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Hi all, a big Arigato! for checking out my Profile! By contract i'm also required to give a big G'day Mate! To you all too. I love Gaming, Collecting Figures & Japan! I also work at a dairy, making Cheese...... Whoop!

Generally, I like all games, RPG's, Shooters, Racing, Anything Final Fantasy! Games that are heavy on things such as story and graphics are always a +PLUS but gameplay's equally important.

Love the Podcasts. AWO, Ninja Consultant, RetroforceGO!, Podtoid, FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast.

.:Some Games I Love:.

Final Fantasy XII
Kingdom Hearts/II
Halflife 2 +Epi's
Original Tombraider-PC
Prince of Persia 2-DOS
Soulcalbur II-Xbox
RalliSport Challenge 2
Panzer Dragon ORTA
TLoZ Twilight Princess
SKATE (360)
Mario Kart DS

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A few weeks ago, I had a friend leave the island after sweating it out in the cheese factory for a good few months. Heading back to Germany, I wanted to give her something memorable before she left us islanders behind.

As a gamer, & someone living ......... (wiki)...........80ks out at sea. Its poor stix for choices when it comes to parting gifts. So, what’s a gamer working at a cheese factory get a hot German girl?.........

If you said cheese, then NO! WRONG! Instead! ........I baked her a cube. That is to say, a weighted companion cube, with my two bare hands. So yes, once again Portal was back in the lime light, & although I would have loved to’ve played "Portal" with her, Zing! I only got as close as getting a DS in her hands & a copy of Tetris. That said, she really kicked my ass with those high scores, & I can only fell less of a man because of it.

So what a wonderful thing it was however, that I had already baked a Cube many months ago when the whole Portal/Cake/Cube thing was still big. That; I had learnt alot off. This time however, it was going to be nothing but sweet & alpremo aperture in her mouth. & with any luck, a bit of orange box, for later....

the jelly is as follows..... "I Baked You A I "LOVE" U Weighted Companion Cube. V 2.0"

The Cube was a great success! So I put it to you, if a little abstract. If in ever need of something to woo! a girl, bake her a companion, she'll love you for it.


Cake, $80! - For ingredients & such. - Island = expensive food!
Time. - Around 8 hours to prepare, bake & decorate.
Result. One bloody awesome cube.......

-As a final Note. Creating my Cube was by-way of a three layered effect of chocolate sponge cake & real cherries. Each cake layer then covered with King Island triple cream & more cherries. Then layer upon layer of frosty coloured icing.

-Also, although maybe not at epic or say, accurate as others, I thought my efforts brought a different flare to the table. In any case though, I was happy with it & it tasted awesome! So who cares!

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