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kyoryu black avatar 3:35 PM on 06.16.2014  (server time)
Things that disappointed me about E3 2014

E3 is pretty much the best thing for gamers each year. We get all of this exciting news about all of these new games and everything video-game related ever. Every year, there's at least five times that I see something that makes me stand up and scream like a preteen seeing their idol, and this year was no different. After the show is over, and the excitement for everything subsides, I start to feel the pains of disappointment about things that haven't been announced, or mentioned at all. There have been things that have been announced in the past that have just disappeared over time, and then there are some game-related announcements that I just dream about that never come true. Maybe I have too high hopes every year, but after it's all over, E3 always makes me want more.

Catherine 2 still is not a thing.
In the plethora of Persona-related games being announced recently, I was just wishing Atlus would pull out Catherine 2 out for E3. This puzzle game meets adventure game got a lot of attention when it came out three years ago, but since then... nothing. And I want more. A lot more. Now.

The Super Nintendo Virtual Console still isn't on the 3DS.
This is something that I really don't understand. It's not like the 3DS isn't powerful enough to emulate SNES games, and it's not like Super Nintendo games aren't popular or anything. You would think Nintendo would want to make more money, but I digress. I guess they want to keep it on the Wii and Wii U to keep an incentive for buying their newest home console. 

No new Sailor Moon game? Really?
So it's been twenty years since the Sailor Moon anime originally aired, and a new Sailor Moon series is just about to come out. You would think someone would be making a new Sailor Moon game, but not that I've heard. I really enjoyed the beat 'em ups and fighters developed by Angel and Bandai for the Super Famicom. They were just solid, quality games worth playing and I would love to see them make new ones with online play. 

My hopes for a Dreamcast 2 and Shenmue 3 may never die, but they're waning.
Alright, I know these now sound like lost hopes, especially with how little money Sega made from the first two Shenmue games and the Dreamcast as a whole, but why not try again? It's not like there aren't a lot of people practically begging for this stuff. I loved those fond memories of playing all of those wacky-obscure games on this console that was both ahead and behind its time all at once. Phantasy Star Online taught me to not trust people on the internet, especially when it came to a free-for-all trading system and games like the Shenmue series really got me into a more mature style of game.  Games with more complexity than any 32-bit RPG did back then. The Dreamcast turned me into a man, and I want it all back now.

No Majora's Mask 3D? 
This is one thing that I really felt teased about, with Zelda Williams coming on stage with that Majora's Mask replica, and all of her tweets talking about some huge surprise at E3.  Though I shouldn't be that surprised about it. I'm just kind of sad. When I first got the game for Christmas when I was 13, I wasn't all that impressed by it, although in later years when I would go back to it, I slowly started seeing the genius behind the game, and I really want to see it treated the way Ocarina of Time was on the 3DS.

I know there will always be games that I will want and will never come into existence, especially since I love such niche games. Maybe one year some of these games will come into existence. I can only hope, right?

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