait 3 years for it!
35. Boring games…… like, games that are just no fun.
36. Fetch quests.
37. Ubisoft games. – Though I can’t really, vouch for that myself.
38. Wii Graphics.
39. System requirements.
40. Upgrading.
41. Flat batteries.
42. When you haven’t played a game in ages, & then you have no idea what to do when you get around to playing it again.
43. Games that don’t make sense. – Space giraffe.
44. Disappointing games. – I followed Two Worlds for months, got disappointed.
45. Owning both, the PC & 360 versions of Two Worlds.
46. Lagggggggggg……
47. Messy files. Keeping sorted all of you Age mods.
48. Fighting Games. – No other type of game can get a man so angry!
49. Quitters. – Online RTS games & FPS online are prime examples.
50. Two Worlds……. ya, ya.
51. The inability to play one’s own music on the PS3 while playing most games.
52. Game endings. We all love a good game ending, but it’s frustrating when we do finally reach the end & that’s it, its over, what the heck do I do now? Ironically, the same applies in reverse when, you think the games over, but uh! No. That was just a cliff hanger to make you buythe next game.
53. Not getting an achievement point in Prince of Persia Classic for finishing the game in under an hour…..
54. Fan boys./Girls. Grading one console over another & bashing the crap out of the Wii. – Actually, that’s me. : )
55. The Nintendo Wii.
56. Shotty Controls. – Could never get my head around TimeSplitters.
57. Mini games. – Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz say’s it all.
58. When a game personally disappoints. – Halo 3 campaign.
59. Spoilers.
60. Game cheats that don’t work.
61. Cheaters….
62. Getting your ass handed to you at your own game. – I don’t mean to brag, but SSBB; i'll woop your ass, - maybe....
63. Water levels. – Sonic, Tombraider.
64. Knowing that you’ll never be able to rack the main female character. – Ever….
65. Deep down knowing that, playing Guitar Hero just makes you look, well. Ridiculous….
66. Those moments when you’re playing Call of Duty, & you think. F&*k I could have been a doctor….. ……Bugger.
67. No run button.
68. Those time when, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t unlock that achievement point.
69. When the bad guy will talk complete gibberish for a whole two minutes & all you want to do is go kill something.
70. Getting hit by the red shell in Mario Kart just before the finish line on the final lap.
71. Killing One Thousand Urutan-Yensa in a row in FFXII & not getting anything special for it….
72. Uwe Boll.
73. Contra.
74. When someone at school deletes your Pokémon game file on you Game Boy.
75. When you accidently save the game instead of quick saving while falling to your death in Tombraider.
76. Buying Heroes of Mana, then playing it……
77. When you run out of ammo.
78. When you cant complete a song on hard on Rock Band.
79. When you illegally download a game off bit-torrent, just to discover it’s a gay porno. – Never actually happened to me; yet….
80. Getting told to go to bed by your mother after staying up way too late playing Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue on your PS2. – The fact she caught you playing it is bad enough.
81. Making the same stupid mistake over & over again.
82. 4 letter name cap.
83. Power bricks.
84. I find it frustrating when in a critical situation, I never have enough buttons to work with.
85. Equally so, when I’m in a situation & I have too many buttons, I get frustrated.
86. When the Power goes out & you hadn’t saved in over an hour.
87. When you get so induced in a good RPG that, by the time you realise your health is low it’s too late. - & you hadn’t saved in over an hour.
88. The times when you run out of Phoenix Downs & your healer is dead. - & you hadn’t saved in an hour.
89. Invisible walls.
90. Impassable crates. – Impassable Crates! F*&k!
91. The fact that you can’t place VC games in specific folders on the Wii.
