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Gobun, ]Kyle "Cadtalfryn" McGregor, and Alex Barbatsis will record the 15th Episode of LAPD tonight. Lets kick it out to you for some content. All Listener Questions, all the time.
Anything you wanna know, we'll let you know. Who is Kyle's girlfriend? What's Gobun's favorite food? Does Alex ever sleep? If you ask, you shall receive.

Personally, I want to answer sexy questions.

Thanks to all our listeners for helping spread the word and downloading the show.


Kyle never showed up on Skype tonight. TEARS!!! Gobun and I were luckily invited onto Alcholocast making for one big mashup of drunk proportions. Everyone send Gobun good vibes, he just was laid off. THANKS OBANA!!!

This week is a Birthday Bonanza! Wholly Cow, Mario, Senor Doucheoise, the Dreamcast, Guncannon, the ps1, Chad Concelmo, and the Gamecube were all born this week. Tune in a week rank the most influential birthday boys.
Helping Gobun and Alex this week are ScottyG and Brian Szabelski
Also we recap many of Tokyo Game Show’s first day reveals.

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Show Notes:
-Shadows of the Damned aka Damned aka DMD
-Gobun’s Mom loves Animal Crossing
-Making DREAMS come true
-Brian’s Four Swords adventure
-Are you sleeping, Guncannon?
-Final Fantasy 7, 8, or 9?
-Fuck Delfinos

Music this week:
Middle song-
Transition from the Bit.Trip Beat Orginal Soundtrack, composed by Mike Rousch
Soda Squad by ajaddison
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LAPD will be recording this Wednesday with Alex Barbatsis, Gobun, Kyle "Cadtalfryn" McGregor, and YOU?
Yes, we're throwing it to the community for our special guest this week, so if your able to record via skype, have a headset, and are available this Wednesday the 15th at 9 pm PST, we want you! Leave a comment below saying you want on and we'll pick someone randomly via hat. Well send you a PM Weds at Noon PST to get your Skype info.

This weeks topic: BIRTHDAY BONAZA! Mario, the Dreamcast, the PS1 and Senor Douchoise all celebrate their birthdays this week! Let's reminisce and party!

Also please leave your questions below or send them to us via twitter to @alex_bbats, @G0bun (note that is a zero), or @Cadtalfryn.

This could be you, gun not included

12:35 PM on 09.10.2010

Today the cast is scattered via illness and girlfriend snuggling. Luckily, we have the handsome Alex Barbatsis is joined by Allen Park, Sentry, and Matthew Jay so all is ok.

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Show Notes:
-Duke Nukem and Activision?
-Mega Man
-Quarter munchers
-Old School Toughness

The featured music this episode is the from the new album from George & Jonathan called The Best Music. Download the album for free at Its totally worth it. Throw a couple bucks there way too if you got em.

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PAX day 2 impressions. I am joined again by Kyle McGregor, and Kraid.

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Show notes:
-Dtoid Panel
-More Games
-Alex is super cool being media and shit AGAIN!!!! (aka Bit.Trip Fate)
-Duke Nukem 3D, this time Alex played it.
-Shadows rule.


4:04 AM on 09.04.2010

So, quick PAX episode about first day impressions. I am joined my roommates for the weekend Kyle McGregor, Guncannon, and Kraid.

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Show notes:
-Games, Games, Games
-Alex is super cool being media and shit
-Duke Nukem 3D
-Beard Mic
-Panels (GT panel, OCRemix, Journalism, etc)

PS Silver Dragon, thank you for getting engaged and not coming to PAX this weekend because Elsa gave ME the Dreamcast and all the games! I love Elsa and her husband. btw, they are awesome and super cool in general.

PS, listen to the end of the podcast to hear the winner of the Scott Pilgrim 8-bit t-shirt!!
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