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Name: Jeremy
Age: 25
360 Gamertag: killsm00th

I am currently a second-year law student at the Florida State University School of Law. I love videogames and I drink alcohol. I am awesome at Super Meat Boy.

Systems I Currently Own:
- 2 PS2s (One fat and one slim)
- Wii
- Xbox 360
- PSP (running M-33 firmware)
- Gameboy SP
- Dell Precision M4400 Workstation
- Gameboy DS
- Game Gear

Currently Playing:
Super Meat Boy

aim: deftone321
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I am in a predicament.

When the 'next generation' of gaming started, I was positive that I would end up purchasing either a PS3 or a 360; the Playstation seemed a logical progression because my library consisted of predominately Sony games by a large margin. Other contributing factors, such as the then-exclusivity of Final Fantasy (still my favorite franchise), and the Blu-Ray capabilities also led me to that conclusion. My roommate at the time had a 360, so I was getting decent exposure to its positives as well; the streamlined Xbox Live, the achievements, and so on. He has since moved out, and I found myself missing the 360. It seemed I was going to have a big decision on hands as to which next-gen console I would be purchasing.

Sometime last year however, all of that changed when my girlfriend decided to 'get me a Wii,' which really meant giving me a $300 dollar gift certificate to GameStop and telling me to go get it myself. All I could purchase with 300 smackerels was the Wii, which pretty much made the decision for me. Back then I was doing everything in my power to avoid gainful employment, which had its drawbacks - I was without any source of income. Also, I was gravely uninformed back in those days because I did not have the pleasure of reading any hardcore gaming blogs. So I thought that the Wii would be a good idea because it was cheap and its innovations seemed novel at the time.

So here I am now coming up on third quarter 2009, only beginning to realize the errors of my ways. Granted, I own Super Mario Galaxy and Okami and SSMB and Twilight Princess, but four games does not a system make. I have spent upwards of 300 dollars on peripherials alone for the Wii, not to mention VC and WiiWare downloads. Needless to say, I could have saved more than enough money for a maxed out 360 or PS3 rig had this 'Wii-bacle' not happened. I am embarrassed to call myself a gamer when my TV is bedecked only with a Wii and PS2 - the time has come to remedy the situation. I have also come into a good job as a runner for a local law firm, which affords me not only time to blog but a paycheck as well.

And so, to get to the point, its time I truly ascended into the next generation of gaming and finally turn that bastard Nintendo novelty off for awhile. That is where you come in. Which system, a 360 or a PS3, if I can only pick one (I'm not getting rich overnight) should I choose? I love the achievements and profile set-up of XBLA, and it would appear that MS has the best availability of quality games at this time. Yet, as aforementioned, I already have a huge library of PS and PS2 games (as well as a PSP) that would wonderfully compliment a backwards compatible PS3. I love Final Fantasy, but it seems that it will not matter either way now.

PS3 or 360?

Justification for your answer is appreciated, but not necessary; you only have to leave 3 characters as a comment, but please, HELP ME!

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