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11:03 PM on 08.25.2013

Final Fantasy XIV what are they thinking...

I skipped Final Fantasy XIV the 1st time around and before I had a chance to get interested it had pretty much been declared a rushed game that like so many MMO's before it, and it suffered for it. And Sadly it seems they are getting off to a rough start again.

My 1st sign I saw there were going to be problems was in the registration of my pre reserves bonus. I had to register the code on one page that gave me another code. Then In the game launcher window it asked for logon and password and though the webpage I registered the code will take you email address it would not take it here it truncates it. Though this site I registered my code shows my games and activated code it makes not mention of users name. I had to click the forgot user name or password and afterwards it had no obvious info to point be to the user name as it felt entirely aimed and changing the password. But I was able to follow a link here to find another portal page that gave me my user name. I finally  got to a page I though was an error at 1st but had a hyperlink to take me to another page to enter the second code. This whole process was way to complicated and felt wonky and drawn out  why couldn't I just use my email address to logon why did I have to jump through so many hoops to get my user name why did I have to jump through loops to activate the code. But in the end I got though this was able to preload the game and was excited to start playing the head start.

Flash forward to Head Start weekend I played 1st thing in the morning worked great but didn't want to get to deep because I was  waiting to get friends servers and had to work so logged off for an hour came back 3 hours of maintenance mean I didn't get to log back in till bed time so barely got to play.Flash forward to Sunday got on fine and  stayed on till a quest seemed to bug on my on big deal i logged off and be greeted with the server is full please try again later. Which I proceed to try for the rest of the day to get back in. Some servers will give you a wait queue but not all. I under stand servers can be full and I really don't mind the wait just let me I have to wait my f-ing turn in line just put a count on the screen. Additionally I have not seen an easy way to see the population of servers and this should be a staple of MMO's at this point, perhaps its there but I dont see it. 

Hopefully this is a temporary issue that they are able to remedy quickly. And annoyances aside if they can get past this BS and get the servers in order for launch I wont hold it against them but they are skating on thin ice here and I can't believe they would take these chances with their game with the original XIV's failures. I mean come on this  is a re release and this is a head start not a beta those were supposedly done already.

Now for something completely off subject  but why the hell is any MMO restricting characters to a server. I don't have to be on a specific Facebook servers to communicate with my friends and family. You have a 1st name last name system those are some pretty unique names. Create a database for the characters that is separate from the game servers. You could have better load balancing and you could simply jump to a different shards to play with friends if the shard you are on is full, this could even be automatically done. This would greatly reduce the frustration of not being able to play the character you want cause your server is down.   read

12:00 AM on 08.07.2008

Revs on the Leader board #1 on Braid

Thought I would point out it appears RevAnthony is #1 on the Braid Leaderboards.

Sorry for the poor image quality.   read

3:30 PM on 07.26.2008

Bioshock PC on the cheap

I just logged onto steam this morning for a treat. It appears there is a 50% off sell on Bioshock going till monday the 28th. So load up and get Bioshock for $14.99.   read

10:12 AM on 07.26.2008

Slight beef with PS3 High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition Download

Like many other with the Sony Summer sales I jumped on to download a couple of titles I had missed. One being High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition the other being Pixeljunk monsters. The download for monsters was a tiny 60 MB for what seems to be a great game. And High stakes especially being a 3d game was not a terrible download at 309 MB.

But it my opinion it was 309 MB too much or 10 MB too little. Allow me to expand on this as many people have seen titles like this on the other consoles when you launch a game it instantly needs patched, unfortionatly though on this game its 319 MB that needs patch and furthermore this is a patch you cannot background download. But even that I do not totally take issue with. But take a look at the below image and you will see what I do have an issue with.

Sorry if the quality is sub par only have a cell phone camera.

After installing the game it now takes up 319 MB of space not the 319 + the 309 of the original. So this leads me to believe this is not a patch persay but a full download of a patched version. I am pretty sure games like Super Stardust HD have done this too. But the problem here is this I just bought the game why isn't the patched version the one offered for download.

Now this isnt the end of the world but it does irk me at the inability to make decent size patch for this game and some others. I have never had downloads like this on my 360 or PC games as those patches are generally small patches(at least smaller than the original download). I can only suspect that either they did not build a path for upgrade into their architecture of the game or the encrytion they use just does not allow for it. I hope this is addressed in future games.

Sorry end of rant.   read

2:21 AM on 07.05.2008

Interesting Sonic Rockets

Thought I would share these images I took of some interesting rockets I found. I have seen them before years ago and they still make them but I'm pretty sure Sonic's likeness is not licensed.


