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Allo! My name is kingofthekoopas. Alright, so it actually isn't, but as you can tell I have a love for these underdog enemies. Mario throws them off into bottomless pits and Bowser, their cruel leader, has always put them to the whips.

All kidding aside, there's more to me than just koopas. My real name is Stephen Kimmerly and I currently live in the small town of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, which is only about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia. I lived in Philly for three-and-a-half years while I was attending Temple University and got myself a bachelors degree in journalism.

My love for video games began when I was young lad of only five. I was over at a neighbors house and they had the Sega Game Gear. I was playing some incredibly awesome (well, awesome for my age) Power Rangers game. I was hooked immediately and proceeded to beg my parents for some kind of console. They eventually bought my brothers and I a Super Nintendo. From there I bought each generation after.

Some of my favorite games from then were Yoshi's Island,Super Mario Kart and the game that cemented my love for video games-The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. Never had I played such an expansive game. The brilliant fantasy story and large world left me in love with the rest of the series.

Today, I play on my Xbox 360 with Borderlands, BioShock, Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim as some of my favorites. I also play games on my PC, but they are mostly older games (think Xbox era)since my laptop doesn't have the power to play some of the most lauded PC games.

If you haven't guessed already I've brought my love for both video games and journalism together as a video game journalist. Currently my work is all done for free, but I love doing it all the same. I have a news and strategy blog called The Stick and The Button.I also work for a small gaming news site called Non-Fiction Gaming under the name Senior Stiv. I've placed the links below so cheeeck 'em out.

Other than my love for video games, I'm a big fan of music. I play the guitar and, while this may sound cliche, I love all types of music, except for some country. My favorite genres are punk, folk, blues and hip-hop. I also read, write and I've begun to get back into drawing. I'm no Picasso, but it isn't all that bad. I just need to iron out the basics. I'm not a tracer.

Well that's it for me. Hopefully, as I get more involved here on Destructoid I'll be able to get know more of you, and me, a little more about you. Looking forward to adding more of my work to this awesome sight and finding out more about you. Peeeeace!
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