92. The lack of support for PS2 games on the newer model PS3’s.
93. Wii’s lack of Hard Drive Support.
94. Wii’s lack of DVD support.
95. Cooling fans. – Most are more noisy then they’re worth.
96. Ghost & Goblins’.
97. That annoying kid that always come on over after school just to play GTA on your Xbox.
98. Games that require mandatory installs on your PS3.
99. Crappy 3rd party peripherals.
100. That the GameCube was the only console to offer a carry handle……. : )
101. How Retro games were never as fun as you remember.
102. How people can borrow games & fail to look after them.
103. The friend who never lets you have a go.
104. The guy who say’s, “Just one more! one more!” – 5 "mores" later…..
105. The fact that you have a whole shelf of games & you can’t bring yourself to play a single one.
106. The times when you’ve been pumped for a game for months, then you finally get it home & play it for ten minutes before shelfing it for life.
107. Friend Codes.
108. Timed demos. – Skate 2 comes to mind.
109. Accidently ripping-out the HD cords from your TV when trying to unplug the 360. – This required a new set of HD cables……
110. Sticky fingers. – just doesn’t feel right does it.
111. The little glowing light on many consoles that keep you up at night.
112. Real Arcade games that require at least 40bucks before you can even think off passing it. – House of the dead anyone?
113. When your mum absolutely has to use the computer.
114. Hitting Thirty............
115. When you hit 0 damage onto your enemy.
116. Getting 99% on Rock Band….
117. Random battles.
118. Losing.
119. Clichés-. –F*&k, another giant rat.
120. Getting scammed.
121. Never being as good as you thought you were at fighting games. – Particularly Street Fighter.
122. Button mashers that pawn you. – Every time.
123. When the server goes down.
124. Sharing with your little brother.
125. Buying your first PSP on eBay & getting a Game Boy in the box.
126. Going left when you should have gone right.
127. The times that you get but-all for doing an hour long quest.
128. When pressing all the buttons at once still doesn’t solve the problem at hand.
129. The overuse of waggle. – A guy can only waggle his Wii so much…… Oh ya, I went there.
130. When nothing goes according to plan.
131. Being colour blind & trying to play Rock Band.
132. Not being able to get the “Wax Off” achievement in GW:RE2 no matter how hard you tried.
133. Having to go to the loo.
134. When, every time you go for a headshot in Halo. You always manage to stuff it up by self consciously flick your finger to the right just when you take your shot.
135. Knowing that Sonic Unleashed could have been a great game if it wasn’t for the werehog lvls. ………. barsteds…
136. Parents who just don’t get it.
137. Gamers who give other gamers a bad name.
138. Text adventures - Look in pot… Examine pot... Check pot… F*&k!.......
139. Tingle.
140. Buying a game that wipes your hard drive.
141. Puzzles that only a rocket man could out.
142. When game characters tell you stuff by asking questions. (“you mean we have to go to Camelot first before we can defeat the full metal dragon?!” “Yes my lord”) – More so in Anime.
143. The dog from duck hunt.
144. The imbalance of balance in the last ten years of DDR games.
145. Movies that get translated into games.
146. All the crap Wii games.
147. After playing a FPS on the Wii, the fact that it’s impossible to use contemporary controls for playing first person shooters for at least two day on all other consoles.
148. You just lvl grinded for the last 6 hours. Pawning that Level Boss son of a bitch should be easy. – Wrong, that just gave you enough strength to survive his frost form. – You need another 10 lvls before you can kick his frosty ass. – You proceed to die.
149. Lack of a jump button.
150. & at One Hundred & Fifty! ……..No matter how many times you kill that sun of a bitch Bowser. He’s always back to steal that bloody Princess, again, and again and again…..

