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king3vbo's blog

5:51 PM on 10.09.2008


Thank you Bethesda for this honor, I will do my best to be a good character in Fallout 3. I hope to continue to be in your games, and I pledge to be the best NPC I can be.   read

11:12 AM on 09.30.2008

Feel The Hatred: Yashoki and his Special Day

Yashoki? Fuck that guy. Look, I hate Yashoki just as much as any other person... probably even more since I have to talk to him on a weekly basis, and play The Ship with him every Thursday night. But once a year, he gets ...   read

5:08 PM on 06.30.2008

So how much longer are YOU willing to pay for INSERT CONSOLE FEATURE HERE without looking like a Dumbass??

Apparently this guy missed the point Honestly, why would you play Wii online? Its drops out all the time and you cant even voice chat. Besides, I can like, play games online with my PS3. It like, lets me do things... and st...   read

11:27 AM on 05.15.2008

king3vbo Completely Changes His Mind About Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. Explanation Inside!

After reading this interview that Jim linked to in his latest front page post, I have changed my mind about Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. I suggest that everyone read this interview with the lead developer for the original...   read

1:52 PM on 03.16.2008

Here's To Another Year of Win and Awesome!

Pic unrelated, as always.... Anyways, I just wanted to take a minute to make my own little "Happy Birthday" cblog, so here I go Niero, I dont think I could ever thank you enough for Destructoid. I can think of so many way...   read

9:10 AM on 02.26.2008

How You Know You're Too Much Of A Nerd

When you see this: And the first thing to pop into your head is this: Then you begin to laugh histerically inside of a Borders bookstore, only to be asked by an employee: "Do you need any sort of help sir? You're freaking out the other customers"   read

11:59 PM on 02.05.2008


Sweet mother of god, this is the best site I have EVAR seen The whole bible has been turned into lolcat speak... how awesome is that? Sorry for how shitty this blog is.. Im really, really drunk right now. Ask Necros or Cowzilla, Im frigging drunk... Anways here it is, check it out its fucking awesome   read

3:11 PM on 01.20.2008

Lark Ohiya is a Fucking God

I love this community so much, words cannot express. Out of the blue the great Lark Ohiya sent me this picture... I didn't ask for this at all, just out of the blue. Things like this make me realize why I spend so much time with this community. You guys all fucking rule.   read

11:43 AM on 12.31.2007

Nintendo 64 Kid Has A New Rival

Normally I am against posting something on the cblogs if it has been on digg, but this is just too good to pass up. The beginning is kind of extra, just buffer and start it at 1:20. Epic lulz abound   read

12:33 PM on 12.25.2007

Merry Christmas MAH DTOID!!! Also, My Parents Rule!

...pic unrelated I just wanted to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS FELLOW ROBOTS! Also, my parents kick ass because they got me a brand new Dark Side of the Moon LP (and it cost them a pretty penny, Im sure) FUCK YEAH!   read

11:44 PM on 12.20.2007

I Love You Necros, But...

The ongoing feud with my fellow Failcaster continues... and now my rant: MWA HA HA! I come back from a night of rampant drinking (Flaming Dr. Peppers FTW!!!) and what do I see? I BEAT YOU NECROS! BOO YAH! Take that you dirty hippy! CUT YO HAIR! ...does being drunk make this post any less amount of fail? I think not... I shall now facepalm myself   read

10:45 AM on 12.10.2007

Watch your back Necros...

Thats right sucka, here I come. THE TRUE KING SHOWS HIS POWER ...god if my boss new how much time I spent on Dtoid at work, well, I wouldnt be working no more. Good thing I'm IT, so he will never know MWA HA HA HA god this blog fails, but if Wiisucks can do it why not.   read

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