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Today we are joined by Senor Douchebrah to talk about beat em ups.

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Show notes:
-Gobun and Alex attended an Anamanaguchi concert, be jealous forever
-TMNT the Arcade love, much more Simpsons Arcade love -Sad Childhood Stories
-First Kisses
-The Guchi

If you want to win the Scott Pilgrim 8-Bit T-Shirt, leave a comment about something cool or fun in the comments below. Continental US only. Winner announced next week during our Partycast at PAX!

I need to play this game ASAP

Middle:Anamanaguchi, Airbrushed
End: GAMEBOYYOBEMAG, washing machines
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Tonight we'll be joined by Senor Doucheoisie to talk about beat em ups. I'm sure River City Ransom will get discussed along with the new Scott Pilgrim game, Castle Crashers, and The Bouncer. Anything else we should talk about?

Our goal was 350 subscribers by episode 10, and we have almost have 500! Thanks a lot guys for helping spread the word. As a reward, we'll be giving away a Scott Pilgrim 8-Bit T-Shirt. Details in the podcast, and thanks for listening! (continental US residents only, sorry Stevil)

Hands in the air!
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2:17 PM on 08.20.2010

This week we discuss Scott Pilgrim, the comics, the movie, and the game, with Matthew Jay of

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-PSP games that are good.
-We all love Scott Pilgrim except Kyle whose indifferent. Kyle sux.
-Matthew Jay is Armond White because he didn’t like the Scott Pilgrim game.
-Norm9 whips out a Year One reference.
-Ex Girlfriend stories
-Alex Barbatsis plugs the Ronathon All Star Podcast at the end

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NOM STAR - Desert Drug EP demo
noNsense Groove- Pink Haired Devil
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Hey, it's that time of the week again. Your (maybe) favourite podcast records tonight. We're talking about that Scott Pilgrim thing. You might have heard of it. It's kind of a big deal. Also, videogames.

We'll need those questions that we love so much to come from you to us and then answered by us to you. It's like recycling but better because of this.

Now get on the ground punk!

This week we are joined by TriplZer0 in our discussion of 2D and 3D platformers. Lots of tangents and even more sexiness. Male sexiness. (Damn you Poutine)

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Show notes:
-Kyle has no damn clue how to properly play Warioware DIY Showcase. What an asshole.
-Gobun might skip out on Kyle Gamgee’s Birthday party for a baby shower. It ain’t even his baby!
-2D and 3d Platformers and why we love Dexter345
-Valkyria Chronicles tangent
-Play Sly Cooper
-Listener Questions
-DK Rap and Secret Fleshlight talk
-Scott Pilgrim T-shirt give away information

That’s right. Those cools 8-bit Scott Pilgrim T-Shirts from the Ubisoft Keg Party, we got one and were giving it away. Here’s the deal though; we’re using the t-shirt as a bribe. If we can get to 350 subscribers by episode 10, we’re gonna give it away. To all our subscribers currently, thank you so much for your support! Advice, get people to subscribe, but don’t tell them about the contest to increase your odds.
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Thanks everyone!
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Welcome,welcome faithful listeners to another episode of Los Angeles Podcast of Destructoid. We are recording tomorrow. You know what that means - we need your questions.

This week we are discussing platformers. The big question of the night will be whether 2D or 3D platformers are the superior experience. Also happening this week, community member and SoCal local TriplZer0 joins us from Temecula, California. What a handsome devil!

What a delicious burrito!

So yeah, questions. We need 'em.