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lastSKYsamurai avatar 12:40 AM on 03.01.2009  (server time)
Arts & Crafts - Sudo' Mr. Destructoid!

Howdy D'toiders! I decided on doing today’s blog after promising to find a girl a robot head at work for her Birthday. When I got home I made a Mr. Destructoid head instead & gave it to her the next day.

Turns out it was quite good so yesterday I went about making another, even better one. - The good thing about this project is that I already had all the materials at home, minus the skittles & Pepsi.

- You can find the rest of the photos on my Flickr, Here:

- Just an extra note. This isn't a head-size wearable Mr. D head. So I apologize about that. But if you’re keen, you could just double the measurements, plus a bit more; & get the human head fit. : )

Now. Below is a helpful guide on creating your own Mr. Destructoid Head. So if you want to go about making your own Mr. Destructoid head, please feel free to not follow this awesome guide on making him. It's entirely up to you. - Having choices is fun!

Now, Stuff you will need.

Work Bench!
Art Glue/Super Glue!
Art Knife!
Ruler/Set Square.
Pencil. Paper. Tacks.
McKENZIE'S Spice container.
Spray Paint.
Pliers! Book Ends!

1. First off are boxes. Go find some boxes. 2. A good work area. Try not to shred up your mums office desk ok.

3. As the picture shows, find a nice piece of cardboard & cut to the required measurements. The Blue line in figure 4 shows where to use the art knife. - Remember not to cut all the way through, & use the dodgy side of the cardboard to cut-into.

5. Cut an indent across all the sections you measured, & then bend as shown in 6.

7. Using the end of the cardboard that you will use as your face (8.8-cm end) cut some basic grills out as shown. - Another option is to create a separate grill plate & glue it onto the front from a separate piece of cardboard.

9. Following the measurements in diagram 9, Cut out the sides for the head as shown. - I found that I needed a slight angle on the top of the side panels, going up slightly, to get a snug fit when applied to the head. You might have to play around a bit.

10. Next we need the underneath of the head. So cut out a separate square at 12.9-cm by 12-cm as shown in figure 10. Then glue it onto the back of your first piece of cardboard you made at the start. Glue on some tabs on the back also. (Required if you want to open Mr. D's head from underneath later on.)

12 Here just follow the picture. Remembering to glue it on the inside as shown. Once you have both side panels glued & aliened, use two book ends, or something you can find to prop it up against & let dry.

14 Next you will want some feet for Mr. D'toid to stand on. So again just follow the diagram provided. - Just glue a set of 2.5-cm squares into four feet for Mr. D'toid to stand on. You can see what it looks like on the bottom section of the picture.

15 For the eyes, if you have one of those McKENZIE'S Brand spice containers, that's perfect. If not, any lid or circular item lying around the house is fine. My recommended measurements for the eyes are at 5-cm in Diameter with the Circumference being 15.7-cm.

16 Again, just follow the picture. That's Mr. D's brow at the top in 16. & his ear rods below in 17. For the ear rods just copy the eyes. You will need eight of them, 4 glued together make one ear.

18 Once that is done we are ready to spray paint. I chose to go with the red head & green ears because that's what I like. - Remember kids, outside, on a flat piece of cardboard over the grass or tool shed. Keep it vented! Once it's all dry, we can GLUE the EYES & EARS on ONLY! - Remember that!

21 You can see I used Velcro on the head, so I can swap out the two types of brow I made. Apologies for not giving you the specs for the arched brow. -Oh well. If you want to do this, it'll be wise to place the Velcro inside cut-out sections on the head as shown. Else, the big chunky brow sticks out too much. I also used super glue so they won't come out. - Ever.


-Added some tacks as you can see. Use cutting pliers to shorten the length of the track. & that's that! I hope you all liked it. Enjoyed doing it!

- As a side note. Just to get this blog up has taken me around five hours. That’s importing photos, marking in Photoshop, resizing, uploading, then adding notes, & putting it all into a Blog. , see I wasn't lying when I said it takes me hours to write C-Blogs. : )
But I'm happy it's done. & although I planed to do another piece for today’s blog, that will have to wait now.

I also would like to do my follow-up on my days on DOS, but that too will have to wait till I can get a hold of an XP computer to play the game again I would like to feature.

Nevertheless, have a good one D'toiders! Because I'm off to see Coldplay in Melbourne on Tuesday night! Whoot! - Piece out!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.

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