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lastSKYsamurai avatar 12:48 AM on 03.14.2009  (server time)
Arts & Crafts - Cardboard. Framing on the Cheap.

First off, since I can't think of a single legitimate thing to talk about gaming wise. I've decided to put this up instead. Call it a Bonus round if you like, in regards to my last posting.

Secondly. This also goes out to Funktastic! for the awesome Postcards he sent me for Christmas & who made me think of putting this post up. Your getting a puppy in the mail.

A lot of you like me, love to put up posters & cards & various other things up on our walls for, satisfaction sake. You might get get a cool Persona Poster at PAX or an Anime Convention. So, so far from paying lots of money to get these things framed. I like to think that the same lvl of achievement can be done, with little or no money at all.

I was looking at my three big posters on my wall the other day, & I noticed how sagged & "crapply" cheap they looked, hanging there with a couple of bits of blue-tack stuck to the back of them. Also, the Postcards I received in the mail from Funk urged me to take drastic action. I'll Frame them!

It's as simple as this... Cardboard is a simple & effective way at backing posters & related crap that you might otherwise throw away or keep stashed in your draw. For instance. there be some Full Metal Alchemist art i've got included with the DVD manual that I'm going to scan & put up on my wall, that I would otherwise never look at. So below is the proof on how easy & effective it is, if you are living on the cheap.

Funktastic's Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Postcards he sent me. The usual corse of action when given a postcard it to look at it, smile & then just hide away in the draw, never to be seen again. Not me, This is my third set of postcards I've now obtained & I like to take advantage of that.

This is also an extra special occasion because, now every time I look at them, I can cry heartbroken inside knowing that I will never get to play the GBA remake back here in Australia.....

Moving on...

My three boring looking posters.....

"Leo Banjo" shamelessly taken for VG Cats.

The end result.

And then the rest..........

That's the wide angle lens making it look warped.

Kingdom Heart Graphics I copied & grouped off a fan site ages ago. Printed off a full size poster too. This time though, just used some black glossy paper off an old marketing booklet selling some sort of juice.

Some 5 Cent Per Second Postcards I got from the limited edition Chinese Release of the Film.

& lastly, even using thick art paper I've managed well with some Motivational posters I printed off the net.

& there we have it. A simple, fast & affective alternative to expensive framing & unnecessary holes in the wall. : ) Give it a try D'toiders. It's the Shizzle!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.

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