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kingnothing997 avatar 10:16 PM on 10.14.2008  (server time)
The console wars....

I'm fully aware that this whole post will end up being another "angry guy on the internet" post, but I feel like venting, dammit.

As much as I'd love to be able to contribute something fresh to this, I don't think I can, so I'm just gonna keep hitting the dead horse with my giant stick.

Why are people so bitchy about this console war bullshit? We're gamers. More than that, we're people. People have differing tastes. Fucking deal with it. So a game is going to stop being exclusive. Big deal. Are you fanboys so damn pitiful that you'd want to deprive your fellow gamers of an experience because they don't like your favored system? What good does that do?

What if that's not the case? What if, like me, there are people who like a system, but can't afford one. Are we horrible people because we don't have $500 to throw away on a console? I'd much rather pay $60 dollars for 22 discs (in reference to more MGS 360 rumors) to get a great gaming experience than to spend $500 and only play one or two games. Seems kind of silly, really.

That last paragraph was meant for the PS3 people. Now, for my message to those of you who are 360 fanboys and fangirls: So X game is getting ported to the PS3 or Wii. How does this hurt you? You think you're so much better than those other console lovers, but think about the fact that you're doing the same fucking thing that they do. Are you comfortable with that level of hypocrisy? For that matter, do you realize that a huge chunk of your beloved games get ported to PC? What about PC gamers who hate consoles? Why don't you ever rail about them? I know plenty of people who own a 360, but could care less about PC gaming, and I know even more people who game exclusively on PC and don't give a dman about the 360.

Finally, to the Wii owners: You're no better than any of the other flame war fanboys and girls. Your Mega Man 9 isn't Wii exclusive? Cry. Fucking. Moar. You're still getting to play it aren't you? Is your joy at having an awesome game ruined because other people get to play it? Admittedly, Wii fans get shafted more than other systems. No DLC for this game, no/gimped online play for that one, no real storage, etc., but at least you've got a gaming cosole that has at least a decent amount of good games. Just look harder. Don't write shit off just because it seems gimmicky.

I own a 360 and Wii. I love them both. I do actually hope to one day get a PS3, but I'll definitely wait until there's more than LittleBigPlanet and MGS4 that are worth playing. I don't care about exclusivity. I'm glad FF XIII is coming to the 360. Means I get to play it. I'm glad Wii owners get Rock Band 2 with DLC. Means they get to have the fun that we 360 and PS3 owners get to have. The gaming community gets enough heat from the media and from people who don't want to understand that a majority of us are good, hardworking people who are just doing something that makes us happy. Why do we have to cut ourselves into sects and bicker? Aren't we just proving the "normal" people right?

I know this will fall on mostly blind eyes, but I've said my piece. Enjoy, everyone.

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