So there we have it folks! I sincerely hope you enjoyed the list. Apologies If I ever repeated something, compiling the list over the last couple of days was a small effort by itself. So a small pat on the back to myself I think. At first this was just to 100 things. But by the end of it, I came out pretty much on the mark with 150 things that can be pretty annoying to the average gamer.

So once again, thank you, God bless, & good night Australia/World!

Enjoy the free drinks!   read

8:13 AM on 01.25.2009

A Time to Remember. Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote. The DOS Era.

Howdy my fellow DToider's. It's been a while, over a month I guess since my last post. & while I, in no way tie myself to the mould of “creative regular blogger” I somehow get the urge to build on the flow of being part of the online community & leaving my mark on the doorstep for others like yourselves to find. - It can be a lot of fun,.. & is sometimes equally rewarding.

-niceties aside. Today I'm back to look back on a game that while probably not being the first; was one of the few games that my older brother & I played on mum's first home computer. It was the beginning of the DOS Era for us, as we knew it, & the game "Fire & Ice" was where it-were at!

So now it's been fourteenth years. Fourteen years since we last met keys with Renegade Software's Fire & Ice. Until, that is, Last night. I happen to get a hold of it and BOOM! …..Retro Goggles!........ egh!

As I remember F&I was a great game, & by course still is. Though 14 years of separation does tend to chip a few diamonds off the block. Yet back then, it was truly the greatest thing ever. A platformer, it was an engrossing experience when my brother & I played it back on the old Windows 95. Coyote or Cool Coyote if you must, was precisely what his name exhibits. He was this blue Coyote, a bit like Sonic, but more raw in comparison.

He was this cool dude, who shot ice pellets in-front of him, & froze his enemies with a mighty “Iiinn.” Frozen, Coyote could then smash into them & would sometimes revel part of a key that was required to gain access to the next level. You would often have a coyote puppy following you around the level, shooting as you shoot, occasionally freezing enemies for you & knocking them down himself.

I remember from all those years ago no so much the game itself, but little elements that kept the memory of the game intact. I can still remember the vague mask of the first level. How you would go from left to right across the ice, shooting enemy creatures as you go, then going up a wall of ice drops to a higher platform before reaching the top & making your way across back towards the other side, where by reaching the left most end, jumping up would reveal a hidden item.
Will always too remember the vague memory of the yeti boss. How it took us ages every time to get to him & even then, dodging his snow projectiles was still a battle.

Going from one level to the next, the cool way the sun would come up & go down doing its thing. I also remember the second last level was a castle level & there were these blocks I vaguely remember. That’s all I remember that-I still remember before re-playing it last night.

After re-playing it the other night, it just re-enforces the memory of it all. Like how the ice ladder would literally melt in front of you after to long. The secret ice cubes that would appear when you hit them; all the enemies’ & what I first thought was exploding seagull poo. Lol. & thanks to re-playing it, I can now remember one more thing. The great tune it had after the game over screen. Looking it up in the in game duke box, “Heavenly Score” was a short but sweet tune that just looped over & over, but is a great tune & worth a re-mix or two.

Playing Fire & Ice with my brother all those years ago, was a blast! You have to remember. What retro goggles are today were in-fact Current awesome! back then. The whole perception of what you can call benchmark & mind-blowing is ever changing. How long before we look at a game like BioShock & call it, just…..ok, graphically wise. While the strings are no doubt tightening towards a refined end, back in 95, 96, F&I to us was the Shi*!

Yet, unbeknownst to us though, a far grater version already existed on the Amiga & Amiga CD. Though heck if I know what those things are today. Heck I’m guessing we didn't even know what a SNES was at the time. We sessioned that game for hours, I mostly watched mind you. Until we got to the end of what we thought was the game .........& got a big Game Over!....... Demo? What's a Demo? Shareware! What the heck is that!

Our grievances stemmed high as we contemplated the situation. Having to purchase the game after the first ten levels was I’m sure a bit of ah heartbreak for us. We know we couldn’t ask our parents, we were fortunate to have a computer at all. But I think we got over it & respected our parents enough not to ask, knowing full well the answer.

A great DOS game nonetheless, of what we played. Here’s to Renegade’s Fire & Ice, We salute you. Let us hope one-day we’ll see you on Live Arcade. Good sailing old friend……..
(……A Trumpet blows in the distance…….)

Next time on “A Time to Remember.” I’ll be looking at another of the few DOS games I ever played. This one also came in demo form, but was a great mix off puzzle, platform & probably lots of other stuff. Until then. Keep reading. As tomorrow night I should have up another special blog, this time involving games, annoying things & the No. 150! So stay tuned! & Good night!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai
Australia.   read

1:39 AM on 12.17.2008

A time to reflect, The end of an Era. Plus! 50% OFF!

I love my Anime. I fell in love with the stuff back in 2005 after getting my very first animation; Miyazaki's, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind on DVD. Before then. Nothing. I just hadn't noticed that there was this whole, culture surrounding cartoons, appropriately, cartoons from Japan.

When I got into gaming, that's when I noticed the stuff; & from there, it's been great! I attribute that greatness to both Manga Entertainment & Madman Entertainment Australia which kicked started the Anime industry in Australia! Whoot!

But ANYHOO! Last week, Madman, the great company it is offered a Pre-Christmas Bonus to all us living down under. A sweet, 50 belly choking, %Percent off everything at That's HALF OFF!

