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kitae's blog

1:30 PM on 05.15.2009

Mass Effect 2 E3 teaser out, I will be at E3

Our Mass Effect 2 E3 teaser video is out! I will be at E3 as the demo operator working with Casey Hudson on presenting the demo. I'm very excited, I can't say much but this...   read

9:30 AM on 04.01.2009

GDC2009: Anthony vs Nick Chester

GDC2009 was a battleground. Some fought for technical dominance, some fought for conceptual dominance, but none fought quite as hard as these two gamers did in a karaoke bar last Saturday night. Who won? You be the judge. Le...   read

7:37 PM on 03.22.2009

What's your favorite Sniper Rifle?

Christina from Bioware here! I'm here to pick the brains of Dtoiders -- what's your favorite video game sniper rifle, and why? One thing I do as a designer at Bioware is create and tune weapons for Mass Effect 2. I though...   read

4:43 PM on 02.20.2009

Mass Effect 2 Teaser Video New teaser video for Mass Effect 2. Enjoy.   read

3:22 PM on 02.15.2009

Mass Effect 1 - Kitae's Answers

In a previous post, I asked Dtoiders if they had any questions about Mass Effect 1. Thanks for all the responses, I was honestly somewhat...overwhelmed! In a good way the questions were excellent. SilverDragon1979 says: W...   read

10:17 PM on 02.11.2009

Mass Effect 1 - Ask Me Questions

Hello Dtoiders! In my last post I had a bunch of questions about Mass Effect 2 which I can't really answer as not a lot of info about that game is public right now, so I thought I'd offer to answer some questions about Mass ...   read

8:48 AM on 02.07.2009

First Post! Hi from Bioware.

Hello Dtoiders! I've decided to try blogging here a little, and I'll shamelessly promote my blog by including the fact I work at Bioware in the title. I'm currently working on Mass Effect 2 as a system designer. What does th...   read

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