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lastSKYsamurai avatar 6:11 AM on 10.28.2008  (server time)
Another RROD. I Am not God.

What’s with the RROD anyway. I thought the heat sink was to blame, melting onto the CPU and all.

Today I come home late from work, breakdowns AGAIN! Pull a muscle in my back planting pumpkins, Pumpkins! Read the horrible review for Guitar Hero: WT, & find out that the bloody Ecos of War Leg-Edition cost me over AU $100 because of the stupid Economy! It bloody retails for &49 US!

Then! - My 360 dies... RROD all that. Thought I was immune, Had it since the Halo 3 launch & thought I had passed the culling season months ago. –guess not.

Now I should be mad, I guess, I dunno. However, what bothers me is that if it is indeed the RROD in the sense that it’s the melted heatsink & all. How the heck does a 360 just Red Ring on ya as soon as you turn it on a good 12 hours after your last play session? - I can only assume it hasn't died in the normal sense. But then what’s up with that then. I always knew I had an older model 360, But this still should be covered be Warranty right? I hope so.

I'll soon find out in a few weeks. ….Though, not before GOW2 Arrives. Bloody &*^$! Maybe also Guitar Hero IV will come before then. I hope not. I don't think I have the capability to register new games with no system. My head will explode I think.

On the plus side. I did get customer support ten minutes before closing today, & I can keep my hardrive with me. But, after looking around, It seems like my user profile/Gamercard Is registered onto the system itself & not the hardrive? I know for a fact though that I've seen my profile & others in the HD's memory. I'm not sure what will happen then when I maybe just get a refurbished system back instead. I can't redo all my achievements agen, again! The thought of all that time wasted! uh!

..........Guess I should dust off the old Wii & finish Mario Galaxy. Really though, do people still play that thing? After getting blow-off by the half baked hardware AKA, Wii-motion-plus. I see no reason to keep following such a system, that is, until the next Zelda comes. - But I'll save that one till another time.

So till I get my system back; Peace out, God bless & happy gaming to the rest of you.

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.

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