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ladyzaner avatar 12:37 PM on 07.06.2013  (server time)
Lionís Arch Loyalist, or Why GuildWars2 (ArenaNet) is Awesome

I am new to PC Gaming and to MMOs in general. Iíve never had a super powerful computer that showed off the graphics and I sure as hell wasnít going to pay a monthly subscription fee. So when the first words out of a friends mouth are: ďYou should try this great MMOÖĒ I promptly stop them and tell them Iím not interested in the soul-sucking world of agony that sort of genre brings. Iíve heard the horror stories about neckbeards in the basement, and even dew chuggers. Online games (aside from the arcade kind) bring nothing but solemn misery.

My friends let it go, and went on their merry questing way. Until one day, when I was hanging out with some friends and some of us were playing console games, and the rest of them were playing GuildWars2. (Now when I say Ďrest of themí, I really mean like two dudes.) Curiosity killed the cat, and I peeked.

It was the best mistake I ever made.

Not two weeks later, ANet held an event around the Mad King Halloween party allowing people to try GW2 for free for a few days. I hadnít really understood until that moment that once I put out the someodd $40 it would cost me to get the game, Iíd never have to pay another cent if I didnít want to. You heard me. GuildWars2 has no subscription fee.

For someone who had never played MMOs before, whose only knowledge about them was the ridiculous monthly fees and basement dwellers, this was a groundbreaking moment. I knew then that I would never be free of the beautiful world of Tyria, and that I would play until it killed me.

Or at the very least, I could play on and off. It was endless! I could play and explore this fantastic world however I chose, whenever I chose. This was the key. This opens the door to allowing ANet to gather mass amounts of people to play this game.

Not only that, but the game does not lack in any quality despite the Ďlack of monthly incomeí from the players. Of course, you can use real money to get special items for your avatar, but really they mostly consist of skins and town gear, and some makeover things. (And Black Lion Keys, but thatís another story.) Never in my life have I seen such an immersive world that I would truly call a work of art. Every single area, every crafted item/weapon/mini, every raceÖ every last detail of this game is off the charts.

Iíd like to place a disclaimer here: I am not in any way associated with ArenaNet. I am not being paid to say these nice things. I do not benefit in any way (other than personal joy) by sharing my love for this game with you.

Wait. If that isnít enough, and for some avid MMO players it isnítÖ letís talk about what really puts the icing on this cake for me.

Monthly events.

You heard me.

We get worldwide monthly events.

The one complaint I might have is that itís taken ANet a little while to get up on their feet about how these events should work. There have been some problems with the way they choose to create the dungeons, or the way prizes get handed out. In addition, if you donít have a lvl 80 character youíre very fluid with, things can get hairy. Regardless, they are trying to please everyone with FREE monthly events and now bi-weekly updates with tons of cool new content.

Pay $45, get automatically upgrading game for FREE.

Itís like free DLC.

Iím really looking forward to the expansions.

Tell me, do you play GW2 why or why not? If you do, what was your favorite event so far? Your least favorite?

I really loved Tixx and the Dragon Bash. I had hoped the Aetherblades were going to be cool, but they just turned out to be a sad headache. At least the caches are fun to hunt! Either way, keep doing what youíre doing ANet. You have this fans loyalty! Also, Super Adventure Box.

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