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1:47 AM on 07.17.2007

E3 is not for you!

E3 is not for you!

Last week was E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo so far going from the footage and press I've seen ; I already miss the E3 of last year. I liked the bigger E3, it's true that it did become too big and it needed to be toned down, but now it's just too small and LAME, cause even I can get in anymore. I work in the Games Industry, in QA, gone to E3 the last 4 years. E3 was a great networking opportunity for people like me, being able to see what's new from all big and small studios, meet the programmers, designers, the editors, the bloggers, and anyone else who worked on a game or gaming press, they were all there, and if you wanted to you could make connections, friends and contacts, I found out about Destuctiod 2 years ago by a strange man walking around in a robot helmet, well it was strange in 2005. Now I'd embrace anyone from Destructiod with open arms..
There's a good chance that because of going to E3 last year it helped land me in Boston, and working the soon to be smash hit Bioshock . Now that it's considerably smaller, many of the production teams working on games are not there, people like me the middle guy, can't get in, and it sucks.
So far most of the E3 "coverage" I've seen it mostly boils down to 1 - 3min videos and commercials, clips with bad rock music, and lots of fancy after effects thrown in for the high production value appearance, yawn. About 60% of all these clips are of non video game footage, or just another cutscene. For instance, the new trailer for MG4 is cool but it's just another god damn cutscene, everyone wants to see gameplay! I want 15mins video demos of someone playing through the entire E3 Demo level for all of the playable games on the show floor.

I think that this E3 was a bust, at least for me.

I'm really curious is E for All is going to become the new E3 in October... hmmm...   read

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