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lastSKYsamurai avatar 1:39 AM on 12.17.2008  (server time)
A time to reflect, The end of an Era. Plus! 50% OFF!

I love my Anime. I fell in love with the stuff back in 2005 after getting my very first animation; Miyazaki's, Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind on DVD. Before then. Nothing. I just hadn't noticed that there was this whole, culture surrounding cartoons, appropriately, cartoons from Japan.

When I got into gaming, that's when I noticed the stuff; & from there, it's been great! I attribute that greatness to both Manga Entertainment & Madman Entertainment Australia which kicked started the Anime industry in Australia! Whoot!

But ANYHOO! Last week, Madman, the great company it is offered a Pre-Christmas Bonus to all us living down under. A sweet, 50 belly choking, %Percent off everything at That's HALF OFF!

So since I missed out on their 10 Year Anniversary sale last year. - every DVD was $10 for ten hours! & have been throwing up ever since, I finally found some solace in the fact that I was on the mailing list this time & new very well, something big was coming from the pre advisory emails I had been getting.

So what did I get! - Not much! But still a lot!

Since everyone seems to be saving these days with the end of the planet an all. - Me, I'm saving to go back to Japan! YA! THAT"S RIGHT! BOOOM! CAKE IN YOUR FACE! .........I advised my self to limit my gold flow even with this awesome sale going on.

So here's what I bought.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Collection
Planetes - Complete Collection
Appleseed Ex Machina - 2 Disc
Vexille - 2 Disc

Eureka Seven Manga Ė V01 to 05

The Twilight Samurai
Bangkok Dangerous
Black Belt
Always Sunset on Third Street

Quite a haul for only $200 Bucks! Plus The Haruhi Collection comes with 2 extra discs with the original Japanese broadcast order! So that's double the Haruhi! DOUBLE! for Half the price! AMAZING!

& I'll be home alone for Christmas this year, a good 6 weeks that I can spend finally in my underwear! SWEET!

The only problem now is of cause finding a place to put everything. I have Barely any room in my room as it is.

Now I hope everyone else in Australia/NZ & the US have a great Christmas! & have lots more Anime & Video Games to keep you busy over the Christmas as well.

On a final note. Madman is farce to say, at an end of an era. Starting already. No longer will we lovers of Anime be-able to buy Anime box sets as we know it. The Age of the SLIM PACK is upon us & is destined to rein over, as the warmly familiar Collectors box is now being reshuffled to being exclusive to Vol. 1 series releases. Vol. 1! The animosity I am felling makes me sick! Sick tears! Tears of blood!

Especially in Australia. Who in their right mind would buy Anime volume by volume. It so freakin expensive. $29.95 AU for one volume is dumb! buy the end of it you pay $180 for a whole 6 volumes! I've always bought in Collections. Waited for a series to end & pay 90 to 120 at most.....

I've gone on far long enough, though it's good to get these thing out. -Well I'm off to watch some, Suzumiya! Have a wonderful Christmas guys & girls! Don't forget, the Bible did happen! YA! & Jesus was born! So ha! that's that settled then.

Buy D-toiders!

Tim, lastSKYsamurai.

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