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The New Pokemon Makes My Childhood Cry

I've been thinking this way for a while now, but I haven't gotten around to write about it. With the release of Pokemon X/Y, I think it might be the perfect time to start. We need more awareness about the rape that the Poke...


Persona 4 isn't so Golden

I've been waiting to do this blog for a long time, and by now it's probably a little late, but I think fans of Atlus and the Persona series are always up for a little discussion. As a hardcore Persona fan, as well as a long...


My Gaming Story: Where is the Love?

It's 7am, an ungodly hour for anyone†to be awake, let alone dressed and ready for school. But here I am, or should I say, my small 8 year old self, eating a bowl of fruit loops and discovering Pokemon for the first time. In...


About ladyzanerone of us since 11:23 AM on 06.11.2012

I'm a Graphic Designer located in scenic Philadelphia where I spend more time gaming than I do sleeping and my cat gets so jealous she sits on my controllers.

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