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lastSKYsamurai avatar 5:43 AM on 02.01.2009  (server time)
Ten things you don’t know about Lone Samurai & Archer.

SilverDragon I take my hat off to you good sir!

Let us begin……..

I’m a Kind Gamer.

10. I lend my 360 to the local Youth Center for the night every couple of weeks, because I like knowing that when one day they grow older, that they too might lend some kid their gaming console & let those who don’t have a console at home enjoy playing games like all the other kids at school. – On that note. So sick did I get of unplugging all the cords from behind my desk that I bought extra ones so I can now just unplug the Xbox itself & take the extra cords with me.

I once started my own Anime club.

9. It was here on the Island. I called it Anime +PLUS. I contacted Madman (Australia’s main Anime distributer) & asked them about it. Then set up shop every fortnight down at the local downstairs coffee shop. It ran for a total 5 showings before everyone & I mean “EVERYONE” who attended, all left the Island within two weeks of each other. I had a small 6 to 8 people every showing. The last showing I did, I got no new attendees, & a few days after that, I went to Japan for two weeks. – When I got back, it had long since been forgotten.

I went to Japan!

8. For two weeks, in the second half of May 2008 with my brother Mick. Mike who lives up in QLD had an old friend, who started his own church in Osaka a couple years back. When he was asked to go up to attend a Church Conference in Tokyo, He told me about it, & we saved up all we could for the next few months before heading over. Japan was the best!
While I did do a lot of sight seeing more then anything, I none the less had a ball while I was there! & am currently saving to go back over with Mike & join the church for a Year & also teach English.

I love to Grind.

7. I’m a lvl Grinder. & while time consuming, is something I can play for hours & only get tired physically from the 8 or so hours of work I had that day. Yet I won’t lie. While I’ll grind me some level’s whenever, whatever. I haven’t played an excessive amount of RPG’s over the years to call it a hobby. Nonetheless, series include. FF, SO, EO, VP:2, KH/II. & ES.

C Blogs take me hours to write.

6. It’s a fact. & it’s not only when I accidently “right click + ENTER” on the mouse*keyboard & see an hours work disappear in front of me. – Believe me; it’s happened more then once. It’s more due to the fact that most of the time; I’ll sit on something, like, phrasing a sentence or find a particular word from a game. & then spend 20 or so minutes looking up some picture off the net. - Trying to get things perfect is my downfall. I also pre write everything in Word beforehand to get all the grammar right. That & I can’t 100% touch type yet.

I was once known as many names.

5. While I use the username lastSKYsamurai now, up until I screwed up my original Xbox LIVE account. I was once known across the nets in some instances as Belgarion, Cuga, or Coldplayer. Give or take an 88, 07 or __, as required per site registration. While some I still hang onto, lastSKYsamurai while having no real origin to the name itself, I think fits well on me.

I work at a cheese factory.

4. Yup! If you haven’t found out already, well you just have now. While fun in concept, a factory is a factory. So don’t go freaking out just yet. Where I live we have three things. Beef, Kelp, & Cheese. I chose the later. While ashamedly working there for far too long, the work is easy & the pay is good. – Want to know where?... That I’ll cost ya…… ……..F*&k it. King Island Dairy.

I Love my Room by a degree of10!

3. While not to go as far as to obsess about it on a daily basis. The last 3 years of gaming, Anime watching, & figure collecting has pooled everything, into my little Otaku dream. Best served with Smash Bros & a Eva session.

I’m a big supporter of the Anime/Games Industry.

2. While I may not be completely innocent in that remark. I do think that the best way to support something is to buy it. & while I cant justify paying AU $29.95 for a single Anime DVD. Box sets are where I thrive.
While not everyone is still carefree in life to just buy whatever, whenever. I still think downloading Anime illegally & modding Consoles is the very most wrong thing to do. The VERRY MOST WRONG! – Given of cause I myself have bought ARIA – The Animation of EBay, & some studio Ghibli stuff of the net as well, I just say this.
Help the industry whenever you can, no matter how F*&ked up it is. Let’s do the right thing! ………….. – I think that got a little of track…..

My guilty little Pleasure.

1. I love to play Project Gotham Racing 2 on the Xbox while listening to nothing but The Smashing Pumpkins. …..Just cruise around & enjoy the epic vibes.

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