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all right.

so I'm painfully normal. I like the standard GH/DDR fare, Pokemon, Brawl, GTA, HL, blah blah. Its usually I like a game, I hate it, or I haven't played it. However, I'm opinionated and words words words.

I've been meaning to get into MGS.

I own a wii, PS2, SNES, NES, [broken] GC, DS, GBA, and a trillion GBs. I might get a 360 in the near future.

outside of video gaming, I'm a huge music nerd. Post-punk is my thing, next to industrial and some mish mosh whatever. My avatar is dave vanian of the damned. adorable.

I have two X chromosomes, I do partake in silly feminine things, makeup, clothing and the ownership of a vagina.

I'd rather know about you.

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2:57 PM on 07.15.2008
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