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8:25 PM on 12.30.2007

Rock Band is awesome with HD Lag.

I got Rock Band for Christmas. It rocks ass. Great fun indeed. I love the new guitar and the drums are quite fun. However, what makes Rock Band even more fun is HD Lag. It actually ads an extra difficulty setting between the standard difficulty ratings. What sucks about it is that you dont actually get to select that setting. What actually happens is that the game selects it at random.

First lets look at the guitar. For a few songs I was doing okay, by time I reached the fourth song I started to get thrown off a bit, the notes seemed a bit off. I turned the TV to TV mode then back to VGA mode. Bam! it worked well again. The game must have sensed me changing the input settings.Drums where a bit harder since it has to do more with rhythm. Once that lag set in, it was over. Finally, with the mic, it was cool at first, it sounded as if you where singing in the bathroom stall. The echo was suburb. Though, it got annoying and the singer always fucked up the band causing us to lose.

So, Im sitting here thinking to myself. This TV fucking sucks. Sucked it did, and it did well. I purchased this TV after doing heavy reviewing. I review products before purchasing them. Customer reviews, not CNET crap. I went to some forum dedicated to HD TV's. I was interested in some Westinghouse TV and read up on it quite a bit. A lot of people seemed to like it. The 470 dollar price tag for a 26 inch tv was quite appealing. I drove up to Best Ripoff and purchased the Westinghouse TV I saw online, or so I thought. I didnt really notice the lag until after the 30 day return policy, how convenient. Now im sitting here with a 500 dollar TV that renders guitar hero/rockband unplayable unless you switch inputs after every 3rd song. Games like Half Life 2 and TF2 have the gun shot sound AFTER the burst, so its not too bad. Though a tid bit annoying.

This was a horrible purchase on my part. Now I realize why other TVs are two times more expensive, because they actually work. So dont shortcut and try to buy a cheaper TV like I did. I thought I was being a smart college boy and try to save some money. However, I ended up throwing 500 bucks down the toilet. Though, I guess its a bit better than people who bought the PS3.

The current TV im looking at now is the Sharp Aquos LC32GP1U 32 inch TV. Its suppose to be an uber gamer TV but it banks at around $1,500. Though on amazon right now its $1,130. Its gotten some good reviews and people seem to like it, that and its geared towards gamers. Though on my budget right now I cant afford it. Maybe around income tax time or when I get a new job. Then Ill attempt to sell the Westingcrap, and if that fails, im shooting the damn thing with my Air Cannon.   read

7:14 PM on 12.25.2007

Games I Regret Buying

All of us have purchased games we regret buying. Im going to list the ones I still have or remember buying and regretting it.

Devil May Cry 2 [PS2]
This game sucked ass. Pure and simple. I bought this back in 9th grade, so I didnt have a job. Money was hard to come by as I was not spoiled and did not get paid for chores. So dropping 30 bucks on this used game was quite a downer. I was instantly pissed when I started to play the game. I loved the first one, but DMC2 just sucked balls. 30 Bucks gone. I stopped playing it about 20 minutes in and gave it to my friend, he seemed to have loved it. What makes this purchase even more annoying is that I was warned by people that DMC2 sucked, though, I ignored them anyways.

True Crime: Streets of LA [PS2]
Uh yeah, this game failed on a lot of levels. The sandbox of it was not nearly as fun as GTA games. Though, im quite sure it was not ment to be. For some reason commandeering cars seemed a lot less thrilling than jacking someones car. Also searching someone and arresting them? Oh and by arresting them I mean cuffing them and throwing them into the concrete. Also, the fighting sucked. It was a button masher. Every once in a while you would do something cool, though most of the time it was fail. Shooting sucked too. The game overall just sucked ass. GTA still seems to hold the crown of those types of games considering anything similar is slapped with a GTA clone tag.

Sonic Heros [GC]

I am still angry to this day that I purchased this game. I primarily bought it for the Chaotix Characters. Though, this is a Sonic game. Sonic stopped being cool after he left the 2D world. The camera angles where annoying. The constant moaning of the characters was really annoying. The ground seemed to move quicker than the characters feet. Oh and the camera angles sucked.