So since I missed out on their 10 Year Anniversary sale last year. - every DVD was $10 for ten hours! & have been throwing up ever since, I finally found some solace in the fact that I was on the mailing list this time & new very well, something big was coming from the pre advisory emails I had been getting.

So what did I get! - Not much! But still a lot!

Since everyone seems to be saving these days with the end of the planet an all. - Me, I'm saving to go back to Japan! YA! THAT"S RIGHT! BOOOM! CAKE IN YOUR FACE! .........I advised my self to limit my gold flow even with this awesome sale going on.

So here's what I bought.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Collection
Planetes - Complete Collection
Appleseed Ex Machina - 2 Disc
Vexille - 2 Disc

Eureka Seven Manga – V01 to 05

The Twilight Samurai
Bangkok Dangerous
Black Belt
Always Sunset on Third Street

Quite a haul for only $200 Bucks! Plus The Haruhi Collection comes with 2 extra discs with the original Japanese broadcast order! So that's double the Haruhi! DOUBLE! for Half the price! AMAZING!

& I'll be home alone for Christmas this year, a good 6 weeks that I can spend finally in my underwear! SWEET!

The only problem now is of cause finding a place to put everything. I have Barely any room in my room as it is.

Now I hope everyone else in Australia/NZ & the US have a great Christmas! & have lots more Anime & Video Games to keep you busy over the Christmas as well.

On a final note. Madman is farce to say, at an end of an era. Starting already. No longer will we lovers of Anime be-able to buy Anime box sets as we know it. The Age of the SLIM PACK is upon us & is destined to rein over, as the warmly familiar Collectors box is now being reshuffled to being exclusive to Vol. 1 series releases. Vol. 1! The animosity I am felling makes me sick! Sick tears! Tears of blood!

Especially in Australia. Who in their right mind would buy Anime volume by volume. It so freakin expensive. $29.95 AU for one volume is dumb! buy the end of it you pay $180 for a whole 6 volumes! I've always bought in Collections. Waited for a series to end & pay 90 to 120 at most.....

I've gone on far long enough, though it's good to get these thing out. -Well I'm off to watch some, Suzumiya! Have a wonderful Christmas guys & girls! Don't forget, the Bible did happen! YA! & Jesus was born! So ha! that's that settled then.

Buy D-toiders!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.   read

8:14 AM on 12.08.2008

Bringing back the cube in my cake! -remix 2.0

A few weeks ago, I had a friend leave the island after sweating it out in the cheese factory for a good few months. Heading back to Germany, I wanted to give her something memorable before she left us islanders behind.

As a gamer, & someone living ......... (wiki)...........80ks out at sea. Its poor stix for choices when it comes to parting gifts. So, what’s a gamer working at a cheese factory get a hot German girl?.........

If you said cheese, then NO! WRONG! Instead! ........I baked her a cube. That is to say, a weighted companion cube, with my two bare hands. So yes, once again Portal was back in the lime light, & although I would have loved to’ve played "Portal" with her, Zing! I only got as close as getting a DS in her hands & a copy of Tetris. That said, she really kicked my ass with those high scores, & I can only fell less of a man because of it.

So what a wonderful thing it was however, that I had already baked a Cube many months ago when the whole Portal/Cake/Cube thing was still big. That; I had learnt alot off. This time however, it was going to be nothing but sweet & alpremo aperture in her mouth. & with any luck, a bit of orange box, for later....

the jelly is as follows..... "I Baked You A I "LOVE" U Weighted Companion Cube. V 2.0"

The Cube was a great success! So I put it to you, if a little abstract. If in ever need of something to woo! a girl, bake her a companion, she'll love you for it.


Cake, $80! - For ingredients & such. - Island = expensive food!
Time. - Around 8 hours to prepare, bake & decorate.
Result. One bloody awesome cube.......

-As a final Note. Creating my Cube was by-way of a three layered effect of chocolate sponge cake & real cherries. Each cake layer then covered with King Island triple cream & more cherries. Then layer upon layer of frosty coloured icing.

-Also, although maybe not at epic or say, accurate as others, I thought my efforts brought a different flare to the table. In any case though, I was happy with it & it tasted awesome! So who cares!   read

8:01 PM on 11.10.2008

Xbox 360 Console AU. New Low Price!

