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lastSKYsamurai avatar 5:50 PM on 03.20.2009  (server time)
EDGE celebrates its 200th Issue & 16 years of Publication.

This month, UK magazine EDGE celebrates its 200th issue & 16 years of gaming journalism with an amazing 199 individually selected cover designs for the April issue, with each cover limited to only 200 prints. The 200th cover, that of LittleBigPlanet, has been custom designed by Medial Molecule, exclusively for those of you who already subscribe to EDGE.

16 years as a gaming Magazine is nothing to be snuffed at, & while a congratulatory congratulate, congratulation is in order; EDGE is thanking you readers first & foremost for helping it become the well respected & widely honoured Magazine it has become over the years. . Ė Iím sure the entire staff are thanking you right now via their attempts at telepathy & radio signals to the brain.

This gives me a good opportunity to talk about my first encounter with EDGE. I just happened to be an an EB games store in my home town Toowoomba. - Well, I'd skipped TAFE that day & push-biked over to EB too check out the games. & while generally not the magazine type; that day noticed printed on the cover of a magazine the words. - MIYAMOTO, HARRISON, MORE. I decided to buy it because it had the Miyamoto written on the front, & that was my very first copy of Edge. - Issue 162, May 2006.

Subsequently I bought all following issues when I could & a few months later started my subscription.

Iím not American, so I didnít get the full effect of when EGM printed its final issue. Heck Iím no even British, Edge isnít even form my country. However Iím sure, for those who made it, it had a much deeper impact on you when EGM closed then It could ever for me if EDGE ever collapsed & fell the way-side of cancellation. Yet, maybe Edge might reignite the harboured soul of those who havenít had the pleasure of experiencing it yet.

Of cause, if that little number didnít catch a tear in your eye & convince you to convert. ,MaybeÖ.. something else will.

As a gesture of good will & admiration towards you fine Yankee folk. Edge is offering you guys & gals, & people of the world. A collection of 200 specially made EDGE covers. Crafted meticulously on a printing press made of gold: the complete set seen on the back of Issue 200 itself, personally man-touched by Jim Sterling himself. As an exclusive pack of cover postcards, to you, from Santa Clause himself if you jump on the bandwagon & subscribe now to Edge. Do it! People recommend it.

Thats all the covers available & also what the Postcards look like. - Hit the link to see the bigger versions.

- 200 Postcards for a one year subscription. Youíd be losing money of you didnít do it! Ė Hurry though guys. Once April 9th hits the deals over.

Head over to. if youíre in the States. Or you can also call 1-800-428-3003 if you so please.

- If you donít want the Postcards, & just want the subscription please send the Postcards to me! : ) Please, Iím begging youÖÖ : (

Also, I headed over to the Newsagent yesterday to see if I could get my hands on on of these limited cover designs, apart from the Subscription copy I received. However the fools said they didn't order-in Edge anymore, so that's a bummer where it hurts.

If you happen to subscribe to edge, or did yourself, pick up a copy from the newsstand. Leave a comment about your first encounter, What issue it was or maybe what cover Issue you got from from the stand for the 200th issue commemoration. ,also. If EGM & EDGE had a fight, who would win?!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai

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