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knutaf avatar 9:50 PM on 04.04.2012  (server time)
10 Factoids about knutaf

Do I bother? I feel like lots of people already know some thing or another about me by now. I feel like I talk about myself too much sometimes as it is. I get self conscious about that kind of thing. Oh, was that #1? Ha ha! Bbain is quite a fellow and kicked off this recent revival. I will follow suit, just because.

#1 - When I was an infant, a cabbie burnt my hand with a cigarette. I obviously don't remember this firsthand, but as I've been told, we were riding in a taxi back in India, before we moved to the US. The cab driver somehow touched his cigarette to the back of my hand. I still have a very visible scar from it. As I understand it, my mom absolutely went to town on the guy. Go mom.


The miracle that is Beyond Dark Castle

#2 - I was a Mac gamer for a lot of my childhood. Beyond Dark Castle. Crystal Quest. Stunt Copter. Spectre Supreme. The Manhole. Cosmic Osmo. Spelunx. Glider. Do you remember any of these? They were the fabric of my gaming childhood. I want to go back and revisit some of them in blogs eventually.


#3 - I was kicked out of primary school. Yup, I was a rowdy kid. My teachers didn't know what to do with me, and my natural childhood boisterousness was misdiagnosed as ADD; they used that as grounds to have my parents withdraw me, or something. I have vague memories of wrecking a classmate's Lego creation, then trying to make them clean it up.


#4 - I got in trouble on my very first day of first grade at a new school, for cussing. The conversation went like this; it is etched into my memory forever.

Person #1: I got to go to King's Dominion [local theme park] last week!
Person #2: Aww, lucky!
Person #3: Ducky!
Person #4: Fucky!

Person 1-30 + teacher: crickets

Guess who Person #4 was?

Also keep in mind those may have been the very first words I uttered in this school. I was kind of sheltered, and didn't even know the F-word yet! How inauspicious!


Circa 2012/04/04, 8:26 AM

#5 - I am an Eagle Scout. Like my nearly-brother, Qalamari, my formative years were spent in the Boy Scouts. It was such an amazingly enriching and fun time that if I have a son, I'm going to urge him to join, too. I didn't encounter even one chimo!


#6 - I work at Microsoft on the Xbox. Many of you already know this, and it's already in my sidebar (because my employer believes that we shouldn't try to hide the fact), but who reads sidebars, anyway? My job freaking rules. I work on the networking stack of the console itself, so if you wonder why I take an inordinate interest in your router problems, well, now you know. Maybe this also at least somewhat excuses my rabid 360 fanboyism.


#7 - A long time ago, I was a drummer in a band. Granted, it was a crappy high school band with my friends, and I was never very good, but I still kind of self-taught myself some stuff and had my ambitions of being as good as the best drummer I've seen. Once I moved out and went to college, I didn't have a place for my kit. I haven't gotten a new one to rekindle my little musical joy. To this day I at least still retain an appreciation for all sorts of good drumming; it's the first thing I listen for in any song.

Circa 2001

You know what our band was named? Gratuitous Squank. I did say high school. We changed our name to the less childish and more pretentious The Dispossessed, after the novel. Hoo boy. We even recorded a godawful 4 track album over a weekend at a friend's basement studio. It was so bad, you guys.


#8 - I have had a long time love for hackysacking. Or, as I still call it sometimes, footbag. I somehow developed it during my first year of college, where I played (no exaggeration) every single day for 2-3 hours, without fail. If it was raining, I found a covered place to play. I played in lecture halls, in libraries, in parking garages, parks, middle of the street, waiting for the bus, middle of the night, first thing in the morning, you name it.

I went to a competition in Virignia once, too, though I was never really good enough to compete. I achieved the level of skill where I could keep kicking it and keep it alive indefinitely, so I stopped counting. In fact, even now you could toss me a sack and ask me to do that at pretty much any time. I was getting to the point where I was trying to pull tricks with crazy names like Osis and Paradox Mirage.

My cardio and foot/leg endurance were maximum back then. Oh, how the mighty have fallen...


#9 - I dabble in cooking, and kind of like it. Those of you who made it to PAX last year tasted my Indian Butter Chicken, passed down to me from my awesome mom. I also make a really mean hamburger bean dip that we eat as a proper meal. I've only made it a few times, and it may not be authentic in taste, but my jambalaya is freaking incredible. I grill frequently, though that is walking the line of proper cooking. And my meatloaf is pretty great.

That wasn't meant to sound nearly as self-congratulatory as it came off. Think about it instead as... incentive! to freaking get down here for PAX Prime.


#a - I haven't yet really experienced death. Nobody close to me has passed away yet. I count myself lucky, but it also sits nervously on me at times. My grandfather passed away a few years back, but we hadn't really been close for a long time. My childhood dog did too, but again, I hadn't really lived with him for years. I dunno. I kind of worry that when it someday does happen, I'm not going to feel anything. Could I be a robot? Doesn't sound good to me.

#b - I am a programmer, through and through. Which is why I was counting in HEXADECIMAL instead! HA HA SUCKAS! Where, "10" is actually sixteen in normal numbers! Ahhhh, this joke is spent already. That's it for me, folks. Good to know yall.

It was windy that day. Give me a break!

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