Rrrrripped, straight from the Official Australian 360 site comes some Pre-Christmas goodness.

SYDNEY 11 November 2008 – "Microsoft today has lowered the price of the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system in Australia to a starting price of AU$299.00 RRP* - less than half the RRP price[1] of the next cheapest hi-definition console in the country."

To bad Everyone here probably has one by now. Then again, you could always buy two for a friend to show them you really love 'em.

"Microsoft is dropping the price of their entire Xbox 360 console range."

Xbox 360 Arcade.....New RRP $299........Previous RRP $349........Savings $50
Xbox 360..................New RRP $399........Previous RRP $499........Savings $100
Xbox 360 Elite..........New RRP $549.........Previous RRP $649...... .Savings $100   read

6:11 AM on 10.28.2008

Another RROD. I Am not God.

What’s with the RROD anyway. I thought the heat sink was to blame, melting onto the CPU and all.

Today I come home late from work, breakdowns AGAIN! Pull a muscle in my back planting pumpkins, Pumpkins! Read the horrible review for Guitar Hero: WT, & find out that the bloody Ecos of War Leg-Edition cost me over AU $100 because of the stupid Economy! It bloody retails for &49 US!

Then! - My 360 dies... RROD all that. Thought I was immune, Had it since the Halo 3 launch & thought I had passed the culling season months ago. –guess not.

Now I should be mad, I guess, I dunno. However, what bothers me is that if it is indeed the RROD in the sense that it’s the melted heatsink & all. How the heck does a 360 just Red Ring on ya as soon as you turn it on a good 12 hours after your last play session? - I can only assume it hasn't died in the normal sense. But then what’s up with that then. I always knew I had an older model 360, But this still should be covered be Warranty right? I hope so.

I'll soon find out in a few weeks. ….Though, not before GOW2 Arrives. Bloody &*^$! Maybe also Guitar Hero IV will come before then. I hope not. I don't think I have the capability to register new games with no system. My head will explode I think.

On the plus side. I did get customer support ten minutes before closing today, & I can keep my hardrive with me. But, after looking around, It seems like my user profile/Gamercard Is registered onto the system itself & not the hardrive? I know for a fact though that I've seen my profile & others in the HD's memory. I'm not sure what will happen then when I maybe just get a refurbished system back instead. I can't redo all my achievements agen, again! The thought of all that time wasted! uh!

..........Guess I should dust off the old Wii & finish Mario Galaxy. Really though, do people still play that thing? After getting blow-off by the half baked hardware AKA, Wii-motion-plus. I see no reason to keep following such a system, that is, until the next Zelda comes. - But I'll save that one till another time.

So till I get my system back; Peace out, God bless & happy gaming to the rest of you.

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.
Australia.   read

6:06 AM on 10.26.2008

Australian Readers: Gears Of War 2 Limited Edition

GoW 2, I always planed to buy it sooner or later. Though recently, things changed & I haven’t bought a new game for 3 or 4 months, with the exception of GH:WT. "of cause"

Then moments ago, I just watched the "Last Day" Gears of War 2 trailer over at IGN.

[embed]109187:15476[/embed] - IGN version is better.....

Then I thought, "screw this! I'm buying this game!" That trailer changed everything. It's such a good video in-fact, that I opted for the Limited Edition version. Ya! Making of Doco! Ergh,......I mean, Gold Lancer. : )

....So to the point though. Over At Cheap Games Australia, "worst & best name ever." You can get the Limited Edition for a cheap $99! AU.

Shamelessly taken & edited from VG Cats.

Note. Final Price is Rather, $111.80 after Tax & shipping. & Regular Edition is also just $84.95!

So, Get your ass over there & Pre-Order People! Unless you know of somewhere cheaper, retail or online.

One last thing to note. Yes some box arts are the NTSC, but after looking at their Terms & Conditions....

Product Quality Guarantee
All of our products are 100 % Australian, absolutely nothing is imported. This means that all Console products are in PAL format. All release dates are in relation to the Australian release and are accurate to the best of our knowledge. These dates are updated regularly to keep you informed.

So best of luck, I hope this helps some poor bugger.

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.
Australia.   read

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