Excite Truck [Wii]
This was the first Wii game I ever played, back when just Gamestops had the kiosks. It was fun. I enjoyed it for the 5 minutes I played it. A wee (notice I refused to be cute by saying wii there) bit later, or about 3 months after I bought the Wii I picked this game up. I got sick of it after a few hours. I seldom play it today.

Theres probably a few more, though I forget.   read

8:19 PM on 12.21.2007

Retail = Lame.

Ah, the wonderful world of Retail. I work at a big box mart whos primary color is red. What makes it even more wonderful is that I work the always lovely Overnights shift. Indeed. Im getting ready for work as we speak, and in case your wondering, yes, writing a blog is essential to the process. I generally work from 10:30pm to 7:00am, though on Christmas Day, I get to waltz into work at 9:30pm. Hey, families are overrated these days. Who needs to spend time with loved ones? Christmas Dinner? My ass! Food is for the weak. Instead, I will get a mere 4 hours of sleep, go through the Christmas morning festivities, take a nap, eat dinner, and tell everyone to fuck off because I need to get more sleep in before the overnight haul. At least I can look forward to two and a half hours of time + 1/2 pay. That surely makes up for me having my fun interrupted. I can use that extra change to fill up my tank. That will at least allow me to get to work on December 31st. While all my friends are out having fun drinking it up and having a jolly time Ill be celebrating the new year working.

While im on retail. What pisses me off a lot about retail is the screw job customers get. Something along the lines of, oh I dont know. Sitting on Wii shipments? We sit on Wii shipments at least once a month just to put it in the sunday ad. This causes people to wait outside in the cold for several hours just to get a slip of paper saying your a dumbass and your reward is spending 250 dollars. Throughout that week however the mangers lie about not having any Wiis to people who have waited outside hoping to get their hands on one. Then all of a sudden, the Wii faerie visits and BAM! 72 fucking Wiis magically appear in the building. Half of those Wiis will be going on Ebay or Facebook and will be marked up with bullshit headlines like "BRAND NEW WII WITH 5 GAMES!!!" Which is Wii Sports, it comes with the console you jerk. What pisses me off even more is a Facebook Listing I saw. The title read "Brand New Wii with 30 games!". Price check, ah, only 400 dollars. Not bad. Oh, wait a minute, you meant TWO games. Wii Sports and Carnival games. If your going to rip off the public, at least be honest and make a more appropriate description. "I waited out in the cold for two hours, and for that Im marking up this Wii by 150 dollars and your dumbass will buy it because you failed to get it for your kids last Christmas. Dont fail as a parent again this year and get them this fantastic gift. Then they will truly love you.Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!"

Yep, thats more like it.

Second blog and Im still bitching, Ill try to be more lax next time around.   read

10:41 PM on 12.20.2007

Children + Xbox Live = Brain Damage.

This is my first blog here at Dtoid. I joined a bit ago and forgot to check back in on it. Now that I remembered im going to actually make some use out of this place. So why not bitch and complain in my first blog?

Xbox Live is awesome. I love it in most aspects, however what I do not like is listening to some child barking commands or screaming into the mic. Currently the only game I really play online is Team Fortress 2. Aside from the massive amount of lag issues and opposing teams using nothing but engineers on 2Fort its a pretty fun game. I generally have fun until I join a game where im stuck listening to some kid that sounds like a 8 year old girl. I try to put up with it but once I hear the kid shouting commands or screaming for help I generally leave the room. Since I work overnights Its somewhat easy to avoid the kids on my nights off. Ill get online around 1 or 2 in the morning and play. Though when I go back to early mornings Ill be forced to play in the time slots in which children bust out their controllers and headsets and play videogames with the big brothers they dont have. This is why I wish there was a way to age match while playing games. It wouldnt help a whole lot, but it helps some.

Another thing thats a bit annoying are angry teenagers that scream and yell into the mic. The other day I was playing TF2 and our team was getting owned. The host was on my team and was screaming and cursing at all of us because we where not communicating enough. Sure, I can understand that. Though if your going to scream and act like a child im not going to talk to you and remain quiet with my mic volume down and try to enjoy the game. I finally had enough and politely reminded him that its a video game and there is no use getting mad at hit. He responded with a "Disconnected from Host" message beaming on my screen.   read

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