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KyleGamgee's blog

3:21 PM on 05.06.2011

P2 Press Start: Blargg! or The Heart of DtoidLA

I played Guitar Hero for the first time at my friend –and sometimes P2- Tom’s house. Guitar Hero was the reason I bought a PS2. It was a console exclusive at the time. I loved it, and I was pretty good at it. With practice ...   read

3:46 PM on 10.07.2010

Consensual rape: Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Ronathon sure was fun, and a good cause. Apparently you can hear me all throughout the podcast; whenever I die playing Super Ghouls and Ghosts. :P I was telling bushofghosts about it... BoG: FUCK THAT GAME S...   read

12:08 PM on 06.22.2010

Reminder: XBL titles on sale ends today

June 16th - June 22nd: "E3 Inventory Blowout" THIS SALE IS FOR GOLD AND SILVER MEMBERS -A Kingdom for Keflings - 400 Microsoft Points -Alien Hominid HD - 400 Microsoft Points -Banjo Tooie - 800 Microsoft Points -Bionic Comm...   read

12:37 PM on 06.16.2010

Review: Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment (Konami) - On sale this week on XBL!

I promised I would review Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment back when it was released. It is a tactical strategy RPG like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. You play as Tobias Funke-I MEAN MARTIN. Tobias Martin. Caught...   read

5:40 PM on 01.28.2010

Vandal Hearts FoJ: A review in the making.

I didn't see a review for Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement on Destructoid. The game recently came to XBL. It's like Final Fantasy Tactics. I thought there should be a review. There isn't one that I've seen, so I will ...   read

2:43 AM on 08.25.2009

Why I love Destructoid.

Friends. You meet some of the best people in the world through this site. I can say I'm good friends with with an Aussie, a Canadian, and a Brit, 2 of whom I'll meet for the first time in a week and a half. I love you all...   read

4:41 PM on 04.30.2009

Those About To Die: Devil Hawk (Gun.Smoke NES)

Gun.Smoke Is one of my vary favorite games for the NES. Just thinking about it makes me want to slide it into my Nintendo at home and play with myself. ... Anyway... Like all games of it's generation, Hours of Gameplay ...   read

3:06 PM on 07.27.2008

DtoidLA E3 NARP - The Past is Old! (lots of pics)

We had a party. It was over a WEEK ago. In real life this was very recent, but in internet time, a week ago is a time long gone away, the only remnants being a possible internet sensation or the rare and immortal MEME. ("I...   read

5:46 PM on 07.10.2008

"Thank you for calling Destructoid, this is Kyle. How can I help you?"

It's finally happened. I felt it coming and today was the day. I leave work last. I have about an hour to myself, and for the most part I am done with what work I did have for the day. So I come to Destructoid a lot of th...   read

3:47 PM on 07.01.2008

A Cast of Thousands: Balthier and Fran

There they are. Just look at them. He's a Sky Pirate. She's a Viera. (Vieras are part rabbit, part great ass.) What's not to like? Okay, so maybe I should go into greater detail. I like Final Fantasy XII. Maybe you...   read

2:55 PM on 06.13.2008

[GM]Dave on being an adult gamer Maybe you don't know who [GM]Dave is. Maybe you read his blog starting from the beginning. Maybe you don't stop reading for hours. Anyways, here was his entry today. I luld. [u...   read

3:03 PM on 05.28.2008

The tattoo is a lie.

That's insane. That's commitment. I don't have the stones for something like this, but I'm GLaD someone does. Wicked awesome.   read

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