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Rawr, Connor Taylor, nice to meet you :) I live in Bournemouth (South England) and I like to play Video Games. Started gaming when I was about 3 and still going now. I like Adventure games, RPG's, Puzzle Games. I'm not pr0 enough for FPS's.

I like anime/manga as well but atm I'm finding myself too busy to care about them, still I've seen a fair share so if you want to strike up conversation about a series feel free.

Oh and I have twitter @konkonkon if you want to follow me.

I'm /really/ bad at writing these..
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Here's an introduction.

I'm Connor, I live in the south of England, and I'm 15 (lol 16 in two weeks >_> Don't look down on me goddammit T3T). Anyway hey, I've been lurking Dtoid and listening to the Podcasts for probably about a year now but only decided to actually make an account a few weeks, which I did, and now I'm here. Because of the whole lurking thing and the fact that I've already written one blog before this one..actually welcoming me would feel weird, you still can if you want though, I'm not stopping you c:

When it comes to gaymen (GIRUGAMESH!) I probably started when my nan got me a Gameboy with Pokemon red, or playing on my uncle's Megadrive, I can't remember which, but both were rad. I tend to prefer playing puzzle-y stuff like Zelda rather than FPS's, so I don't tend to buy FPS's. That might just be because I'm really bad at them though :D I don't know what else to say really...hi again.

Hopefully I'll update this blog semi-regularly, or at least when I get bored...uh, here's a picture of MechaGodzilla shooting a rainbow lazer. pew pew.


10:48 AM on 02.10.2010

So, assuming these corocoro scans are legitimate and not fake, we have the first 5th gen pokemon revealed. The original silhouette (This one) had alot of speculation surrounding it. Some speculated it was a Ninetails evolution and would have something to do with the new movie - Phantom Champion Z - due to Ninetails' ability to create Illusions, whilst others thought it could be a Mightyena or Lucario evolution, because of it's Wolf like figure.

The new scans seem to be legit though. The pokemon on the right is the original form, called Zorua, it's dark type and bears the classification of "Evil Fox". It's evolved form to the right, is called Zoroark. This is also Dark Type and bears the classification "Monster Fox" ...foxy? The fact they begin with a Z links in with the name of the new movie, so even if it is fake, it's the most likely theory we have at the moment.

I really don't know how I feel about this whole gen5 thing. It just all seems a bit..too soon. Sure Diamond and Pearl were released way back in 2007, and this probably won't get a release outside Japan until 2011 which is 4 years on (around average time between gens) but we don't even have Heart Gold and Soul Silver over here yet. D/P came 3 years after Fire Red and Leaf Green, giving the player ample time to complete the game and explore all the extras. I'm scared this won't happen with Heart Gold and Soul Silver if this fifth gen is released so soon. Heart Gold and Soul Silver are probably my most anticipated pokemon games yet, for obvious nostalgia reasons, but if it fails to keep selling after the release of a new gen (which nintendo will milk) then I'll be a little sad.


Also I hope that this fox shit isn't real, I wanted my Magikarp evolution.

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