When I game I play mostly MMOs, RPGs and Shooters but my main passtime is staring at my framed photo of Chad Concelmo. Also I work at Bioware as a system designer.
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Hey this is Christina Norman from Bioware lead system designer on Mass Effect 2. From time to time I like asking questions to the destructoid community because I think you guys are generally a good representative of the hard core but gaming commuity. My question for today is:

Please tell me your favorite video game that has a hard mode you enjoy playing on, and why you enjoy it! Describe what's different about hard mode and regular mode, and how that difference contributes to you enjoying hard mode.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Edit - I've noticed some people are posting general "this is what I'd like to see in a hard modes" comments.

If at all possible, please name a specific game you liked that had a hard mode and [b]what you liked about that game's hardmode. You can then add on any comments about what you like in general.

If no game you have ever played has had a hard mode you enjoyed, please feel free to state that, and then provide your suggestions about what would make a good hard mode.

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