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konrad hazen avatar 7:52 AM on 06.04.2009  (server time)
6 reasons E3 2009 was one big disappointment

I remember 2007 as the best year for gaming ever and E3 2009 did nothing to change my mind. Here's why everything about E3 2009 was lame in order of lameness:

The greatest stories of E3 2009 were pretty much all leaked in advance: L4D2, PSP Go, The Last Guardian ... you name it, it was all known beforehand. This officially makes the gaming industry about as secure as a Russian nuclear reactor and the press-conference sleep-inducing.

Yup, while PC-gaming is still the biggest market and the most open and innovative platform, M$ again managed to ruin it for everyone. In it's everlasting struggle for total control M$ trying it's best to move gaming completely in the console-sector. All triple-A titles are developed mainly for consoles and are only ported to the PC. And it shows. While current-gen gaming PCs are 5-fold capable as consoles the games are stuck within the limitations of cheap hardware from 2005. Try to break out of this cycle Crytek? M$ didn't think so.

Unsurprisingly no console manufacturer can exist without motion controls in this day and age. It's all cool until you see the games they use to promote these control-schemes. Do I really need full-body motion capture to play breakout, a game from 1976? I especially loved M$'s video with the nice remark': "Product vision: actual features and functionality may vary." Yeah, I figured that much.

This year literally nothing new was introduced. All new franchises are just tweaked iterations of past games. A little more dialogue-options here, some more weapon combinations there, each game is just a new spin on games from last year. I'm not counting the sequels here, I mean the truly new stuff. Even Alan Wake doesn't look all to awesome anymore. When it was announced in 2005 it would have been awe inspiring, but by now we've seen so many variations on the horror-genre as well as FPS-mechanics that it's once innovative ligh/shadow gameplay just comes off as another way to kill hordes of enemies.

The war between M$ and Sony is in full effect and exclusives are the weapons of choice. To quote AvP: "Whoever wins - We lose". Developers get wads of cash, M$ and Sony have a viable marketing tool and gamers are left out in the cold. Or as /b/ would point out: this is the cancer that is killing gaming.

Oh god the sequels! When will Final Fantasy live up to it's name? Didn't we "finish the fight" in Halo? And Left 4 Dead 2? "What is this shit?" not only you asked yourself. I had to wipe the puke from my monitor after each press conference because of the endless succession of sequels. Who wouldn't want another Mario Brothers and another Zelda. And when the last Metal Gear finally wrapped up all loose ends it only made way for even more Metal Gear on other platforms (exclusive, too, nonetheless). Oh Kojima, your so creative! I fully understand the urge to have more of a good game, but when it's part XIV it's probably time to move on .... with your life!

Special mention: VALVE
Left 4 Dead 2 ?!? WTF IS THIS SHIT ?!!!!!


Still .... I'm looking forward to some of the games, especially Modern Warfare 2, Assasins Creed 2 and Bioshock 2. What can you do, player's gotta game, right?

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