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ladydrell83 's blog
Small town woman. Tech junkie. Obsessed with the UK, though I have never been. Also obsessed with the X-Files. Gamer and bookworm. Sometimes musician. Firm believer of laughter being the best medicine.

Gaming since about the age of 5 thanks to an older sister who had an Atari.

Sony girl at heart. Once the first Playstation hit the market, I was hooked. Plus, Sony always has a lot of special releases which is a plus. Still a fan of Nintendo too. I respect the fact that they remain true to their original style and have not fallen into the HD, 1080p, etc loop (yet). Haven't played much 360 but thinking of the times I did (play), not a bad system at all. Also a big PC gamer. Did the WoW thing for a while but it got boring after a couple of months.


Game Series:
Resident Evil
Kingdom Hearts
Smackdown vs. Raw
Guitar Hero
Tomb Raider

GTA - Vice City
GTA - San Andreas
God of War
Devil May Cry

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood
Rock Band (Any)
Afro Samurai

Sports (Duh!)
Michael Jackson - The Experience
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Super Smash Bros.

DC Universe Online
Sims 2
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