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kittwalker avatar 4:25 PM on 10.18.2009  (server time)
Halloween - being geeky since 2004

For the past few years, I've made a point of doing Halloween as a video game character. You might think it's sad or childish to dress up for Halloween when you're nearly 30, but it's the one holiday that I actually care about...and thankfully, my group of friends mostly feel the same way.

So, I thought since I'm in a bit Halloween-y mood today ( bought the last parts for my costume today ) that I would compile the past few years of costumes that I've done.

Now, it's usually my job to take photos at our parties, since I have the nicest camera, so, trying to find photos of me fully dressed up has not been easy. Or possible, in some cases.


Leon S Kennedy

Not a single photo taken with me with the jacket on. Or doing a suitable pose, gun in hand. Not one. The fact is, I bought the jacket the year before, as my everyday normal jacket, purely because it looked like Leon's jacket. And also because I'd just bought that jacket in GunZ, but the GunZ jacket has a much larger and fluffier collar.


Vault Dweller

Again, not a single photo of the big yellow 13 on my back. This was before Fallout 3 came out, so no one knew who I was. Except on guy, way up the back ( we were at a Radio Soulwax Halloween Gig ) who I think was working the sound, or checking coats...whatever, he got really excited when he saw me, and shook my hand and shouted in my hear who he thought I was. After three times on not hearing a single thing he said ( it was pretty loud there ) I just screamed "YEA!" and nodded emphatically. Does that count?


Manny Calavera

Ahhhhhh Manny Calavera. This outfit won me a prize over on Kotaku, actually. Course they, like everyone else, failed to pick up on the fact that Manny's suit was white, not black. But, I didn't have a white suit..and I sure as shit wasn't gonna buy one for the sake of one night! So I just didn't mention it.

I still have the Manny's head. Was made ( as all of my outfits are ) by my wonderful girlfriend. She loves to craft! It was basically a large sheet of light card, with tights for eye. Or hose, if your american. That's right, isn't it? Tights = hose? God I wish you guys were learn to speak fucking English.

My boss actually borrowed this head last year for a Halloween LAN that he went to. Was it Halloween? Or was it just some stupid fancy dress lan? I can't remember...


no idea. Did I do anything this year? There are no photos of it, and I really don't think I remember it. But then, I barely remember any Halloween. lol.


Sam Fisher

I'm sure there was a great photo of this outfit, with me peering round a door, gun in hand....but I can't find it. :(

A fairly simple outfit, in that it was a black long sleeve tshirt and a pair of grey cargo trousers, it was the night-vision goggles that were the key feature of this get up.

Made from some welders protective eyewear, a small tube with an LED was fitted to the front, with the cabling routed through a hole in the middle, to a battery pack with an on/off switch. Which I thought was well fancy!

And that is all of the photos on my hard get earlier years, I would need to go hunting down back up disks. Which, I should actually do anyway, at some point....So maybe I'll make a part 2 of this, if there is anything interesting on the disks.

Which brings us to...

This year, I was going to go as Travis Touchdown, but I couldn't find a decent red leather jacket. Then I thought about doing the outfit I've been half planning for the past few years...Razputin from Psychonauts....but sudden financial constrictions forced that one off the table, as well as any extravagant ideas I may have had.

I'm afraid to say, I bowed out to the ways of "keeping costs down" and went for Agent 47 from Hitman. I've got a suit, a striped white shirt, a red tie, a pair of silver pistols ( painted them myself ) and a bald cap, with a barcode drawn on the back. I'm considering a piano/guitar wire garrote and maybe a bright green syringe.

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