3:40 PM on 03.20.2008

Classic machinima Blahbalicious

Thought I would take a moment to share a stroll down memory lane with the classic machinima Blahbalicious. I was just recently linked and reminded myself of Blahbalicious it is probably the 1st Machinima I ever saw and I didn't even know what that was at the time. I really need to pull out my quake addon disk out again anyways Blahh Blah Blaaaaahhhh!!!!!!


Enjoy   read

10:54 PM on 01.28.2008

Interesting No More Heroes Video Spoileriffic only watch this if you have beat the game!

I found this video on youtube and it makes a certain conversation understandable from the end of the game and I will leave it at that. Do not watch this unless you have beat the game or dont care about spoilers.

Here it is   read

7:01 PM on 01.25.2008

Jimmy Chow can't believe I been missing this!

A friend linked me to this earlier today so I have decided to share. I'm not sure if this has made its rounds on Dtoid and as a whole this would probably belong more on Japaninator but this episode definatly has a gaming theme so we should be good. And I appologize in advance if this has been posted before.


This is Episode 3 but if this peaks you interest like it did for me you can find the 1st episode here.   read

5:35 PM on 01.18.2008

Dragonforce seems to be filling the airwaves.

I had heard about Dragonforce well before I was strumming along to their "Through the fire and flames" in Guitar Hero III. I will not claim to be the hugest fan but I have enjoyed everything I have heard of theirs and do find it cool they have attributed some of there inspiration to video games, so it was a treat to play along to their song in GH3.

Well to my surprise and I feel the song deserves it has been betting getting some attention on at least one of the local radio station I listen to out of Oklahoma City, 100.5 the KATT. They had actually ran it on the Band to Band Combat against another song I unfortunately did not get to listen or phone in my vote, damn real life getting in the way. But I have heard it several times since a little later toward the evening hours when I'm normally driving/listening to the radio. In fact it was playing when I got out of my car at a friends house yesterday and then again 4 hours later when I started my car to go home(Yes I checked it wasn't on CD).

Now I know they are a British band and maybe they are getting some greater exposure out and about but I personally had not heard a lot from them on the radio. I just think its interesting as the DJ's here at least are definitely linking this to the Guitar Hero III. Many Bars now are doing Guitar Hero nights so maybe this is proof games will become a major gateway for exposure for new music, that or I just got lucky with an awesome DJ. So has anyone else see an increase in this song exposure out and about in your parts.


6:53 PM on 01.17.2008

Gamefly Woes! Finally a little bit of resolution

I had posted on my cblog a few weeks back about my headache with GameFly. So I felt it fair to post my status a little bit.

I never received the 3rd shipment of games so push come to shove I write them the not nice letter that stated to fix this, refund my downtime, or cancel my service immediatly. Well I get a response back that was vague we have listed you games missing we will send out again like they had not read the whole mail. I was really pissed cause I felt I was going to be stuck in a infinitely loop missing games. Well needless to say the games came to my house in 2 days.

It feels awful coincidental I give my ultimatum and I get the games. I will continue to see if I can be refunded for my month extended outage from gamefly. Really don't know if I will keep the service might use this time to clear my queue out and quit the service as this has been a pain in the ass. The service is awesome when it works an I like how it curves my spending on games a little but there are too many missing games for my liking.   read

5:20 PM on 01.03.2008

Gamefly woes!

I have had Gamefly for quite awhile now have the nice 10% discount and get my 5 dollar coupon every few months but I'm about to be at the end of my rope with them being game less since 11/27/07. I am about to the 10th day on my 3rd shipment of Raving Rabbids 2 and Geometry Wars Galaxies. They claim it to be shipped but it has never made it to me I never had a problem on any of my orders from them when I have bought games and they have shipped the box and manual which also come USPS unless its a large order got my games from the holiday sale today via FedEx. I have ordered countless things that are shipped 1st class USPS with no issues yet(and always get all my bills insurance cards etc)but when I inquired on the second issue with Gamefly they claimed it is probably my mail route and state I may have to provide another address if this persist. So I am in a position that either my mail carrier(or someone in between) has moved to a life of crime or Gamefly is full of crap and not actually sending the games(maybe the games will come in tomorrow to spite me, I can hope).

Ive thought maybe its a conspiracy I don't really rent older games I generally know when the games I want to rent are coming out and will often clear my queue so I get what I want and often buy games I like I'm probably at a 30% to 50% buy it rate. Maybe this is there way of weeding out the non profitable people though that is probably just crazy talk.

So really I just wanted to shout out to the Dtoid community and see if anyone else has seen similar issues with rentals from Gamefly are not coming.   read

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