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kittwalker's blog

4:25 PM on 10.18.2009

Halloween - being geeky since 2004

For the past few years, I've made a point of doing Halloween as a video game character. You might think it's sad or childish to dress up for Halloween when you're nearly 30, but it's the one holiday that I actually care about...   read

6:47 AM on 10.15.2009

I'm late 20's, have glasses and a portly belly. Do I look like I need any help?

When did games shops become fucking crèches? You wander in and your instantly surrounded by an army of screaming, wailing fetus'...feti...fetuses....fuck it...little people, with their tiny little faces that you just wan...   read

3:50 PM on 05.12.2009

Munny Calavera

It's a well established fact that I never grew up. I still play with toy guns and collect scantily clad anime models; I play a lot of video games, and I still laugh at fart jokes. But, like it or not, I'm getting old and I'm...   read

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