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O god, here we go again. In case you don't know what is going on, or want to see the old ones, here are the links to this continuing series of insanity:


LETS DO THIS! LEEEEROOOOOOOOOOY... well you know the rest


It may be that itís less advantageous on larger stages and more advantageous on smaller ones. There are a variety of moves like this that have clear advantages and disadvantages depending on the terrain.


When it is wide stage, when it is the stage which the disadvantage it puts out, is narrow whether the advantage.
It faces and with such, topography moves which unsuitability is clear
Don't you think? there is a variety.


Pikachuís Side Special Move: Skull Bash


Side of Pikachu necessary shooting skull, each the rocket coming.


Look! Smoke shoots out from his head when heís reached maximum charge!


When it is accumulated to maximum, from the head the excessiveness! !


He uses his weapon, the Cannon Sword, which combines a sword and a gun into one to slice and shoot!


The weapon where the gun and the sword become as one unit
Using "cancer/gun sawed", it cuts! You shoot!

(LOL WUT cancer gun?)


Heís white! Is this Yeti DK?


It is white! Snow mountain donkey? (LOL WUT)


So we have learned that Japan likes cancer guns, and an albino donkey is CONFIRMED for a new character... my head hurts. Probably time to stop wasting time at work and help some of those poor, stupid people who need IT to fix ridiculous problems... ugh

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