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lAboMbA avatar 12:54 PM on 08.21.2007  (server time)
Logitech set to takeover the world.

The new-fangled G9 Logitech mouse comes out this week without much fanfare. I've currently owned the last few generations of Logitech's gaming meece (mx510, mx518, G5) and I'm fairly pumped over a new release on an already rock solid hardware line-up. Logitech claims upwards of 3200 dpi, interchangeable grips, and personal mouse settings for up to 5 profiles. Seems nifty, but i still have some reservations...especially after having to resort back to my mx518 on a few occasions due to some crap ass BF2/QuakeIII G5 issues. Any plans on obtaining one of these little guys? Dropping a hundo seems a little steep at the moment.

Oh yeah, and what about the newly redesigned G15 programmable keyboard? Seems pretty swooft, you know, with the orange backlit keys and lcd as opposed to the original blue. I dunno though, seems like they bastardized it by removing 12 of the 18 macro (G) keys. Also, the volume knob has been all borked up. I'm hoping i can get one of the original G15's on the cheap...i think i saw it on for $60.

At any rate, happy fraggin' to alls and to alls a goodnight.

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