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kohelhunter avatar 8:47 AM on 03.28.2008  (server time)
I am getting tired of Square-Enix....

First, I like to state this is gonna cause a lot of hate from many wheaboos that come to this website. I already know this. I am sure they are gonna argue their point into the bloody ground on how great that SE is blah blah blah. Let me just say this isn't about hate for the company. It is about how a company has recently (as in the past 5 years) has begun to let me down me as a consumer of videogames.

I am getting so sick of square-enix's rpgs. It seems my old favorite company lately has produced nothing but garbage RPGs. I am so sick of playing the 21 year old emo kid with a comb over, spikey hair and, a sword. They go on a adventure and save the world. I think Squaresoft and Enix did better separate. Their RPGs back then seem to have more twists and turns and there seemed to be much more creative thinking in the PS1 early PS2 days.

Stepping back I realize I think I am tired of the norm when it comes to Japanese RPGs and Japanese gaming period. Maybe this is why I was reading in a article earlier that Japanese gaming is dying out and becoming more slot machines and arcades. Maybe they are sick of the same old, and due to their own ignorance of hating the outsider markets, have isolated themselves into that. FFXI and FFX were the last decent RPGs or games for that matter that SE has created in my opinion.

When it comes down to it square needs to remember what made their past games so great and it wasn't the liscence it was the storytelling and amazing imagination put into their games.

Hate me if you will. I think Japanese games are slowly losing their appeal to everyone even to those who don't admit it.

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