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lammy742's blog

1:04 PM on 04.05.2012

Mass Effect 3: The ending

*Massive spoilers ahead* Well, I finally finished Mass Effect 3. I will not bore everyone with a review (5/5), only to say that the connection with my squad mates I felt during this fantastic sci-fi journey (even Vega!) was...   read

1:47 PM on 02.22.2012

XBLA Indie Review: EvilQuest

First off I'd like to point out that my favorite game genre is action rpg. A great example of this type of game is one the underrated Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. Sure, this game has reasons most people don't like it. Itís...   read

11:32 AM on 01.12.2011

Review: Cthulhu Saves the World

Zeboyd Games An Old School RPG Crafted with Love Zeboyd games has already made a name for themselves off the success from their first game, the fantastic Breath of Death VII. Their second game continues the trend of making...   read

10:00 AM on 01.06.2011

Review: Dead Rising 2 Case West

Capcom Zombies, Guns, and Frankie First, some backstory. I love the Dead Rising games. Hell, the first game was the reason I bought my damn Xbox 360. It had a premise that was new and interesting for a video game. You play...   read

10:50 AM on 01.05.2011

Review: Limbo

Does the ending really matter? playdead First off I'd just like to say thanks for all the comments last post. Secondly, sorry that pic of me turned out to be so big and ugly, I do look like that but with not so many pixels...   read

3:23 PM on 01.04.2011

1st Post!

Hello Everyone! My name is David and this is my first blog post for Destructoid. I'm originally from Lancaster PA but I'm now living in Arlington VA with my girlfriend. My intrestes include drawing, watching bad movies, and...   read

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