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Look at that. That's right, look at that shit. Your jealousy knows no bounds. You can only stare at the pure, unrequited glory that is a 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Ultra Special Edition. I mean, just look at that ball-smashing glory:

-Holy fuckbeans that's a towel with a quote written and signed by Fiddy himself, yo. Fuck yes I will let my dreamz take flight, Fiddy.
-Jesus tapdancing testicles look at that goddamn slipclover it is so baller
-Those custom ornaments will punch the shitstains right off of your Christmas tree
-Wear that crown to the club, get mad ladies all over your dick 50 Cent style
-Oh lawd, is dat a custom artbook? You bet your sweet virgin ass it is. Fiddy done drew it himself

...ok in all seriousness, this is why Dtoid Secret Santa is so awesome. The creativity and pure awesome behind this kickass gift from the glorious AgentMoo made me laugh so hard when I got it. Thanks brosef, though I'm still too scared to put the game in my Xbox, I'm afraid the game will steal all my stuff when I'm not looking.

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