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konchu avatar 10:12 AM on 07.26.2008  (server time)
Slight beef with PS3 High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition Download

Like many other with the Sony Summer sales I jumped on to download a couple of titles I had missed. One being High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition the other being Pixeljunk monsters. The download for monsters was a tiny 60 MB for what seems to be a great game. And High stakes especially being a 3d game was not a terrible download at 309 MB.

But it my opinion it was 309 MB too much or 10 MB too little. Allow me to expand on this as many people have seen titles like this on the other consoles when you launch a game it instantly needs patched, unfortionatly though on this game its 319 MB that needs patch and furthermore this is a patch you cannot background download. But even that I do not totally take issue with. But take a look at the below image and you will see what I do have an issue with.

Sorry if the quality is sub par only have a cell phone camera.

After installing the game it now takes up 319 MB of space not the 319 + the 309 of the original. So this leads me to believe this is not a patch persay but a full download of a patched version. I am pretty sure games like Super Stardust HD have done this too. But the problem here is this I just bought the game why isn't the patched version the one offered for download.

Now this isnt the end of the world but it does irk me at the inability to make decent size patch for this game and some others. I have never had downloads like this on my 360 or PC games as those patches are generally small patches(at least smaller than the original download). I can only suspect that either they did not build a path for upgrade into their architecture of the game or the encrytion they use just does not allow for it. I hope this is addressed in future games.

Sorry end of rant.

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